Tuesday, April 30, 2013


ATmega128 AVR CPU Module is a module type ATmega128L AVR microcontroller family which features the ISP as a complement to the COMBO BASIC BASE BOARD.


  • Based ATmega128L (128kB Flash memory and 4KB EEPROM).
  • 2 pieces of 8-bit timer / counters, 2 pieces of 16-bit timer / counters, 2-channel 8-bit PWM, 6 channel 16-bit PWM.
  • 8 channel 10-bit ADC, 2 USART, watchdog timer, and analog comparator.
  • Available 53 Input / Output.
  • 8 MHz crystal can be used as an oscillator source.
  • Compatible with the COMBO BASIC BASE BOARD.
  • Available port ISP (In-System Programming) using the 10 pin connector for a standard ATMEL download the program to the microcontroller.
  • Using aluminum capacitor and resistor SMD type.
  • Requires power supply 4.5 V - 5.5 V DC (regulated).
  • LED indicators for power and program downloading process.
  • Can be used with other modules with respect to the pin on the module configuration.
  • Dimension: 6.1 cm  x 5.3 cm  x 2.1 cm 

Monday, April 29, 2013


The STM32F4DISCOVERY helps you to discover the STM32F4 high-performance features and to develop your applications. It is based on an STM32F407VGT6 and includes an ST-LINK/V2 embedded debug tool interface, ST MEMS digital accelerometer, ST MEMS digital microphone, audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver, LEDs, pushbuttons and a USB OTG micro-AB connector.

System requirements 
● Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7)
● USB type A to Mini-B USB cable

The STM32F4DISCOVERY offers the following features:
● STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller featuring 1 MB of Flash memory, 192 KB of RAM in an LQFP100 package
● On-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection mode switch to use the kit as a standalone ST-LINK/V2 (with SWD connector for programming and debugging)
● Board power supply: through USB bus or from an external 5V supply voltage
● External application power supply: 3V and 5V
● LIS302DL, ST MEMS motion sensor, 3-axis digital output accelerometer
● MP45DT02, ST MEMS audio sensor, omnidirectional digital microphone
● CS43L22, audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver
● Eight LEDs:
– LD1 (red/green) for USB communication
– LD2 (red) for 3.3V power on
– Four user LEDs, LD3 (orange), LD4 (green), LD5 (red) and LD6 (blue)
– 2 USB OTG LEDs LD7 (green) VBus and LD8 (red) over-current
● Two pushbuttons (user and reset)
● USB OTG with micro-AB connector
● Extension header for LQFP100 I/Os for quick connection to prototyping board and easy probing

AT89LP2052 Nano System combo MCS-51-AVR

AT89LP2052 Nano System is a development tool for AVR microcontrollers Digital (without internal AVR microcontroller ADC) and MCS-51 in  20-pin DIP. This board has a communication line RS-232 serial data. This board also supports memory programming In-system programming (ISP) that will facilitate users in performing experiments. This development tool is perfect for beginners who will learn microcontroller AVR and the MCS-51, ​​for example, about the path I / O, system interrupts, serial communication, etc..

- Power supply: 9VDC - 12VDC
- Based microcontroller / microprocessor: AT89LP2052
- Number of I / O ports: 15 pin I / O
- Port interfaces: UART, (I2C, SPI => AVR)
- Bootloader: No
- Port programming: ISP Port
- Features: Internal 11.0592 MHz crystal
- Dimensions: 7.1 cm  x 6.5 cm  x 1.9 cm .

Basic Controller for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis

This module is designed to be used and UGV robot car. This module is compatible with the Bluetooth module so that it can be applied to control the car UGV robot via a mobile phone with Android.

- Power supply: 3.5VDC - 8VDC
- Based microcontroller / microprocessor: ATmega48V
- Number of I / O ports: 8 Analog I / O
- Interface ports: TTL UART, SPI
- Port programming: ISP (to eliminate the program)
- Features: Compatible with Bluetooth v2.0 2.4G, There is a LED indicator Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth Module for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis

Bluetooth 2.0 Module HC-06-based, fully compatible with controller used for UGV chassis. This module has been re-package that has a 4-pin DIP pinout is very easy to be connected to the UGV controller or another controller.

