Friday, October 30, 2015

Active RFID Tag for Temperature Sensor

Active RFID Tag for Temperature Sensor operates in the 2.45 GHz band, with external temperature sensor. This tag convenient to measure liquid and environment temperature and widely used for cold chain logistics, medicinal transportation, storage management and such application sensitive to temperature.

  • Real-time data collection and temperature transmission
  • Temperature changes accuracy up to 0.5 ℃
  • Active operating mode
  • Exclusive low- power consumption, longer working time 
  • Permanent 8-byte basic ID
  • PVC plastic shell, high-tension, waterproofing IP67
Technical Specs:

RF Parameters
Operating Frequency2.4-2.48GHz
Output Power-6dBm

Basic Parameters
Basic ID8-byte
Operating ModeActive operating mode
Signal Interval30s/time(can be customized)
Battery Life5–year life (related with the operating mode and output power)
Reading Distance0-150m(operating with SAAT-F526, test under open environment)
Response to Temperature
Monitoring Temperature-55℃~125℃
Accuracy±0.5℃ sensitive during -10℃~85℃ range
Temperature-sensing Capability0.5℃

Mechanical & Electrical performance
Dimensions160mm × 50mm × 15mm(L × W × H)
Operating Temperature-40℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature-60℃~+80℃
Humidity5% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
IP RatingIP67
Shock Resistance10~2000Hz, 20mm/15g, Triaxial

Active RFID Tag for Electric Current Detection

Active RFID Tag for Electric Current Detection is working at 2.45Ghz . This tag can connect in series between electronic devices and power, which can monitor the power consumption of device in real time and upload the current measurement values wirelessly by 2.45Ghz . At the same time, it will alarm if the current load is overflowing or power-fail. It is best to applied in laboratory, machinery room and factory, etc. for critical equipment,  monitoring purpose and asset management.


RF Parameters
 Frequency  2.4-2.48GHz
 Output Power  -6dbm
Basic Parameters
 Basic ID  8bytes
 Working Mode  Passive Mode(monitor status) + Active Mode(Standby status)
 ID Send Interval 1s (adjustable according to client requirements)
 Expected Battery Life  2years (related with working mode and output power, etc), battery replaceable
 Identity Distance 0-80m
Current Detection Features
 Current Detection Range 50MA-10A
 Accuracy of Current Detection 50MA-5A:<3mA
Mechanical Parameters
 Dimension 93mm × 55mm × 38mm
 Casing Material TC Material ( inflaming retarding)
 Working Temperature -40°C~+75°C
 Storage Temperature -60°C~+80°C
 Working Humidity  5% ~ 95%(no condensing)

8dBi Circular UHF RFID Antenna

8dBi Circular UHF RFID Antenna suitable for outdoor . /indoor application. This antenna adapts ABS plastic casing, with capabilities of anti-jamming, lightning protection, and water/dust proof

Structure : Encapsulated with hermetic random to ensure the stability, reliability and using period
Installation : Standard fabricated section fit for many instant fixing occasions. The declinational angle installs fast and firmly,
Easy-adjust :Environment Requirement It is suitable for full-day working, stably working under bad conditions in long-term.

 Frequency902-928MHz, 865-868MHz, RF band customized (optional)
 Half-Power Angle60°
 Maximum Power100W
 Polarization ModeCircular Polarization
 Lightning ProtectionGrounding
 ConnectorSMA connector
 Antenna CasingABS
 Diameter of Derrickφ40~φ50(mm)
 Product Dimension245mm × 254mm × 38mm(L×W×H); 10 in ×10 in ×1.5in(L×W×H)
 Package Dimension410mm ×310mm ×110mm(L×W×H)
 Maximum Wind Resistance60 m/s
 Net Weight1.03 kg
 GrossWeight2.26 kg
Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃

UHF security gate RFID

The UHF security gate RFID system integration equipment with independent intellectual property, Suitable for RFID integrated application system in library anti-theft, which is also suitable for inventory, logistics, production, meeting attendance, etc.

