Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quad Relay Board

Quad Relay Board is an output module that consists of 4 types of mechanical relays SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) with the ability to cascade up to 2 modules to produce a mechanical type SPDT relay 8. Each relay has a current capability up to 10A AC with 3 relay coil voltage options (05/12/24 VDC).

  • Consisting of four mechanical type SPDT relay (Single Pole Double Throw).
  • Relay contacts capable of energized AC up to 10 A @ 240 VAC.
  • There are 3 relay coil voltage options:

Type A: 5 VDC.
Type B: 12 VDC.
Type C: 24 VDC.

  • Relay driver transistor completed using a diode for reverse voltage safety relays.
  • Configure active high input, logic high (+3.3 - +5 VDC) to activate the relay.
  • There are two input terminals of the header 5x2 (IN PORT & EXT PORT) that are compatible with TTL & CMOS voltage levels.
  • Modules can be connected with a kind but has a coil voltage of the same type / different through PORT EXT.
  • Relay contacts (COM, NO, NC) and the terminal voltage of the relay using a blue terminal so as to facilitate the process of wiring to an external circuit.
  • GND path relay coil and relay logic inputs are separated by the chip EMI filter to reduce noise from the power supply relay coil.
  • There are 4 hole spacer of 3 mm to facilitate the installation of the module.

Type A (5 VDC): 9 cm  x 5 cm  x 2.3 cm
Type B (12 VDC): 9 cm  x 5 cm  x 2.3 cm 
Type C (24 VDC): 9 cm x 5 cm  x 1.8 cm