- Power supply: 1.8VDC - 3.6VDC 50mA
- Working frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band
- Class Bluetooth: Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR
- Distance outreach: -
- Power output: +4 dBm
- Interfaces: UART TTL

Friday, April 26, 2013

HB-25 Motor Controller

The Parallax HB-25 Motor Controller is our single best solution for DC motor control. This module is dependable and highly-compatible with any microcontroller that can generate a servo compatible pulse. In the simplest sense the HB-25 allows a DC Motor to be controlled much like a Continuous Rotation Servo. While the signals are compatible, the HB-25 does not require refreshing as a servo does; a single pulse can maintain the output.

  • Motor Size: 0.5 HP Max - No Minimum
  • Motor Supply: 6.0 VDC min - 16.0 VDC max
  • Load Current: 25 A Continuous 35 A Surge (13.8 VDC)
  • Standby Current: 50 mA @ 6 VDC; 80 mA @ 13.8 VDC (fan on)
  • PWM Frequency: 9.2 kHz
  • Pulse Input: 1.0ms Full Reverse, 1.5ms Neutral (off), 2.0ms Full Forward
  • Pulse Refresh Rate: Single Pulse Operation
  • Modes: Single/Dual Motor Control
  • Protection Circuits: Over Voltage, Over Current, Over Heating
  • Fault Reset: Automatic
  • Indicators: Power (green), Fault (red)
  • Fuse: Mini ATC Standard with (1) 25A Fuse Included 
  • Cooling: Forced Air - Ball Bearing Fan
  • Terminals: Screw Post at a 35 A Rating
  • A single BASIC Stamp port can control two HB-25 modules
  • Connector allows the ability to daisy chain up to two HB-25 modules
  • Weight: 2.5oz (71 grams)
  • Mounting: 2ea 6-32 screws on .800" centers

Key Specifications:
  • Power Requirements: 6 VDC (min) to 16 VDC (max)
  • Communication: Standard Servo Pulse (1.0 ms to 2.0 ms)
  • Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.9 in (40 x 40 x 50 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: +32 to +158 °F (0 to +70 °C)

Meanwell PS-15-12 switch mode power supply

Meanwell PS-15-12 switch mode power supply

- Power supply input: 85-264 VAC or 120-370 VDC
- Voltage output: 12 VDC
- Output current: 1.25 A
- Efficiency: 77%
- Power: 15 W
- Features: Short circuit / overload / over temperature / over voltage protection, low ripple & noise


USB TO RS232 H-E Serial converter module from USB to RS-232

- Power supply: powered bus (take the power supply from the USB line)
- The interface or port: USB
- Stories: RS-232 (DB-9 male port)
- Data rate: 115200 bps (max)
- Cable length: about 1.8 meters
- Feature: Equipped converter from port DB-9 to DB-25 (not for the parallel port), compatible for Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, MAC OS




  • Full compliance with USB Specification V1.1
  • Meets All EIA-232 and ITU V.28 Specifications
  • Support the RS232 Serial interface
  • Support over 1Mbps data transfer rate
  • Support automatic handshake mode
  • Support remote wake-up and power management
  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS8/9 Support,win7
  • USB full speed communication and bus powered
  • Low Supply Current Than Competition(typical 3mA)

Dot Matrix Printer POS76, serial

Dot Matrix Printer POS76

Paper LoadingCramp/Full Eject
Paper CutterOptional Full / Partial cut
Cutter Reliability300,000 cuts
Printing Method9 pin Serial Impact Dot Matrix
Printing Resolution42cpl-210(whole dot)/420(half dot)
Effective Printing Width66 mm
Printing Speed4.4 lps (for 76mm paper) / 5.6lps (57mm paper)
Character SetANK,GB2312-80 (Chinese)
Print FontANK: 7 x7 / 5 x 7 Chinese: 15 x 16
Characters per Line (cpl)42 / 35
Bar code Support 
Paper End SensorOptional Paper Near End Sensor/ Paper End Sensor
Printer InterfaceRS-232
Power Supply (Adapter)AC100 ~240V(± 10%), DC 24V, 2A
Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF)9 million lines
Paper TypePlain Paper
Paper Width76.0± 0.5mm
Papaer Thickness50um -80um
Paper Roll Diameter80mm (max)
Roll Core Inner Diameter13mm
Operation Environment0~40℃ 10~80%RH
Storage Environment–20~60℃10~90%RH
Dimension (WⅹHⅹD mm)160 x 248 x 142 mm
Net WeightWith cutter:1.9kg, without cutter:1.66kg

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vernier BTA to DIN Adapter

This adaptor allows you to use newer analog BTA sensors with older interfaces such as the ULI. New sensors used through this adaptor will not be able to Auto-ID. (female BTA to male 5-pin DIN)

Vernier Analog Proto Board Connector

This connector makes it easy to wire the signal from a Vernier analog sensor into a non-Vernier interface.