  • Tags identification by UHF fixed reader
  • 100M Ethernet、RS-485 and other communication interfaces
  • The distance of the two boards is up to 1.5m
  • Automatic anti-theft operation
  • Automatic synchronization mode, multiple devices operate simultaneously
  • Sound and light alarm, prompt (for anti-theft)
  • 2-line of Infrared Ray to judge in or out and whether it is authorized
Technical Specs:

Performance Index
Tag ProtocolSupport ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C (EPC Class1 Gen2)
Tag OperationTag identification, Data read, write, lock and EAS Code set
Operation Modeautomatic command and trigger reading (optional)
Applications SoftwareAPIs(C + +, c #) development kit (Can be customized)
Operation Frequency860-920MHz
RF Power20 ~ 30dBm, 1dB each step
Communication Interface100M Ethernet, RS-485, WI-FI, GPRS and data transmission module
Number of Tag Reading>10 tags/second

Mechanical & Electrical performance
Power Consumption<20w td="">
Dimersion643mm × 85mm ×1576mm(adjustable for actual demands)
Weight<50kg td="">
Operation Temperature-10℃~+40℃

Sanwa DCM60R low cost clamp meter with true RMS

Sanwa DCM60R low cost clamp meter with true RMS

■True RMS
■Measurable AC 0.1A~600A
■ACV & Resistance measurement
■Small Design & easy to carry
■Data hold
■Continuity check buzzer
Sampling rate : approx.2 times / sec.
AC frequency bandwidth : 50~400Hz

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Proto CAPE board for beaglebone black

BeagleBone Black Expansion CAPE, Breadboard for prototyping.

  1. BeagleBone Black connector : for connecting BeagleBone Black
  2. DEBUG interface : for debugging BeagleBone Black, supports different serial modules
  3. BeagleBone Black BOOT selection button : use it to boot from TF card
  4. Empty solder pads and mounting holes : 2.54mm pitch, easy for electronic prototyping

C Type Accessories Pack for Raspberry Pi

Accessories Pack (type C) for Raspberry Pi, including USB WiFi, Camera, Mini Wireless Keyboard, etc.

Supported Pi
Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Note: Raspberry Pi is NOT included.

Package Contains
  • USB WIFI 150M RTL8188CUS x 1
  • Micro SD Card 8GB x 1
  • USB Camera 0307 x 1
  • Mini Wireless Keyboard x 1
  • HDMI Male to VGA Female Cable 0.2m with Audio and Power x 1
  • Power Adapter US Standard 5V 2.5A USB Output x 1
  • USB Type A Plug to Micro B Plug Cable x 1
  • Ethernet Cable x 1

Monday, October 26, 2015

Meanwell NES-200-24

Mean Well NES-200-24 specifications: AC-DC Single output enclosed power supply; Output 24Vdc at 8.8A; free air convection

Max. output 211 W
Output type Single
Output description +24V8.8A

Power supply type AC/DC power supply
Enclosure type Enclosed Type

RoHS Non Compliant
Suitable for medical No
Dimmable No

Input range Phase(s)
90 - 264 VAC 1
Voltage Current
24 V 0 - 9 A

TCT40-16T1 and TCT40-16R1 Ultrasonic Transducer

Ultrasonic Transducer TCT40-16T1 and TCT40-16R1. Both ultrasonic transducer has the same working frequency of 40 KHz, the same capacitance of 2000 (± 30% pF). Different from the second ultrasonic transducer is owned sensitivity.

- Capacitance: 2000 (± 30% pF)
- Frequency: 40 KHz
- Sensitivity: -70 dB (TCT40-16R1) and 120 dB (TCT40-16T1)

16A motor/servo driveri shield for arduino nano

For those guys who likes building robots, a small and powerful motor driver could offer great help. And we are always trying to supply this kind of motor drivers. 

So here comes this new driver.

This driver board will makes your Arduino Nano be as a powerful robot controller.

- Single channel 16A max
- A UART interface and two I2C ports breakout
- Supplied plug-in pin servo controller
- Dipertebal copper layer helps in lowering the temperature
- Various optional power input
- The same pin layout with the Arduino Uno
- The compact dimensions 76mm x 61mm
- It could also function as a sensor shield
- Available Arduino library ready

Input voltage:
Motor Voltage Input: 0V - 24V
VIN (or Jack) Input Voltage: 7V - 24V
Servo Voltage Input: 0V - 24V (working current <3a p="">

RC-100B remote control

RC-100 B is a remote control for controlling various production robot robotic kit that is rich in features.

