Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

2R Hardware & Electronics mengucapkan Selamat Tahun baru 2009. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2008


• No of axis = 4 + Gripper
• Distance between axis = 3.75”
• Servo motion control = local closed loop
• Height (arm parked) = 4.5”
• Height (reaching up) = 14.5”
• Reach (forward) = 10.5”
• Gripper opening = 2”
• Lift weight (arm extended) = approx. 3 oz
• Weight (without batteries) = 19.5 oz
• Range of motion per axis = 180 degrees
• Accuracy of motion per axis = Servo controller dependant
(SSC32=.09 degrees)
• Servo voltage = 6 vdc

• Lynx 5 Arm, Base, Electronics Carrier, Gripper Kit (L501-KT)
• SSC-32 Servo Controller (SSC-32)
• DB9 Serial Data Cable (DB9-02)
• RIOS Arm Control Software for SSC-32 (RIOS-02)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

TMS320F2808 eZdsp™

The TMS320F2808 eZdsp™ is a stand alone module that lets evaluators examine certain characteristics of the TMS320F2808 digital signal controller to determine if this DSP-based processor meets their application requirements. This module provides plug-and-play functionality, enabling both experienced and novice designers an easy way to get started immediately with innovative product designs. The kit, which provides new performance-enhancing features such as embedded IEEE 1149.1 JTAG controller with USB emulation, can be operated without additional development tools such as an emulator. Furthermore, the module is an excellent platform to develop, demonstrate, and run software for the TMS320F2808 controller.

Hardware Features:

* TMS320F2808 @ 100MHz, socketed
* 18K on-chip zero wait-state SARAM
* 256K bit I2C EEPROM
* 20MHz input clock to TMS320F2808
* On-board embedded JTAG emulation with USB host connection
* Support for external emulator via standard JTAG header
* 2 SCI ports with on-board transceivers. One port pinned out to standard 9 pin DSUB.
* 2 Enhanced CAN ports with on-board transceivers. One port pinned out to standard 9 pin DSUB.
* Boot mode selection switches

Software Features:

* Code Composer Studio for eZdsp
* F2808 eZdsp Diagnostics Utility
* Host and target source for Diagnostics, POST, and EEPROM programming

What's Included

* CD-ROM including software and documentation
* Power supply, line cord and USB cable

Thursday, December 18, 2008

SX Tech Tool Kit

If you have not yet programmed an SX, now is the time to get started. Parallax offers free development software, including SX/B, a BASIC language compiler for the SX microcontroller designed to help the transition from higher-level programming to assembly language. Using the SX-Key® USB, the primary development tool for the SX line of microcontrollers, you can program SX chips in-system and perform in-circuit source-level debugging.

The SX Tech Tool Kit is well-equipped with supporting material that makes it a great starting point to begin developing projects with the SX microcontroller. The SX Tech Tool Kit includes: SX-Key USB, SX Tech Board, (2) SX 28AC/DP chips, 50 MHz resonator, 4 MHz resonator, Scrolling Text Medal (available in kits while supplies last), SX-Key USB Manual v2.0, Programming the SX Microcontroller book by Gunther Daubach, and a USB cable.
Introduced in 1997, the SX chip is extremely fast, providing up to 75 MIPS of processing power in an 8-bit microcontroller. Deterministic timing makes interrupt programming easy and the SX can be programmed in its native low-level (assembly) language or the free SX/B compiler. The SX microcontroller is recommended for those who would like low cost and raw processing power. Previous microcontroller experience is also recommended.

Parallax (Futaba) Standard and Continuous Servo

Continuous Servo motor by Futaba-Parallax
Parallax Standard and Continuous Rotation servos are made exclusively by Futaba. Both servos may be controlled easily from a BASIC Stamp or SX chip I/O pin using PBASIC’s or SX/B’s PULSOUT commands. 

The Continuous Rotation Servo is especially well-suited to robotics applications and includes an adjustable potentiometer port to center the servo.

Specifications of Standard Servo and Continuous Rotation Servo:
Voltage 5 to 9 VDC 5 to 7.5 VDC
Movement Holds position in 180° range Bidirectional continuous rotation
Performance 41.6 oz-in torque @ 6V 0 to 50 RPM, linear response to PWM
Weight 42.5 g (1.50 oz) 42 g (1.48 oz)
Dimensions approx. 2.2 x 0.8 x 1.6 in (5.58 x 1.9 x 4.06 cm ) excluding servo horn
Servo-compatible 3-lead extension cables: 10-inch and 14-inch

Hitachi HM55B Compass Module

This Compass Module made exclusively by Parallax is a dual-axis magnetic field sensor built around the Hitachi HM55B IC. Parallax has made this compass IC accessible by providing Hitachi’s surface mount sensor chip with a 3 V onboard voltage regulator and resistor protection, all in a 0.3 inch wide 6-pin DIP module. Acquiring measurements from the module is made easy with a synchronous serial interface, and even easier with the BASIC Stamp 2 commands SHIFTIN and SHIFTOUT.