The connector fits into a standard prototyping board or National Instruments’ ELVIS prototyping board, providing easy access to the sensor lines. Vernier analog sensors require a 5 volt source and in most cases provide a 0 – 5 volt raw signal.

Vernier Salinity Sensor

The Salinity Sensor precisely measures the total dissolved salt content of ocean or brackish water.

The Salinity Sensor easily and precisely measures the total dissolved salt content in an aqueous solution. Measure water with a wide variety of salinities, from brackish water to ocean water, and even hyper-saline environments. You can also study how salinity affects buoyancy or monitor salinity values in estuaries where fresh water mixes with ocean water

  • Range of Salinity Sensor: 0 to 50 ppt (0 to 50,000 ppm)
  • Resolution: 0.02 ppt (20 ppm)
  • (LabQuest 2, LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, Go!Link, LabPro)
  • Accuracy: ±1% of full-scale reading
  • Response time: 98% of full-scale reading in 5 s.
  • Temperature compensation: automatic from 5 to 35°C
  • Temperature range (can be placed in): 0 to 80°C
  • Cell constant: 10 cm-1
  • Description: dip type, epoxy body, parallel platinum electrodes
  • Dimensions: 12 mm OD and 150 mmlength
What’s Included
  • Vernier Salinity Sensor
  • User manual
Sensor Requirements

The Salinity Sensor requires a compatible interface and software to collect data. Interface and software sold separately.

Compatible Interfaces

The Salinity Sensor is compatible with these interfaces:
LabQuest 2
LabQuest Mini
NXT Sensor Adapter
Vernier EasyLink
TI-Nspire Lab Cradle

Vernier Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Use the Dissolved Oxygen Probe to determine the concentration of oxygen in aqueous solutions in the field or in the laboratory.

The Dissolved Oxygen Probe is great for biology, chemistry, ecology, or integrated science courses. It can be used to perform a wide variety of experiments to determine changes in dissolved oxygen levels, one of the primary indicators of the quality of an aquatic environment.
Built-in temperature compensation lets you calibrate in the lab, then make measurements outdoors without having to recalibrate.
Disposable caps with pre-fit membranes allow you to quickly and conveniently change membranes.
Calibrate in the units you choose: % dissolved oxygen, mg/L, or ppm dissolved oxygen

  • Range: 0 to 15 mg/L (or ppm)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 mg/L
  • Response Time: 95% of final reading in 30 seconds, 98% in 45 seconds
  • Resolution: 0.014 mg/L (LabQuest 2, LabQuest, LabQuest Mini, Go!Link, LabPro)
  • Temperature Compensation: automatic from 5–35°C
  • Pressure Compensation: manual
  • Salinity Compensation: manual
  • Minimum sample flow: 20 cm/second
What’s Included
  • Vernier Dissolved Oxygen Probe (dissolved oxygen electrode with membrane cap)
  • One replacement membrane cap
  • Sodium Sulfite Calibration Standard (2.0 M Na2SO3) and MSDS sheet
  • D.O. Electrode Filling Solution, MSDS sheet, and filling pipet
  • Calibration bottle (empty, lid with hole)
  • D.O. Polishing Strips (1 pkg)
  • User Manual
Sensor Requirements

The Dissolved Oxygen Probe requires a compatible interface and software to collect data. Interface and software sold separately

Compatible Interfaces

The Dissolved Oxygen Probe is compatible with these interfaces:
  • LabQuest 2
  • LabQuest
  • LabQuest Mini
  • Go!Link
  • SensorDAQ
  • NXT Sensor Adapter
  • LabPro
  • Vernier EasyLink
  • CBL 2
  • TI-Nspire Lab Cradle

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

USB to TTL Converter (CP210)

CP210 USB to TTL converter combine the USB-232-1 (USB to Single RS232 Adapter) and TTL-232-1 (Port-powered RS232/TTL converter) allows you to convert USB to TTL/CMOS compatible levels and vice versa.

