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Vicor Corporation PC1-02B-28-G



Power Supplies - External/Internal (Off-Board)


AC DC Converters

Number of Outputs1
Voltage - Input85 ~ 264 VAC
Voltage - Output 128V
Voltage - Output 2-
Voltage - Output 3-
Voltage - Output 4-
Current - Output (Max)28.6A
Power (Watts)800W
ApplicationsITE (Commercial), Medical
Voltage - Isolation4.242kV (4242V)
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 65°C (With Derating)
FeaturesAdjustable Output, DC Input Capable, PFC, Remote Sense, Standby Output, Universal Input
Mounting TypeChassis Mount
Size / Dimension10.24" L x 5.06" W x 1.86" H (260.0mm x 128.5mm x 47.3mm)
Minimum Load Required-
Power (Watts) - Max800W

Mean Well RS-35-5

Mean Well RS-35-5 specifications: AC-DC Enclosed power supply; Output 5Vdc at 7A; free air convection


Max. output35 W
Output typeSingle
Output description5V,0-7.0A
Power supply typeAC/DC power supply
Enclosure typeEnclosed Type
Suitable for medicalNo
Width (mm)82 Height (mm)35 Depth (mm)99


Input rangePhase(s)
88 - 264 VAC1


5 V0 - 7 A

Yocto-3D USB 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass

The Yocto-3D is a USB 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. If you need to detect an orientation, a movement or a magnetic field, the Yocto-3D is what you need. This USB device provides a 3D accelerometer, a 3D magnetometer, a 3D gyroscope to measure angular velocity, a 2D inclinometer (tilt sensor), a tilt compensated compass and an inertial estimation of the orientation based on the 3D gyroscope. 

All maths required to use this kind of sensors are handled directly by the device. You can mount it in any position, as the reference frame can be configured and taken into account internally by the Yocto-3D. The device automatically computes tilt angles and the estimated device attitude (using a quaternion, with an optional conversion to Tait-Bryan angles in the API). No additional computation is required in the application to determine the device orientation. 

You can move away the sensor part as required, in particular if you want to avoid electromagnetic interferences from other devices. 

Caution: if you intend to use the compass function, you should not use the classical Yoctopuce enclosures, as they include steel screws and magnets. Instead, use the YoctoBox-3D-Black/Transp enclosures, whose screws and bolts are in aluminium and brass, and which do no include magnets. 

  • Manufacturer Product Number Y3DMK001
  • Product name Yocto-3D
  • Sensor LSM303D + L3GD20
  • Width 20mm
  • Length 51mm
  • Weight 4g
  • USB connector micro-B
  • Gyroscopic attitude estimation 95Hz
  • Static measures 7Hz
  • Measure range (Accel.) 16g
  • Measure range (Gyro) 2000°/s
  • Measure range (Magn.) 2gauss
  • Sensitivity 0.1°
  • Sensitivity (Accel.) 0.001g
  • Sensitivity (Gyro) 0.1°/s
  • Sensitivity (Magn.) 0.001gauss
  • Supported Operating Systems Windows, Linux (Intel + ARM), Mac OS X, Android
  • Drivers no driver needed
  • API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP) C++, Objective-C, C#, VB .NET, Delphi, Python, Java/Android
  • API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only) Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Java
  • RoHS yes
  • Suggested enclosure YoctoBox-3D-Transp
  • Made in Switzerland

uCAM-232 Serial JPEG Camera Module

The uCAM (microCAM) is a highly integrated serial camera module which can be attached to any host system that requires a video camera or a JPEG compressed still camera for embedded imaging applications.
The module uses an OmniVision CMOS VGA colour sensor along with a JPEG compression chip that provides a low cost and low powered camera system. The module has an on-board serial interface (TTL or RS232) that is suitable for a direct connection to any host micro-controller UART or a PC system COM port.
User commands are sent using a simple serial protocol that can instruct the camera to send low resolution (160x120 or 80x60) single frame raw images for a quick viewing or high resolution (640x480 or 320x240) JPEG images for storage or viewing.
The uCAM comes in a compact form factor with a built in lens and a 4-wire connector that provides easy access to both power and serial data.