Features of the Hitachi HM55B Compass Module include:
• Sensitive to microtesla (μT) variations in magnetic field strength
• Simplifies direction by resolving magnetic field measurements into two components axes
• 6-bit (64-direction) resolution after calibration
• Only 30 to 40 ms between start measurement and data-ready with simple synchronous serial interface
• Built-in resistor protection for data pins eliminates bus conflict risks
• Compact and breadboard-friendly 0.3 inch, 6-pin DIP package
• Compatible with all Parallax microcontrollers
• 3.3 or 5 V operation
• Operating temperature range: 32 to 158 ºF (0 to 70 ºC)

FlexiForce Sensor

The active sensing area of the FlexiForce is a 0.375 inch diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The conductive leads are easy to connect to a breadboard or through-hole area. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0 V is no force and 4.2 V is 100 lbs. The kit includes a 220 ohm resistor, 0.1 uF and 0.01 uF capacitors and the Flexiforce sensor.
Operating temperature range:

15 to 140 ºF (-9 to +60 ºC)

The PING))) ultrasonic sensor

The PING))) ultrasonic sensor provides a low-cost and easy method of distance measurement. This sensor is perfect for any number of applications that require you to perform measurements between moving or stationary objects. Naturally, robotics applications are very popular but you’ll also find this product to be useful in security systems or as an infrared replacement if so desired. You will definitely appreciate the activity status LED and the economic use of just 1 I/O pin. Plus, the 3-pin header makes it easy to connect using a servo extension cable, no soldering required.

The PING))) sensor measures distance using sonar; an ultrasonic (well above human hearing) pulse is transmitted from the unit and distance-to-target is determined by measuring the time required for the echo to return. Output from the PING))) is a variable-width pulse that corresponds to the distance to the target.

• Range: 2 cm to 3 m (~0.75 in. to 10 ft)
• Supply Voltage: 5V +/-10% (Absolute: Minimum 4.5 V, Maximum 6 V)
• Supply Current: 30 mA typ; 35 mA max
• 3-pin interface (power, ground, signal)
• 20 mA power consumption
• Narrow acceptance angle
• Simple pulse in/pulse out communication
• Indicator LED shows measurement in progress
• Input Trigger: positive TTL pulse, 2 μs min, 5 μs typ.
• Echo Pulse: positive TTL pulse, 115 μs to 18.5 ms
• Echo Hold-off: 750 μs from fall of Trigger pulse
• Burst frequency: 40 kHz for 200 μs
• Dimensions: 22 x 46 x 16 mm (0.85 x 1.8 x 0.6 in)
• Operating temperature: 0 - 70 ºC

Monday, December 15, 2008

Maxim Integrated Circuits

Maxim delivers over 5,900 products. Over 80% of these products were invented by the Company's design engineers, these products include:

* Data Converters
* Interface Circuits
* RF Wireless Circuits
* Clocks and Oscillators
* Battery-Management Circuits
* Fiber Optic Transceivers
* Storage
* Microcontrollers
* Operation Amplifiers
* Power-Management Circuits
* T/E Carrier Transceivers
* Switches and Multiplexers
* Sensors
* Voltage References
* Automatic Identification

Maxim products are used in a wide variety of microprocessor-based electronics equipment. A sampling of the applications for our circuits includes consumer electronics, personal computers and peripherals, handheld electronics, wireless and fiber communications, test equipment, instrumentation, video displays, and automotive applications.

MAX199ACNI , MAX251EJD ,  MAX3160EAP , MAX3161EAG , MAX4135EWG , MAX606ESA , MAX680CPA  , MAX681CPD , MAX6952EPL , MAX7651ECB ,  MAX912CPE , MAX923CPA , MAX941CPA ,  MAX944CPD , MAX954ESA , MAX807LCPE , MAX708CPA , MAX232CSE , MAX3232CPE  , MAX232CPE ,  MAX489CPD , MAX489CSD , MAX485CPA  , MAX232CWE WSO16 SMD, MAX3232CDR,  MAX232N (TI) , MAX3089 SMD , MAX3232CSE , MAX232DR  , MAX662ACPA