- There ekklusif connector to attach BT-210 module.
- Supports a wide range of communication ie IR, Zigbee, and Bluetooth.
- Features power saving mechanism when the remote is not in use.
- It has 10 buttons that can be programmed up to 1023 combinations.
- Each key has its own output signal which can be programmed to perform specific movements on the robot is controlled.

Package purchase:
- RC-100B x 1 pc
- Not included: AA battery, IRreceiver, Wireless Modules (Zigbee, Bluetooth)
Weight: 80g
Dimensions: 138mm x 105mm x 36mm
Operating Voltage: 3V (DC)
Power consumption: 0.07W
Battery: Alkaline (LR6) AA Battery x 2
Input Buttons: 11 (Including the power / mode) to 1023 different combinations.
Communication Protocols: IR communication (basic), Zigbee communication (Automatically switches to ZIG-100 upon mounting the device), Bluetooth communication (Automatically switches to BT-100 upon mounting the device)

IR Communication: IR Receiver Oir-10
Zigbee Receiver: ZIG-100 Set (CM-5, CM-2 + Users) ZIG-110A Set (CM-100/510/530/700 User)
Bluetooth Receiver: BT-110A Set, BT-100A + BT-210 Set
Attention: not compatible with the AX-S1

TOP 2013 USB Universal Programmer

TOP 2013 is base on ARM Cortex 32 core. The programming speed is much faster than the 51MCU core.

The TOP2013 programmer is very reliable, specially designed for microcontroller development and kinds of EPROMs programming. It has a small size and low power loss. TOP2013 communicate with PC through USB port, does not need the external power supply.

-TOP 2013 is base on ARM Cortex 32 core. The programming speed is much faster than the 51MCU core.
-USB powered, don't need external power supply, it's portable. Communicate with PC through USB port, the rate is 12MHz/s.
-Perfect Over-current protection on all pins. It can prevent the programmer and the devices from damaging.
-Automatically detect the ICs are plugged well or not. If IC devices plugged in the wrong position, a message will prompt.
-With 40 pins ZIF socket. All-pin inspection can check if there is the good contacting status of each pin.
-Support Win10, Win8, Win7, and WinXP operating system

Friday, October 23, 2015

IOIO-OTG (rev 2)

IOIO-OTG is an I / O board that can act as a USB Host or USB Device. If IOIO-OTG is connected to Android devices and supporting applications are run, then IOIO-OTG will act as a USB Host. If IOIO-OTG device connected to a computer (OS Windows, Linux, OSX), then IOIO-OTG will act as USB Device. When it became IOIO-OTG into a USB Device, it will be detected as a virtual serial port. This board has experienced a renewal of the previous versions of the bootloader is upgraded to V4.01 and V5.00 firmware to the application.

- Based PIC microcontroller 24FJ256
- Power supply: 5VDC - 10VDC with a minimum current 1A
- Have the ADC output, digital I / O, PWM output, UART, SPI, I2C, etc.
- Package sales: IOIO-OTG Board, Female USB-A to Micro-A Cable.

Mean Well PD-25A

Mean Well PD-25A 
Switching Power Supplies 25W 5V/2.1A 12V/1.2A


  • Manufacturer: Mean Well
  • Product Category: Switching Power Supplies
  • RoHS: RoHS Compliant Details
  • Approvals: EN60950-1, UL60950-1
  • Product: Switching Supplies
  • Output Power: 11 W
  • Input Voltage: 85 VAC to 264 VAC, 120 VDC to 370 VDC
  • Number of Outputs: 2 Output
  • Output Voltage-Channel 1: 5 VDC
  • Output Current-Channel 1: 2.1 A
  • Commercial/Medical: Commercial
  • Output Voltage-Channel 2: 12 VDC
  • Output Current-Channel 2: 1.2 A
  • Mounting Style: Chassis
  • Brand: Mean Well

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Expansion Shield X300 for Raspberry Pi B+ and 2

Expansion Shield X300 is a one of the most cost-effective shield which could apply to Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. It integrates a lot of very useful functions such as RTC real time clock; audio input and output; USB hub; Bluletooth, WIFI; SATA interface. With this shield, you can build Raspberry Pi projects more easily and save both time and cost.