Small size, low cost and low powered camera module for embedded imaging applications.
• uCAM-TTL: 3.3V DC Supply
• uCAM-232: 5.0V DC Supply
• On-board EEPROM provides a commandbased interface to external host via TTL or RS-232 serial link .
• UART: up to 1.2Mbps for transferring JPEG still pictures or raw images.
• On board OmniVision OV7640/8 VGA colour sensor and JPEG CODEC for different resolutions.
• Built-in down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, 160x120 or 80x60 image resolutions.
• Built-in colour conversion circuits for 2-bit gray, 4-bit gray, 8-bit gray, 12-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB or standard JPEG preview images.
• No external DRAM required.

 General purpose embedded imaging and control
• Security systems, Access Control systems,
Elevator and Remote monitoring.
• Robotics vision, object detection and recognition.
• Industrial control, automotive and medical systems.
• Smart home, video intercoms.


The ZA-230W is a Power Amplifier well-suited for Broadcasting Paging and supplying Background Music in Restaurants, Pubs, Shops, Houses of Worship and so on.

Power SourceAC 240V, 50Hz
Rated Output30W
Power Consumption34W (AC Operation)
Frequency Response50Hz ~ 20kHz
Distortion1% or less @1kHz, 1/3 rated output
InputMIC 1 : -60dB* (1.0mV), 600Ω, Unbalanced, Equivalent to 5-pin DIN Type
MIC 2 : -60dB* (1.0mV), 600Ω, Unbalanced, Equivalent to phone jack Type
AUX 1, 2 : -20dB* (100mV), 10kΩ, Unbalanced, RCA pin jack
OutputSpeaker out : Floating balanced
High impedance : 330Ω (100V)
Low impedance : 4Ω (11V)
S/N Ratio60 dB or more (MIC 1, 2)
70 dB or more (AUX 1, 2)
Tone ControlBass : -10dB at 100Hz
Treble : -10dB at 10kHz
MutingMIC 1 overrides other Mic input and AUX inputs with 0 - 30 dB attenuation,
attenuation by switch
IndicatorPower LED, Signal LED
FinishPanel : ABS resin, black Hair Line
Case : Steel plate, black
Dimensions (W x H x D)350 × 105 × 240 mm3 (13.78" × 4.13" × 9.45")
Weight3.5 kg (7.72 lbs)

Music Shield V2.0

Time to build your real-time MIDI instrument/music player! It can play many format including MP3,WMA,WAV,AAC,MIDI,Ogg VorbisThe. Music Shield is an audio encoder/decoder compatible with Arduino, Seeeduino, Seeeduino Mega and Arduino Mega. It is based on the VC1053B chip, which enabled it to play sound files from SD card and do short-time recording as well. You can also use it to play MIDI notes by slightly changing its hardware installations. Due to the SPI communication mode, it keeps a minimum number of IO port that facilitates users’ own developments of this device. Additionally, the new multifunction button provides greater convenience for users to control.

Notice: The recording function works with Seeeduino Mega and Arduino Mega only. And the maximum size SD card you can use is 2GB. 

Multifunction button: Change volume and select songs
Play/Pause indicator LED (GREEN):Blinks while playing.
Headsets interface: It can drive 16 ohm or 32 ohm earphone and could serve as a external audio input port.
Micro SD card: can be FAT16 or FAT32, The maximum size SD card you can use is 2GB.
U2: VS1053B IC,Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/FLAC/MIDI audio codec.
U3,U7: 74VHC125 IC, Quad Buffer.
I2S: for digital audio input/output.
ISP interface: for bringing SPI port when using with Mega series products.
Pins usage on Arduino
Pins Used for Play Control:
D3 - receiving signal from button for Volume Up;
D4 - receiving signal from switch for Next Song function;
D5 - receiving signal from switch for Play&Stop and Record function;
D6 - receiving signal from switch for Previous Song function;
D7 - receiving signal from button for Volume Down.
D8 - Green Led instructions;

