Friday, October 30, 2015

8dBi Circular UHF RFID Antenna

8dBi Circular UHF RFID Antenna suitable for outdoor . /indoor application. This antenna adapts ABS plastic casing, with capabilities of anti-jamming, lightning protection, and water/dust proof

Structure : Encapsulated with hermetic random to ensure the stability, reliability and using period
Installation : Standard fabricated section fit for many instant fixing occasions. The declinational angle installs fast and firmly,
Easy-adjust :Environment Requirement It is suitable for full-day working, stably working under bad conditions in long-term.

 Frequency902-928MHz, 865-868MHz, RF band customized (optional)
 Half-Power Angle60°
 Maximum Power100W
 Polarization ModeCircular Polarization
 Lightning ProtectionGrounding
 ConnectorSMA connector
 Antenna CasingABS
 Diameter of Derrickφ40~φ50(mm)
 Product Dimension245mm × 254mm × 38mm(L×W×H); 10 in ×10 in ×1.5in(L×W×H)
 Package Dimension410mm ×310mm ×110mm(L×W×H)
 Maximum Wind Resistance60 m/s
 Net Weight1.03 kg
 GrossWeight2.26 kg
Temperature-40℃ ~ +70℃