It can be used to set up APC220 RF wireless module. 
It can be used as STC microcontroller program downloader. 
The PCB color may vary and not the same as shown in the picture. 
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Chip: Silicon Laboratories CP210x chip

Sabertooth Dual 60A 6V-30V Regenerative Motor Driver

The Sabertooth Dual 60A 6V-30V Regenerative Motor Driver is one of the most versatile, efficient and easy to use dual motor drivers. It is suitable for high powered robots - up to 120lbs in combat or up to 1000lbs for general purpose robotics. Out of the box, the Sabertooth can supply two DC brushed motors with up to 60A each. Peak currents of 120A per channel are achievable for a few seconds. Overcurrent and thermal protection means you'll never have to worry about killing the driver with accidental stalls or by hooking up too big a motor.

• Nominal Voltage: 6 - 30V
• Most versatile, efficient and easy to use dual motor drivers
• 60A continuous, 120A peak per channel
• Can supply two DC brushed motors with up to 60A each

It allows you to control two motors with: analog voltage, radio control, serial and packetized serial. You can build many different robots of increasing complexity for years to come with a Sabertooth.

Technical Specs:
• 6 - 30V nominal, 33.6V absolute maximum
• Synchronous regenerative drive
• Ultra-sonic switching frequency
• Thermal and overcurrent protection
• Lithium protection mode
• Input modes: Analog, R/C, simplified serial, packetized serial

• Combat robots up to 120lb
• Normal and hobby robots up to 1000lb
• Differential drive robots
• Electric vehicles, ride-on toys, scooters

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SG-2008G smoke or LPG sensor

SG-2008G smoke or LPG sensor

Gas sensor module to detect smoke or LPG

- Power supply: 12 VDC
- Detects smoke or LPG
- Have a sound as the alarm noise> 85db
- Integrated internal relay configuration with NO / NC
- The installation of the sensor module can be placed on the ceiling or wall

Hitec HS-7955TG Hi-Torque Titanium Gear Coreless Servo

The HS-7955TG High Torque Titanium Gear Coreless Servo has the added benefit of manufacturer G2 second generation programmable digital circuit. This new circuit has twice the resolution of manufacturer original circuit while adding programmable overload protection. The HS-7955TG has been designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest aircraft and monster trucks. Featuring a titanic 333 oz./in. of torque at 6.0 volts, all this power is harnessed by incorporating the industries first Titanium gears for incredible wear resistance and two strong hardened steel gear pins and axial brass bushing in the servo case. 

• This circuit has twice the resolution
• Designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest aircraft
• Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
• Featuring a titanic 333 oz./in. of torque at 6.0 volts

Technical Specs:
• Size in Inches: 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.45
• Size in Millimeters: 39.88 x 19.81 x 36.83
• Weight ounces: 2.29
• Weight grams: 64.92

What’s a Microcontroller? text book

is our first-step BASIC Stamp 2 tutorial, introducing the essentials electronics and programming side by side. You will write PBASIC programs and build both simple and advanced breadboard circuits with LEDs, pushbuttons, potentiometers, light sensor, a servo, and much more!

BASCOM AVR Programming

BASCOM AVR Programming, a complete guide to understanding all the features possessed by BASCOM-AVR Software. This guide book contains 212 pages describing in detail about the process of Input / Output, Data Display, Data Measurement, development tools and training simple project.

- Number of pages: 212 pages.
- Input-Output digital and analog
- Displaying the data in LCD Character / Graphic, 7segment.
- SD Card, ADC readings, GPS readings.
- RS-232 communication. I2C
- RTC, sensor readings, etc..
- Author: Jurij Mikeln, Vladimir Mitrovic.
- Publisher: AX Eng.

Programming & Customizing the Multicore Propeller Microcontroller: Official Guide

Parallax brought together 9 experienced authors to write 12 chapters on the many facets of multicore programming with the Propeller chip.

The book begins with an introduction to the Propeller chip’s architecture and Spin programming language, debugging techniques, and sensor interfacing. Then, the remainder of the book introduces eight diverse and powerful applications, ending with a speech synthesis demonstration written by the Propeller chip’s inventor, Chip Gracey.

Numerous illustrations and example programs accompany each application. Example source code and other related resources are available for free download from ftp.propeller-chip.com!