Pins Used for SPI Interface:
D10 - SPI Chip Select;
D13 - SPI SCK;

Pins Used for VS1053 Interface:
A0 - Reset of VS1053;
A1- Data Require of VS1053;
A2 - Data Select of VS1053;
A3 - Chip Select of VS1053;

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VS1003 MP3 Module with On-Board Microphone

VS1003 MP3/WMA/MIDI Audio Codec with On-Board Microphone

The VS1003 is an audio codec module with on-board microphone that supports audio decoding of MP3, MP3+V, WMA, WAV, MIDI and SP-MIDI audio formats.

The VS1003 audio codec module is a complete MP3/WMA/MIDI audio decoder and ADPCM encoder which features a high quality stereo DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), a 16-bit adjustable ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) and a high quality stereo earphone driver (30 Ω). This module is ideal for adding audio decoding and encoding capabilities to embedded systems.


  • Separate analog, digital, and IO power supply
  • Serial data and control interface (SPI)
  • 1 headphone and audio output interface
  • 1 microphone for recording, support audio encoding format
  • 1 line input interface; supports MP3 and WAV stream
  • Power indicator light
  • On-board 3.3 V and 2.5 V LDO chip AMS-1117, maximum current of 800 mA
  • Single Power Supply: +5 VDC, capacitor filter
  • 12.288 MHz crystal

Thermal Printer POS88V

  • High speed of printing up to 250mm/s
  • Firmware download available
  • 2D barcode printing support
  • Different interfaces for choosing

Printing Method
Thermal Line
8dots/mm, 576dots/line
Effective Printing Width
Printing Speed
Character Set
ASCII, GB18030(Chinese),BIG5,Codepage
Self-defined Character
Print Font
ANK: 12 x24 
Support bitmap downloading
Paper End Sensor
Overheating Protection
Model Name Description:
a. SP-POS88VSF - only RS232 interface
b. SP-POS88VPF - only Parallel interface
c. SP-POS88VUF - only USB interface
d. SP-POS88VMF - RS232+USB+Ethernet interfaces
e. SP-POS88VBTF - USB+Bluetooth interfaces
f. SP-POS88VWF - USB+Ethernet+Wifi interfaces
Cash drawer control
DC24V,1A,6PIN RJ-11Socket
Power Supply (Adapter)
AC100 ~240V ± 10%(include) DC 24V, 2A
Auto Cutter
5,000,000 cuts
Paper Type
Thermal paper
Paper Width
79.5± 0.5mm
Paper Thickness
0.06 to 0.08mm
Paper Roll Diameter
Auto Cutter
Partial Cut
Operating Temp/Humidity
Storage Temp/Humidity
-20-60°C / 10%-90%
Dimension (LxWxH)

TCM3105 FSK chip

The Texas Instrument TCM3105 modem chip for your packet or modem project.
TCM3105 chips are tested prior to shipping. All are 16 pin NL or JL package.

The TCM3105 is a single-chip asynchronous frequency-shift-keying (FSK) voice-band modem that uses silicon-gate CMOS technology to implement a switched-capacitor architecture. It is pin selectable (TXR1, TXR2, and TRS) for a wide range of transmit/receive baud rates and is compatible with the applicable BELL 202 or CCITT V23 standards. Operation is fully reversible, thereby allowing both forward and backward channels to be used simultaneously.

The transmitter is a programmable frequency synthesizer that provides two output frequencies (on TXA), representing the marks and spaces of the digital signal present on TXD. The receive section is responsible for the demodulation of the analog signal appearing at the RXA input and is based on the principle of frequency-to-voltage conversion. This section contains a group delay equalizer (to correct phase distortion), automatic gain control, carrier-detect-level adjustment, and bias-distortion adjustment, thereby optimizing performance and giving the lowest possible bit error rate. Carrier-detect information is given to the system by means of the carrier-detect circuits, which set a flag on the CDT output if the level of received in-band energy falls below a value set on the CDL input for a specified minimum duration.