  • Input Voltage: 6V to 18Vdc converted to 5V, 4A via step-down DC/DC converter to power the Raspberry Pi
  • SATA: Allows you to connect SATA devices to your Raspberry Pi
  • Audio:
    1> 3.5mm MIC in jack
    2> 3.5mm stereo audio jack
    3> SPDIF output
    4> Audio IO connector (Microphone input and stereo audio amplifier 3.3Wx2)
  • Wireless:
    1> WiFi (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) with external antenna
    2> IR sensor (38KHz)
    3> Bluetooth serial communication
  • USB Storage: Self-powered USB hub with 3 ports
  • Real-time clock (RTC): Based on DS3231SN with included CR2032 battery
  • Misc:
    1> Power output socket
    2> Camera flex slot so camera can still be used with the expansion board attached
    3> DIP switch to remove connection from RPi’s pin header
    4> Directly connected on top of the Raspberry Pi using the board GPIO header pins
    5> No wiring nor soldering is required
    6> Duplicated the 40-pin header of the R-Pi in order to support existing expansion boards
    7> Suitable for Raspberry Pi Model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Dimensions: 85 x 56mm (Same size as Raspberry Pi)

Battle Robot toy

Robot battle which is designed for children aged 6 years and older. This robot can be driven by remote control 2.4GHz by shaking the remote or by pressing the button. There are indicator lights may vary depending on the level of damage to the robot. On the remote control are speakers will emit a sound when used to hit an opponent. 

- Power supply robot: 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery (include)
- Power supply remote: 4pcs 1.5V AAA battery (not include)
- Length of charging time: 30 minutes
- Operation: 10 minutes
- The light indicator of the level of damage a robot that can change (up to 5 blows).

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SARA-G350 GSM/GPRS module

SARA-G350 GSM/GPRS module 
Versatile 2.5G GSM/GPRS modules , GSM/GPRS module Quadband


  • GSM/GPRS functionality scalable to customer needs
  • Seamless drop‑in migration from SARA‑U UMTS/HSPA modules
  • Smallest footprint; lowest standby current: < 0.90 mA
  • Extended temperature range: –40 to +85°C
  • Simple integration of u‑blox GNSS and A‑GNSS
  • CellLocate™: location based on cellular network
  • Manufactured in ISO/TS 16949 certified production sites

NEO-7N GPS/Glonass module

The NEO-7 series is the newest family of standalone GPS/GNSS modules from u-blox. With the exceptional performance of the u-blox 7 multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) engine, the NEO-7 series delivers high sensitivity and minimal acquisition times in the industry proven NEO form factor. 

The NEO-7 series provides maximum sensitivity while maintaining low system power. The NEO-7M is optimized for cost sensitive applications, while NEO-7N provides best performance and easier RF integration. The industry proven NEO form factor allows easy migration from previous NEO generations. Sophisticated RF-architecture and interference suppression ensure maximum performance even in GPS-hostile environments.


  • Receiver type 
  • 56-channel u-blox 7 engine
  • QZSS L1 C/A
  • Galileo E1B/C
  • Navigation update rate up to 10 Hz
  • Accuracy GPS / GLONASS
  • Position 2.5 m CEP / 4.0 m
  • SBAS 2.0 m CEP / n.a.
  • Acquisition GPS / GLONASS
  • Cold starts: 29 s / 30 s
  • Aided starts: 5 s / n.a.
  • Reaquisition: 1 s / 3 s
  • Sensitivity GPS / GLONASS
  • Tracking: –162 dBm / –158 dBm
  • Cold starts: –148 dBm / –140 dBm
  • Warm starts: –148 dBm / –145 dBm
  • Assistance 
  • AssistNow Online
  • AssistNow Offline
  • AssistNow Autonomous
  • OMA SUPL & 3GPP compliant
  • Oscillator: TCXO (NEO-7N), crystal (NEO-7M)
  • RTC crystal: built-in
  • Anti jamming: active CW detection and removal
  • Memory: ROM (NEO-7M) or Flash (NEO-7N)
  • Supported antennas: active and passive