MAX110 , MAX111 , MAX113 , MAX120, MAX121 , MAX132 , MAX134, MAX135, MAX138, MAX139, MAX146, MAX147, MAX149, MAX152 , MAX153 , MAX155 , MAX164 , MAX170 , MAX176 , MAX178, MAX181 , MAX182 , MAX186, MAX187 , MAX188 , MAX190 , MAX194 , MAX195 , MAX196 , MAX198 , MAX199 , MAX205 , MAX232 , MAX241 , MAX274 , MAX325 , MAX336 , MAX400, MAX414 , MAX418 , MAX419, MAX423 , MAX429 , MAX437,  MAX439 , MAX440 , MAX445 , MAX450 , MAX455 , MAX456 , MAX458 , MAX459 , MAX463 , MAX464 , MAX465 , MAX466 , MAX467 , MAX468 ,  MAX469 , MAX470 , MAX471 , MAX474 , MAX475 , MAX477 , MAX485 , MAX487 , MAX488 , MAX490 , MAX491 , MAX496 , MAX497 , MAX522 , MAX525 , MAX533 , MAX542 , MAX545 , MAX603 , MAX604 , MAX608 , MAX619 , MAX626 , MAX639 , MAX674 , MAX679 , MAX687 , MAX712 , MAX713 , MAX717 , MAX741 , MAX745 , MAX746 , MAX749 , MAX761 , MAX765 , MAX767 , MAX775 ,  MAX797 ,  MAX798 ,  MAX799 ,  MAX818 ,  MAX828 ,  MAX835 ,  MAX840 , MAX848 , MAX849 , MAX877 ,  MAX879 , MAX882 ,  MAX883 ,  MAX884,  MAX890 , MAX895 , MAX900 , MAX909 , MAX941 , MAX944 , MAX951 ,  MAX952 , MAX953, MAX964, MAX1003,  MAX1110 , MAX1111,  MAX1112,  MAX1113 ,  MAX1202 ,  MAX1204 , MAX1242 ,  MAX1245 , MAX1246 , MAX1247 , MAX1249 , MAX1406 , MAX1408 , MAX1480 , MAX1482 , MAX1483 , MAX1487 , MAX1488 , MAX1489 , MAX1600 , MAX1601 , MAX1603 , MAX1604 , MAX1610,  MAX1625 , MAX1626 , MAX1630 , MAX1631 , MAX1632 , MAX1641 , MAX1647 , MAX1648 , MAX1771 , MAX2101 , MAX2102,  MAX2402, MAX2430 ,  MAX2450 , MAX2451 , MAX2452 , MAX2764,  MAX3086 , MAX3087 , MAX3088 , MAX3100 , MAX3102 , MAX3128 ,  MAX3185 , MAX3187  ,  MAX3207 , MAX3212 , MAX3221 , MAX3223 , MAX3243 , MAX3488 , MAX4051 , MAX4066 , MAX4093 , MAX4106 , MAX4107 , MAX4108,  MAX4109 , MAX4141 , MAX4144 , MAX4147,  MAX4166 , MAX4169 , MAX4221 , MAX4250 , MAX4521 , MAX4532 , MAX5151 , MAX6301 , MAX6303 ,  MAX6304 , MAX6314 , MAX6325

Friday, December 12, 2008

5 Amp H-Bridge Module

5 A H-Bridge module is H-Bridge driver, designed with 2 layer double side printed circuit board, for 2 way drive with up to 5 Ampere continue current flow on range 5- 40 Volt. Equipped with load current sensor schematic use as feedback to the controller. This Module can drive inductive load i.e. DC motor, stepper motor, relay, solenoid and other else.

Technical specification:

* Physical dimension : 7,4 cm x 6,1 cm x 1,9 cm
* Built in Current sense schematic
* H-bridge driver capability: 5Amp continue current at 5 - 40Volt
* TTL/CMOS input compatible
* Tri-state output with eksternal Diode for inductif protection
* MOSFET output with low drain-source resistance (typically. 0.12 ohm).
* PWM control support up to 10KHz
* Active current limiting, undervoltage shutdown, short circuit protection and overheat
* logic Input suply separate with load suply schematic.
* Jalur catu daya input (logika) terpisah dari jalur catu daya untuk beban.
* Industrial grade 2 layer FR4 and PTH (Plated Trough Hole) PCB design.
* support microcontroller and microprocessor compatible
* CD manual and data sheet

other H-Bridge variant:

* Low voltage H-Bridge (2V-6.8V up to 700 mAmp)
* 1 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.5V-36V up to 1000 mAmp)
* 2 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.8V-46V up to 2 Amp)
* 5 Amp H-Bridge (5V-40V up to 5 Amp)
* 30 Amp heavy duty H-Bridge (5.5-16V up to 30 Amp)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ARobot Mobile Robot

ARobot (pronounced "A robot") is a computer controlled mobile robot designed for Experimenters and Educators. Ages 14 and up (younger with help) can enjoy unlimited experimentation by programming the on-board Basic Stamp II control computer.