Table of Contents:
  • The Propeller Chip Multi-core Microcontroller - Jeff Martin
  • Introduction to Propeller Programming - Jeff Martin
  • Debugging Code for Multiple Cores - Andy Lindsay
  • Sensor Basics for Multprocessing - Andy Lindsay
  • Wirelessly Networking Propeller Chips - Martin Hebel
  • DanceBot, a Balancing Robot - Hanno Sander
  • Controlling a Robot with Computer Vision - Hanno Sander
  • Using Multi-core for Networking Applications using an Off-the-shelf Ethernet Chip - Shane Avery
  • Portable Multivariable GPS Tracking and Data Logger - Joshua Hintze
  • Using the Propeller as a Remote Virtual Peripheral for Media Applications - Andre’ LaMothe
  • The HVAC Green House Model - Vern Graner
  • Synthesizing Speech with the Propeller - Chip Gracey
Key Specifications:
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071664509
  • Dimensions: approx 7.25 x 9 x 1.2 in (18.4 x 22.7 x 3 cm)
  • Paperback/Black & White printing/approx 500 pages

Polymorph Formable biodegradable plastic polyester

Polymorph is a non-toxic, biodegradable polyester with a low melting temperature of about 60°C (140°F). Prototype plastic parts can be made by simply heating the plastic beads in hot water until they turn clear and then kneading them together and shaping by hand. When it cools it becomes a nylon-like white plastic. Polymorph can be re-used by simply re-heating and re-shaping. Plastic beads are supplied in a heat-sealed plastic bag to prevent spillage during transport.

So what do you do with it? Robotics, small-parts prototyping, arts/crafts, there's almost no end to what you can do with this stuff.  Try embedding LEDs into it for a cool diffuse glow effect.

Note: Although Polymorph melts at around 60°C (140°F), it is more workable at hotter temperatures, like around 180-200°F.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable polyester
  • Low melting temperature of about 60°C (140°F)
  • Useful for many type of robots
  • Can be melted and re-used over and over
here are some robot and RC car example using polymorph:
worm robot, wood robot , RC car frame body , robot fish, robot mouse, etc,.

AM211 Dino-Lite Handheld Digital Microscope

AM211 Dino-Lite Handheld Digital Microscope

The classic Dino-Lite that always amazes USB powered with 200X magnification.

The AM211 handheld digital microscope is an amazingly versatile and easy to use handheld digital microscope that is ideal for a wide variety of practical applications; such as in the classroom, workplace, or even at home. It can view various magnifications depending of distance with up to a maximum of 200X.

The AM211 handheld digital microscope amazingly requires just only one USB cable to run the whole device. With just having one USB cable to run the device greatly reduces clutter and confusion around your examination area.

Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the "DinoCapture" software which enables you to"capture" either a photograph, video, or time-lapsed video within a few simple clicks.

Simply powered by USB 2.0
Digitize the microscopy experience; allow easy recording and sharing of observations in the office or out in the field with a compatible PC or MAC

Quality VGA
Easily work under the microscope with low latency for lag with 640x480 resolution.

Up to 200x magnification
Have the freedom to magnify from 20x to 50x the closer the Dino-Lite is to the target, using the Dino-Lite knob to focus for each magnification. Achieve an additional 200x when the Dino-Lite is at close range.

Convenient lighting
Built in light source for illuminating objects of interest.

Take pictures & record video
For all our USB models, you can take pictures as well as record video directly on a computer.


Model  AM211 Dino-Lite
Interface USB
Product Resolution 640x480 pixels (VGA)
Magnification Rate 20x~50x, 200x
Sensor Color CMOS
Frame Rate Up to 30fps
Save Formats
DinoCapture1.0: BMP ,JPG
DinoXcope: PNG ,JPEG
Movie: DinoCapture1.0: AVI
DinoCapture2.0: WMV, FLV, SWF
DinoXcope: MOV
Operating System Supported Windows 8 ,7 ,Vista ,XP
Unit Weight 90(g)
Unit Dimension 10cm (H) x 3.2cm (D)

Package Dimensions 160mm(L) x 160mm(W) x 60mm (H)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hozan S-80 Proffesional Toolkit set

Hozan S-80 Proffesional Toolkit set

Details table (kit contents: 76 pieces)