The TCM3105JE and TCM3105NE are characterized for operation from –40°C to 85°C.The TCM3105DWL, TCM3105JL, and TCM3105NL are characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C.

  • The power supply 4VDC - 5,5VDC
  • DIP-16 Packaging
  • Input Analog input interface (RXA), Digital Input (TXD)
  • Number of inputs 2
  • Output Interface Analog Output (TXA), Digital Output (RXD)
  • Total output 2
  • Features half duplex / full duplex Half Duplex and Full Duplex
  • The data rate is 75, 150, 600 and 1200 bps (Transmit) / 5, 75, 150, 600 and 1200 bps (recieve)

Papilio One 500K

The Papilio One is an open-source development platform based on the capable Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA. While FPGA devices are massively powerful and configurable, they haven’t always been the easiest to develop. Papilio attempts to remedy this situation by following the lead of popular microprocessor development tools like Arduino. The Papilio One can be expanded by the use of “wings” which are stackable add-on modules, similar to Arduino shields.

You can still use traditional FPGA development tools to write code for the device. The Papilio isn’t directly supported in Xilinx ISE but a script file is available on their website to load bitstreams generated by the program.

One unique feature of Papilio is that they provide a custom version of the Arduino IDE which allows to you write Arduino code and upload it to an AVR8 Soft Processor, an Arduino-compatible processor being emulated inside the FPGA!


  • Fully Assembled with a Xilinx XC3S500E and 4Mbit SPI Flash Memory
  • Provides an Easy Introduction to FPGA, Digital Electronics, and System on a Chip design
  • Easily add New Functionality with Wings that Snap onto the Board
  • Two-Channel USB Connection for JTAG and Serial Communications
  • Four Independent Power Rails at 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V
  • Power Supplied by a Power Connector or USB
  • Input Voltage (recommended): 6.5-15V
  • 48 I/O lines!

Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Reach out and swipe, grab, pinch, or punch your way through the digital world.

In addition to VR, the Leap Motion Controller plugs into the USB port on your Mac or PC – opening up your digital world to infinite possibilities. Fight alien spiders, design an interactive kiosk, or use it alongside your keyboard and mouse.

The Leap Motion Controller tracks your hands at up to 200 frames per second using infrared cameras – giving you a 150° field of view with roughly 8 cubic feet of interactive 3D space.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows® 7/8 or Mac® OS X 10.7
  • AMD Phenom™ II or Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Warranty Terms
  • Windows® 7/8 or Mac® OS X 10.7

  • Leap Motion Software and App Store are available at .

The Leap Motion Controller comes with 2 custom-length USB 2.0 cables (24" and 60"), a welcome card, and Important Information guide.

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Accessories Pack (Type C) for BeagleBone BlackAccessories Pack (Type C) for BeagleBone Black

BeagleBone Black Accessories Package C=LCD Connection Board Cape+ 4.3inch LCD Screen+ Cables for Connecting ARM Cortex-A8 Development Board Kit

As in this package are:

  • 1x LCD Cape (4.3 "), which is pengubung between BB Black with LCD touch screen 4.3".
  • 1x LCD Touch 4.3 "with a resolution of 480 x 272.
  • Cable 1x USB to TTL 4-pin.
  • 1x Adaptor 5V, 2A US Standard.
  • 1x USB cable A - mini B.
  • 1x 40-pin FFC 0.5 150mm.

Note: In this package does not include Beaglebone Black.

Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot.

The Alpha 1S Humanoid Robot is a household humanoid robot with a potential for development and interactive entertainment. It’s perfectly designed with high-precision servo joints and editing software for 3D visual motions, which can be seamlessly controlled in one APP. Alpha 1S has a wide range of applications in different areas, such as entertainment, education, household, research and media. The Alpha 1S APP allows users to program the robot without PC software. Sequences of movements can be saved directly in the APP, making it much easier to program the robot.


