Friday, September 29, 2017

ESP-WROOM-02 ESP8266 WROOM Wi-Fi Module

ESP-WROOM-02 is a low-power 32-bit MCU Wi-Fi module based on ESP8266 chip, embedded with TCP/IP network stacks, 10-bit ADC, and HSPI/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces. ESP-WROOM-S2 uses a 2 MB SPI flash connected to HSPI, working as the SDIO/SPI slave with the SPI speed of up to 8 Mbps.

ESP8266 Module can operate in the low power connectivity modes; for instance, if it operates in DTIM10, it only consumes 1.2mW while maintaining a Wi-Fi connection. The module also integrates an SPI flash of 16 Mbits used for storing user programs, data and firmware.

Certificates and Compliances:

Wi-Fi Alliance, SRRC, FCC, CE, TELEC, IC & KCC Certified
RoHS, Halogen Free, REACH & CFSI Compliant
Output Power: +22dBm peak power in FCC certification

Small Form Factor

ESP8266 Module can be easily integrated into space-limited devices due to its small size of only 18mm x 20mm (ESP-WROOM-02) / 16 mm x 23 mm (ESP-WROOM-S2).

Metal Oxide Varistor MOV

 varistor available voltage 100V, 150V, 250V, 270V, 430V, 820V

HT-214 IDC socket Crimping Fix

The crimping tool for IDC socket.
- High compatible connectors: 6mm (with attachment) (min), 27.5 mm (max)
- Connector length: 241mm

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Heat Sink for TO-220 silver

heat absorbing plate of electronics component (heatsink) made of aluminum material. This heatsink is compatible with electronics components with TO-220 packaging.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Switching Adaptor 12V / 1.5A Body Slim

switching adapter capable of producing 12 VDC output voltage with maximum current 1.5 A. It is ideal if it is functioned as power supply for microcontroller, LED matrix, robot, etc ..

- Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
- Input current: 400 mA
- Output Voltage: 12 VDC
- Output Current: 1.5 A
- Power: 18 W


mini water pump powered by a 12 VDC DC brushless motor. This mini water pump is able to pump air as much as 240 liters per hour (240 L / h) with a power of only 4.2 watts only. This mini water pump is perfect for aquariums, hydroponic plant irrigation systems, robotics, microcontroller output devices, and so forth.

- Black
- Material: ABS
- Liquids: Water, oil, fuel, alkaline liquids, acidic liquids, and various other liquids.
- Data Consumption: 4.2 W (0.35 A)
- Working Voltage: 12 VDC
- Pump Speed: 240 L / h
- Maximum Lift: 300 cm
- Level of Flash: <35 db="" font="">
- Outside Diameter / Outlet: 9 mm / 0.35 "
- Diameter In / Outlet: 6 mm / 0.24 "
- Water Resistantity: IP68
- Dimensions: 56 x 52 x 47 mm

Thursday, September 21, 2017

PIC 12C508A-04/P chip

8-Bit Microcontroller PICmicro family

  • 8-pin DIP packaging
  • 4MHz working frequency
  • Working voltage 3VDC - 5,5VDC
  • Number of i / o 5 I / O lines
  • RISC Architecture
  • 768 Byte program memory size (512 x 12)
  • The size of the data memory is volatile 25 Bytes
  • Timer / counter 1 Timer / Counter 8-bit channel
  • ICSP programming interface

Friday, September 15, 2017

Zoo Animal Kit by 4-soldering

a complete zoo-themed kit that has everything you need to assemble a simple electronic system. With this kit, children will be introduced to the basic set of electronics, soldering, the opportunity to play with LEDs, batteries, and make funny animals on this kit as if live. This kit is perfect when used to explore and know the talents and interests of children in the field of electronics.

In this kit there are already variations of animals as follows:

- Llama
- Panda
- The lion
- Rabbit
- Sheep
- Giraffes

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Led Green (pure) Super Bright Water Clear 5mm

LED round type 5 mm.