Saturday, October 17, 2015

LIDAR-Lite v2

The LIDAR-Lite v2, a compact high performance optical distance measurement sensor from PulsedLight. The LIDAR-Lite “Blue Label” is ideal when used in drone, robot, or unmanned vehicle situations where you need a reliable and powerful proximity sensor but don’t possess a lot of space. All you need to communicate with this sensor is a standard I2C or PWM interface. With everything connected the LIDAR-Lite v2, with its range of up to 40 meters, will be yours to command!

Each LIDAR-Lite v2 features an edge emitting, 905nm (75um, 1 watt, 4 mrad, 14mm optic), single stripe laser transmitter and a surface mount PIN, 3° FOV with 14mm optics receiver. The second version of the LIDAR-Lite still operates at 5V DC with a current consumption rate of <100ma 0.02="" acquisition="" an="" and="" at="" be="" can="" continuous="" else="" everything="" has="" i="" interfaced="" less="" lidar-lite="" of="" on="" only="" operation.="" or="" seconds="" span="" style="box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 10.5px; line-height: 0; position: relative; top: -0.5em; vertical-align: baseline;" the="" time="" top="" via="">2
C or PWM.
The LIDAR-Lite v2 has received a number of upgrades from the previous version. With the implementation of a new signal processing architecture, LIDAR-Lite v2 can operate at measurement speeds of up to 500 readings per second offering greater resolution for scanning applications. Additionally, the LIDAR-Lite v2 has had its I2C communications improved to operate at 100 kbits/s or 400 kbits/s with you, the user, able to assign your own addressing! Just in case you are wondering: yes, the LIDAR-Lite v2 is compatible with its previous version in all primary functions and their compatibility will extend into the next version and beyond.
Dimensions: 21 x 48.3 x 35.5 mm


  • Range: 0-40m Laser Emitter
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.025m
  • Power: 5V DC
  • Current Consumption: <100ma continuous="" font="" operation="">
  • Acquisition Time: < 0.02 sec
  • Rep Rate: 1-500Hz
  • Interface: I2C or PWM

Friday, October 16, 2015

Rainbow Case (Type B) for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Case for Raspberry Pi Model B with acrylic material. This case has 7 different colors for each layer that makes this case look very attractive. Case also provides easy access to USB, HDMI, GPIO, Audio / Video, Micro SD, CSI and DSI LCD panel via a socket without having to open the case.

- Material: Acrylic non-transparent (7 different colors)
- Suitable for use Raspberry Pi Model B 2

Rainbow Case (Type A) for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Case for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with acrylic material. This case has 5 different color on each layer so that makes this case look very attractive. Case also provides easy access to USB, HDMI, GPIO, Audio / Video, Micro SD, CSI and DSI LCD panel via a socket without having to open the case.

- Material: Acrylic transparent (5 different colors)
- Suitable for use Raspberry Pi Model B 2

Raspberry Pi type B+ black case

Raspberry Pi type B+ black case

Black Raspberry Pi case for Model B+. This case features an easy snap fit design with cut outs for all hardware features. This case can be mounted on to any surface using the two screw slots on the under side, the case is also vented underneath to prevent over heating. This case supports the Raspberry Pi camera by mounting inside the top with two screws and cut out for pin hole camera. The top of the case features three cutouts for feeding ribbon cables out of the case for the Raspberry Pi camera and touch screen display.
  • Black case
  • ABS material with a smooth finish
  • Supports mounting for Raspberry Pi camera board
  • Ventilation for heat dissapation
  • Snap-fit design
  • Raspberry Pi logo displayed on top
  • Rubber feet
  • Cut outs for connectors and ribbon cables
  • Body Colour:  Black
  • Enclosure Material:  ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • External Depth:  94.25mm
  • External Height:  33.15mm
  • External Width:  63.1mm
  • For Use With:  Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model B+
  • Accessory Type:  Enclosure
  • Enclosure Type:  Raspberry Pi B+ Box
  • External Depth - Imperial:  3.7"
  • External Depth - Metric:  94mm
  • External Height - Imperial:  1.18"
  • External Height - Metric:  31mm
  • External Width - Imperial:  2.4"
  • External Width - Metric:  61.5mm
  • Features:  2 Piece Construction, Moulded in Lightly Textured ABS Plastic, Cable Access Slots, Vented Base

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10 DOF IMU Sensor, Low Power

10 DOF IMU Sensor (B) is good at motion monitor, as well as detecting/measuring the position, height, and temperature. It would be helpful for making your own copter or balancing robot, provides great man-machine interaction.