  • Short charging time
  • APP control, operating and programming
  • 3D visual PC software
  • Servo joints
  • Bluetooth control

Body features

  • Materials: Aluminum alloy structure, ABS housing
  • Degree of freedom: 16 degrees of freedom


  • Speaker: 3W Mono

Hardware configuration

  • Processor: STM32-F103RDT6
  • External storage: Standard 128M, maximum support up to 32G
  • Control mode: Bluetooth 4.0/BLE
  • Battery: 7.4v 2200mAh
  • Play time: 60 min / time

Software properties

  • Compatible systems: Windows / iOS / Android
  • Software programming: Achieving the analogue simulation based on 3D visual PC software

Dimension H:398mm W:196mm D:113mm
Weight: 1.65KG

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PicoScope 2205A 2 Channel USB Oscilloscope.

PICO TECHNOLOGY PICOSCOPE 2205A  USB Oscilloscope, PicoScope 2200A Series, 2 Analogue, 25 MHz, 200 MSPS, 16 kpts, 14 ns

This PicoScope 2200 Series oscilloscope offers a small, light, modern alternative to bulky benchtop devices. It is perfect for engineers on the move and ideal for a wide range of applications including design, test, education, service, monitoring, fault finding and repair.

  • 2 channels
  • 8 bit resolution
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • Advanced digital triggers
  • Persistence display modes
  • USB connected and powered
  • Free software upgrades
  • Mask limit testing
  • Serial bus decoding
  • Dimensions: 190x170x40mm (including connectors)

USB cable, two x 1/x10 passive probes, guide, software and reference CD

Universal Motion Joypad

The Universal Motion Joypad is a new game controller that is similar to the steering wheel available for the Nintendo Wii. It is built using the USB IO BOARD and an auxiliary motion sensor, and allows you to play many games available for mobile phone that would normally use the phone’s gyroscope.

Package include

- USB IO Board with Micro-USB Cable(130cm approx.)
- Universal Motion Joypad Sensor Board (buttons and knobs are all assembled)
- Steering Wheel

Note! Do not disassemble the knobs. It might cause damage of the button. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DIGITAL IR Transmitter Module

An infrared transmitter is simply a Light Emitting Diode which generates IR light (invisible IR light)--light with a wavelength of between 1 mm and 750 nanometers, and some associated circuitry. In an infrared remote control, for example, pushing a button sends an electric signal to the LED, which converts the signal into a beam of infrared light. The receiving device detects the light with a photo diode and converts it to an electrical signal which, via an integrated circuit, controls its actions.

Infrared transmitters are widely used as a means of wireless communication by remote controls for televisions and other electronic devices. Police, firefighters and ambulance drivers, for example, carry a special IR transmitter that they can use to change traffic lights from red to green within two seconds, as they approach an intersection.


  • Power Supply:5V
  • Interface:Digital
  • Modulate Frequency:38Khz

BLE Link bluetooth module for Arduino

BLE Link is a communication module based on bluetooth 4.0, it uses the XBEE model which is compact and is compatible with all shields with XBEE socket. BLE Link supports both 5V and 3.3V MCUs. We've also developed Apps on both Android and IOS platform for you to start commumication between phone and arduinos immediately. With two BLE Links, you can enjoy features like point-to-point wireless transparent transmission, master-slave machine setting, wireless program burning and HID connection with PC. At the same time, we provide developers more freedom and support: users can not only debug Bluno through AT command, but also update BLE chip program via USB. 