Precision Screwdriver No.00D-27   
Precision Screwdriver No.1
Precision Screwdriver 1.8
Precision Screwdriver 2.5
Alignment ToolD-29-100
Reversible Stubby ScrewdriverNo.2/6.0D-59
Electrician's Slotted Screwdriver 6.0D-331-100
Electrician's Phillips ScrewdriverNo.2D-332-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.0D-530-75
Phillips Screwdriver No.0D-540-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.1D-550-100
Phillips Screwdriver No.2D-555-100
Slotted Screwdriver 2.5D-630-75
Slotted Screwdriver 4.0D-640-100
Slotted Screwdriver 5.0D-650-100
Slotted Screwdriver 5.5D-655-100
Digital MultimeterDT-121
Soldering Iron StandH-11
Soldering Iron with BoosterH-600
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Hook and Reamer)H-740  
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Knife and Scraper)
Solder Aid Tool Kit (Brush and Fork)
Lead-free SolderHS-363
Desolder BraidHS-380-2.5
File RoundK-215         
File Half-Round 
File Crochet 
File Oval 
File Hand 
File Hand (Flat) 
File Knife 
File Triangular 
File Triangular (Flat Leaf) 
File Square 
Slide-Out MagnifierL-98
Diagonal Cutter with StripperN-9-150
Miniature Diagonal CutterN-31
Long Nose Pliers with Side CutterP-15-150
Miniature Long Nose PliersP-35
Lineman's PliersP-43-175
Reverse Action TweezersP-89
Crimping ToolP-704
Spring HookP-801
Stainless Probe (Key)P-808
Curved TweezersP-882
Flat Wrench 5.5×7mmW-76  
Flat Wrench 8×10mm
Flat Wrench 12×14mm
Hex Lobular Wrench Set(T6/T8/T10/T15/T20/T25/T27/
Ballpoint L-Wrench 1.5mmW-110      
Ballpoint L-Wrench 2.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 2.5mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 3.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 4.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 5.0mm
Ballpoint L-Wrench 6.0mm
Adjustable WrenchW-230-150
Socket Wrench Set(44.555.567891012mm)W-510
Precision OilerZ-64
Rubber Blower with Extension NozzleZ-261
Level GaugeZ-340
Measure TapeZ-341
Inspection MirrorZ-350
Screw Pliers
LED Flashlight
Steel Rule 150 mm   
Utility Knife   
Shielding Tape   
Table Tap   
Heat Sink   
Electrical Tape   
Hex Wrench 0.71mm   
Hex Wrench 0.89mm   
Hex Wrench 1.27mm 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Solid State Relay SHARP S202S02F 240VAC 8A

Solid State Relay SHARP S202S02F 240VAC 8A
Description:  S202S01F with Zero Cross

  • Application:  Isolated interface between high voltage AC devices and lower voltage DC control circuitry;Switching motors;fans;heaters;solenoids;and valves;Power control in applications such as lighting and temperature control equipment
  • dV/dt Min: 30
  • Family: S202S02 Series
  • Ift: 8
  • IT: 8
  • Lead Form:  N/A
  • Package Type: 4 pin SIP
  • RoHS: Yes
  • Vdrm: 600

MB7367 HRXL-MaxSonar®-WRC™ High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder

The XL-MaxSonar-WRC offers some of our most popular outdoor ultrasonic rangefinders in an extra-compact housing.

For users that can afford the extra mounting size and weight selecting the similar HRXL-MaxSonar-WR unit is recommended for better performance.

The weather resistant XL-MaxSonar-WRC is a rugged ultrasonic sensor component module. This outdoor sensor provides very short to long distance detection and ranging in a compact, robust PVC housing. The ultrasonic sensor meets the IP67 water intrusion standard and matches standard electrical 3/4‑inch PCV pipe fittings.

High output acoustic power combined with continuously variable gain, real‑time background automatic calibration, real‑time waveform signature analysis, and noise rejection algorithms results in virtually noise free distance readings. This holds true even in the presence of many of the various acoustic or electrical noise sources. The HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WRCsensors are factory calibrated to match narrow sensor beam patterns and provide reliable long range detection zones.

A few of our most popular outdoor modules have been made available in a lighter, more compact, package.

Component Overview
  • Resolution of 1-mm
  • 7.5Hz reading rate
  • Internal temperature compensation
  • 42kHz ultrasonic sensor measures distance to objects
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Read from all 3 sensor outputs: Analog Voltage, Serial, Pulse Width
  • Virtually no sensor dead zone, objects closer than 30cm range as 30cm
  • Maximum Range of 500cm (196 inches)
  • Operates from 2.7-5.5V
  • Low 2.9mA average current requirement
  • Small, light weight module
  • Designed for easy integration into your project or product
  • Operational temperature -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
  • Realtime automatic calibration (voltage, humidity, and ambient noise)
  • Firmware filtering for excellent noise tolerance and clutter rejection
  • Weather resistant (IP67), optional chemical resistant F-Option
  • Matches standard electrical 3/4-inch PVC pipe fittings for easy mounting (3/4-inch National Pipe Thread Straight)
  • Long narrow detection zone
  • RS232 Serial Output