  • - Color of light: yellow green (568 nm)
  • - Color lens: water clear
  • - Material: GaP
  • - Forward voltage: 2.3V @ If = 20mA
  • - Angle of beam: 20 degrees
  • - Lumination: 300mCd @ If = 20mA
  • 100 mA current
  • 2.3VDC power supply - 2.6VDC
  • Yellow Green light color
  • Water Clear lens color
  • 5 mm lens diameter
  • GaP basic materials
  • Light angle of 20 degrees
  • Light brightness 300 mCd (@ if20mA)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

C1632VYC SMD1206 Led Yellow Super Bright

SMD 1206 LED with yellow light color

  • 20 mA current
  • 2VDC power supply
  • Yellow light color
  • Water Clear lens color
  • The angle of light beam 140
  • The brightness of light is 595 mcd

Led Yellow Super Bright Diffused 5mm

LED round type 5 mm.

  • 30 mA current
  • 2.1VDC power supply - 2.4VDC
  • Yellow light color
  • Yellow diffused lens color
  • 5 mm lens diameter
  • The basic ingredients of AlGaInP
  • The beam angle of light is 40 degrees
  • Lightness of 200 mCd (@ if20mA)

Led Yellow Super Bright Diffused 3mm

LED round type 3 mm

- Color of light: ultra bright yellow (586 nm)
- Color lens: yellow diffused
- Material: AlGaInP
- Forward voltage: 2.1V @ If = 20mA
- Angle of Beam: 60 degrees
- Lumination: 200mCd @ If = 20mA

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Adaptor Switching 12V / 1.5A

adapter / power supply that can convert voltage across the range 100 ~ 240 VAC to 12 VDC voltage with maximum current output of 1.5 A.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

TM-2239 22 inch LCD Touch Monitor

TM-2239 is an LCD with touch panel designed to be easily integrated into kiosk machines, game console machines, visitor information machines, and other devices requiring LCD panels with integrated touchscreen features. TM-2239 uses a touchscreen panel with Surface Acoustive Wave (SAW) technology and meets IP65 standards that are resistant to water and dust.
TM-2239 features combo controller from Leadingtouch with dual port for user flexibility and convenience. It allows you to use the RS-232 and USB serial ports for touchscreen applications on the LCD.

- Display Width: 22 inch
- Screen Type: TFT
- Color Depth: 16 million colors
- Screen Ratio: 16: 10
- Resolution: 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz
- Touchscren: Yes, with Surface Acoustive Wave (SAW) technology
- Pixel Distance: 0.282 x 0.282 mm
- Response Time: 5 ms
- Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1
- Backlight Resilience: 50,000 hours
- Video Input: VGA and DVI
- Touch Interface: RS-232 and USB Combo
- Touch Response: 10 ms
- Power Supply: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
- Power Consumption: 31 W
- Dimensions: 530 x 352 x 79.4 (mm)

Current Transformer 200A with Clamp

a flip-up current transformer capable of holding a primary current load of up to 200 amperes. This type of transformer is commonly used in power calibrator devices, power measurement devices, industrial machine control circuits, and so forth.

- Primary Flow: 200 A (max)
- Secondary Current: 50 mA
- Primary / Secondary Flow Rate: 2000 Ts
- Resistance: 60 ohms
- Peak Error: 1%
- Housing: ABS
- Bobbin: PBT
- Core: Ferrite

Loctite 248

Loctite 248 is a liquid / gel threadlocker with medium locking strength packed in "stick" packaging making it comfortable and easy to carry anywhere. Loctite 248 serves as a security that will memngunci and minimize the occurrence of connection loosen between the nuts, bolts, and screws when there is shock or collision. This product works perfectly against all types of metals, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and metal plate.

- Technology: Acrylic
- Chemical composition: Dimethacrylate ester
- Form of Packaging: Stick
- Strength: Medium
- Cure: Anaerobic
- Applications: Threadlocking for nuts, bolts, screws, etc.


Universal Wheel

Is a wheel with a diameter of 50 mm, hole 6 mm shaft, and thickness of 10 mm tires. This wheel is protected by a layer of rubber on the outside, thus minimizing the occurrence of slippage when the object is moving. This wheel is perfect when applied to the wheeled / mobile robot.

- Diameter: 50 mm
- Thickness: 10 mm
- Shaft hole: 6 mm
- Material: Plastic

Note: In the sales package only consists of 1 pcs of wheels only