  • AT command to debug the BLE
  • support the master-salve machine switch
  • Transparent transmission
  • Wireless programming for Arduino processor (Compatible with Arduino UNO,Fio and Mega)
  • support usb update BLE chip program
  • support bluetooth HID
  • convenient to upgrade firmware of BLE
  • support Android and IOS applications,open source code,suitable for secondary development by the user


  • Chip:TI CC2540>
  • Working Voltage: +3.3 DC
  • Power consumption: working: 10.6mA average, ready mode: 8.7mA
  • Pin Layout: Compatible with Xbee pinout
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Transfer rate:  ≤1Mbps
  • Modulation: GFSK, bluetooth low power, V4.0
  • Sensitivity: -93dB
  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ 
  • Transmission distance: 60m in free space
  • Size:32mm * 22mm (1.26 * 0.87")

Xadow - Vibration Motor

This small vibrator motor can vibrate like your phone. When using it, You only need to power for the module and then send "Vibration" command. In fact, The "Vibration" command is setting control pins to high level, then it will work. I like this module because it can creat a short-term shock to prompt me whether one operation was successful, such as shaking my arm to switch my iPhone songs, which sound terrible, and it is not like the buzzer which sound terrible.

Xadow is a though small but perfectly formed Arduino(TM) compatible board series containing several modules. It's a kit extremely suitable for space-sensitive projects such as wearable devices & arts designs, which have higher request on size, weight and flexible cascade connection.

Joystick Breakout Module

The joystick on this module is very similar to the 'analog' joysticks on PS2 (PlayStation 2) controllers. Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for each axis. Pots are ~10k each.
This joystick also has a select button that is actuated when the joystick is pressed down. There are 5 pins on board: VCC, GND, X, Y and Button. Connect the module with 5V power suppy with VCC and GND, you can read out the joystick status by X,Y and button pins.

Module TypeInput
Board Size3.8 x3.5 x 3.5cm
Operation LevelAnalog

CloudShell for XU4 SmokyBlue

The Cloudshell for XU4 is an affordable DIY Network Attached Storage (NAS) Solution to create your own personal cloud! It includes a color LCD console display on the front and has room for a 2.5inch HDD/SSD along with the XU4 board inside the CloudShell.   Online Order

The CloudShell is a great way to assemble the ODROID-XU4 in a compact case along with a 2.2" TFT LCD (320x240), a 2.5" hard drive, and an IR receiver. It contains a USB3.0 to SATA bridge (Genesis GL3321G) allowing installation of a single 2.5" SATA HDD/SDD.

- Dimension : 135 x 99 x 52 mm(assembled)
- Weight : 248g approx.
- Color : Smoky Blue and Smoky White
- CloudShell Circuit Board includes IR receiver, 2.2" 320 x 240 TFT LCD, SATA Connector, USB3.0 Connector and 30-pin I/O Connector
Package include
A. Top piece
B. Bottom piece
C. Back piece
D. Front piece
E. F. Side pieces
G. 30pin GPIO Ribbon Cable (50 mm)
H. 14 x 6 mm screws (Philips head, metal)
I. 2 x 21 mm male-female hex PCB spacers (metal)
J. 4 x 25mm female hex PCB spacer (metal)
K. 6 x 5 mm screws (Philips head, metal)
L. 2 x 47 mm female hex PCB spacer (metal)
M. 4 x 5 mm Hex Nuts (metal)
N. 4 x 3 mm screws
O. CloudShell board with 2.2inch TFT LCD assembled
P. USB3.0 type A-B cable(300mm)
Q. 4 x adhesive silicon feet

- You need a small Philips bit screw driver. 
- ODROID-XU4 and 2.5inch HDD are not included in the package. 

- You can use the part (C) as a wrench for the hex PCB spacers. 

Online Order

Plastic Wheel for Gear Motor

ABS plastic wheels fitted with rubber tires suitable for geared motors as GMX022 3-12V DC Gear Motor, 1: 120, 100rpm, 90 Degree Shaft or other motors with similar shafts.