  • MPU9255 : 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis compass/magnetometer
  • Internal Digital Motion Processing™ (DMP™) engine, offloads complicate fusion calculation, sensor synchronization, gesture recognition, etc.
  • Comparing with MPU6050, the MPU9255 is lower power consumption, and more suitable for wearable devices
  • BMP180 : barometric pressure sensor
  • Embedded temperature sensor for temperature compensation
  • You can get the 10 DOF data through I2C interface


  • Power : 3.3V~5.5V (internal voltage regulation with low dropout)
  • Accelerometer
  • Resolution : 16 bit
  • Measurement range (configurable) : ±2, ±4, ±8, ±16g
  • Operating current : 450uA
  • Gyroscope
  • Resolution : 16 bit
  • Measurement range (configurable) : ±250, ±500, ±1000, ±2000°/sec
  • Operating current : 3.2mA
  • Compass/Magnetometer
  • Resolution (configurable) : 14 or 16 bit
  • Measurement range : ±4800µT
  • Operating current : 280uA
  • Barometric pressure sensor
  • Resolution (configurable) : 16~19 bit
  • Measurement range : 300~1100hPa (altitude : +9000m~-500m)
  • Accuracy : 0.02hPa(0.17m)


  • Quadcopter
  • Balancing robots
  • Indoor inertial navigation
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Industry measurement


1 VCC 3.3V~5.5V power supply
2 GND power ground
3 SDA I2C data pin
4 SCL I2C clock pin
5 INT MPU9255 digital interrupt output
6 FSYNC MPU9255 vertical sync signal

OMRON D6F-W04A1 MEMS Air Velocity Sensor

D6F-W MEMS Flow Rate Sensor

A Compact Sensor That Uses OMRON's Unique Flow Path Structure for High-performance Flow Rate Measurement.

  • Anti-dust performance enhanced by OMRON's
  • unique three-dimensional flow path structure.
  • High accuracy of ±5% FS.

Flow Range (See note 1.)0 to 1 m/s0 to 4 m/s0 to 10 m/s
Calibration Gas (See note 2.)Air
Electrical ConnectionThree-pin connector
Power Supply10.8 to 26.4 VDC
Current Consumption15 mA max. with no load, with a Vcc of 12 to 24 VDC, and at 25°C
Output Voltage1 to 5 VDC (non-linear output, load resistance of 10 kΩ)
Accuracy±5% FS (25°C characteristic)±6% FS (25°C characteristic)
Repeatability (See note 3.)±0.4% FS
Output Voltage (Max.)5.7 VDC (Load resistance: 10 kΩ)
Output Voltage (Min.)0 VDC (Load resistance: 10 kΩ)
Rated Power Supply Voltage26.4 VDC
Rated Output Voltage6 VDC
Degree of ProtectionIEC IP40
Operating Temperature−10 to 60°C (with no condensation or icing)
Operating Humidity35% to 85% (with no condensation or icing)
Storage Temperature−40 to 80°C (with no condensation or icing)
Storage Humidity35% to 85% (with no condensation or icing)
Temperature Characteristics±5% FS for 25°C characteristic at an ambient temperature of −10 to 60°C
Insulation ResistanceBetween Sensor outer cover and lead terminals: 20 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric StrengthBetween Sensor outer cover and lead terminals: 500 VAC, 50/60 Hz min. for 1 min (leakage current: 1 mA max.)
Weight6.3 g
Note: 1. Volumetric flow rate at 0°C, 101.3 kPa.
Note: 2. Dry gas. (must not contain large particles, e.g., dust, oil, or mist.)
Note: 3. Reference (typical)