  • Diameter: 65 532 mm
  • Thickness: 7.62 mm
  • equipped with 2pcs Rubber Traction Band
  • Available Color option: Yellow, blue and red
  • DC motor not included

Saturday, February 13, 2016

WS-818 Digital alcohol tester with alarm

This tool is measuring the level of alcohol in our body. Has a very compact form so it is easy to carry.
Some abbreviations we need to know:
BAC = Blood Alcohol Concentration (blood alcohol content).
BRAC = Breath Alcohol Concentration (level of alcohol in the respiratory tract).
Sample readings: For example in the tool displays a BAC of 0.03%, it means our body contains 0,03g of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

- Various conversion:% BAC | mg / L
- Already, there are "Mouthpiece" (the part where we blow air from your mouth to the tool). This section can be changed and are included in the sales package.
- LCD screen with backlit blue to display the number of measurements.
- Sound the alarm loud enough.
- Using the power 3x AAA size batteries.
- There is a manual for instructions.

ITEAD 2 Channels Touch and Remote Control Switch

This switch belongs to W series touch wall switch. It has 2 buttons on the switch and it doesn't have networking function. It will never fade becuase of its high quality crystal glass panel. The touch panel is very sensitive and the switch can prevent creepage and electric chock, so it's very safe and comfortable. Crystal glass panel design makes the switch very fashionable and beautiful. There is no need to rewire when you install with the sigle live wire control. With its smart design, it is easy to install. The whole switches of this series are applicable to filament lamp, energy saving lighting, fluorescent lamp etc. Two colors of the switch can be chosen for you. 

Electrical Features
Rated Voltage: 110V-240V AC, 50/60Hz 
Load type: filament lamp, energy saving lighting, fluorescent lamp etc.
Max. One-way load: Resistance (such as filament lamp) 800W; Sensitivity: (such as fluorescent lamp) 500W ; Min. One way power>3W; Total power (total of each power) ≤1500W
4.Standby Current: <55ua p="">
5.Standby Dissipation: <0 .01w="" 220v="" below="" p="">
6.Wireless Communication Frequency: 433MHZ
7.Receiving Sensitivity: -102db (only D and W series)
8.Data Transmission Dissipation: 10mw (only W series)
9.Remote Control Range: 10-15meter (remote control, indoor environment) 
10.Mutual Control Range: 30-50meter (mutual control function with network, indoor environment)
11.Working temperature: -25℃~+70℃
12.Relative Humidity: <70 p="">
Dimension: 86.1*86.1*36.1mm

Friday, February 12, 2016

Vicor VI-241-EY-S 50 watt DC to DC



  • Number of Outputs 1
  • Voltage - Input (Min) 55V
  • Voltage - Input (Max) 100V
  • Voltage - Output 1 12V
  • Voltage - Output 2 -
  • Voltage - Output 3 -
  • Current - Output (Max) 4.17A
  • Power (Watts) - Manufacture Series 50W
  • Voltage - Isolation 3kV (3000V)
  • Applications ITE (Commercial)
  • Features OCP, OTP, OVP, SCP
  • Mounting Type Through Hole
  • Package / Case Full Brick
  • Size / Dimension 4.60" L x 1.80" W x 0.52" H (116.8mm x 45.7mm x 13.2mm)
  • Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 85°C
  • Efficiency 88%
  • Power (Watts) - Max 50W
Image shown is a representation only. Exact specifications should be obtained from the product data sheet

Vicor VI-241-EU 200 watt DC to DC


  • Type Isolated Module
  • Number of Outputs 1
  • Voltage - Input (Min) 55V
  • Voltage - Input (Max) 100V
  • Voltage - Output 1 12V
  • Voltage - Output 2 -
  • Voltage - Output 3 -
  • Current - Output (Max) 16.67A
  • Power (Watts) - Manufacture Series 200W
  • Voltage - Isolation 3kV (3000V)
  • Applications ITE (Commercial)
  • Features OCP, OTP, OVP, SCP
  • Mounting Type Through Hole
  • Package / Case Full Brick
  • Size / Dimension 4.60" L x 2.40" W x 0.50" H (116.8mm x 61.0mm x 12.7mm)
  • Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 85°C
  • Efficiency 88%
  • Power (Watts) - Max 200W
Image shown is a representation only. Exact specifications should be obtained from the product data sheet