Learn about computer programming, motion control, sensors, path planning, object avoidance, and more. Easily assembled in a few hours using common hand tools (no soldering required). Connect ARobot to your personal computer for programming and begin your adventure.

  • Rugged aluminum frame (no plastic or wood)
  • Dual front whisker sensors
  • Rear wheel steering servo motor
  • Front wheel industrial DC gear drive motor
  • Real optical wheel encoder
  • On-board coprocessor handles all motor control
  • Controllable red and green LED's
  • Sound output transducer
  • Two user defined push button switches
  • 3 User-defined RC servo control ports
  • Serial communications port
  • Expansion connector
  • Socket to accept a Basic Stamp II controller chip
  • Dimensions: 10" x 10", 5" tall, 2-1/4 lbs.
  • Runs on 8 AA-cell batteries for 5 hours or more

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Power supply Switching 5Volt 2 Amp

Switching power supply 10 Watt / 5V / 2Amp. compact design. OEM brand name
. Limited stocks

Friday, December 05, 2008

Switching Power Supply - Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade Switching Power Supply.
12V/1A , 12V/2A, 12V/3.3A, 12V/5A, 12V/8.5A, 12V/12.5A

24V/5A, 24V/8.5A, 24V/10A.

plastic case:

12V/2 A, 5V/2A, 5V/3A, 3V/2A .

19V untuk notebook .
24 V
untuk printer.
48V untuk radio broadcast /communication atau sejenisnya.

SolarSpeeder robot kit

The SolarSpeeder is meant to be an introduction to building BEAM robots. Although not a robot itself, the SolarSpeeder teaches the fundamental skills needed for more advanced designs. This competition encourages the builder to make sure the electronics are working properly, and more importantly, make sure the SolarSpeeder is mechanically sound.

A standard, stock SolarSpeeder should be able to cover 3 meter distance. With some careful tweaking, you should be able to aim it with some degree of accuracy, and get it as close to the target as possible.

The SolarSpeeder kit by Solarbotics Ltd.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

TCP/IP Starter Packs KIT

TCP/IP starter Packs KIT suitable for development, interfacing between microcontroller/microprocessor and internetworking (ethernet / LAN ) without PC. Base on NM7010A from Wiznet, that can bond between microcontroller and internetworking area. Application implied in Web based controller, smart house controlled via Internet, serial to ethernet controller, etc.

Technical Specifications:
  • Base on NM7010A from Wiznet that can handle Internet comunication protocol (TCP, IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP) and ethernet protocol ( MAC, DLC ).
  • Use I2C interface for communicate with microcontroller.
  • Flexible to choose I2C address on 128 available selection.
  • Equipped with LED indicator network status ( collision/link, 10/100 act, full/half duplex).
  • Built in 3.3VDC regulated power supply, max input power 5VDC.
  • Compatible with microcontroller/microprocessor.

Content Pack:
1 board TCP/IP starter KIT
1 crossover cat 5 cable for LAN / RJ45 port
1 Quick Start manual
1 Copy CD of datasheet, Complete Manual, Application example, etc.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

SHT-75 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

The SHTxx is a single chip relative humidity and temperature multi sensor module comprising a calibrated digital output. Application of industrial CMOS processes with patented micro-machining (CMOSens® technology) ensures highest reliability and excellent long term stability. The device includes a capacitive polymer sensing element for relative humidity and a bandgap temperature sensor. Both are seamlessly coupled to a 14bit analog to digital converter and a serial interface circuit on the same chip. This results in superior signal quality, a fast response time and insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC) at a very competitive price.

Each SHTxx is individually calibrated in a precision humidity chamber. The calibration coefficients are programmed into the OTP memory. These coefficients are used internally during measurements to calibrate the signals from the sensors.

The 2-wire serial interface and internal voltage regulation allows easy and fast system integration. Its tiny size and low power consumption makes it the ultimate choice for even the most demanding applications.

The device is supplied in either a surface-mountable LCC (Leadless Chip Carrier) or as a pluggable 4-pin single-in-line type package. Customer specific packaging options may be available on request.

_ Automotive
_ Consumer Goods
_ Weather Stations
_ Humidifiers
_ Dehumidifiers
_ Test & Measurement
_ Data Logging
_ Automation
_ White Goods
_ Medical

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial & USB Compatible

The BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit, our most popular starter kit, features the What’s a microcontroller? (WAM) text and includes all of the BASIC Stamp hardware required to complete the activities and challenges. All you need to add is a 9 V battery or power supply to get up and running.

If you’re starting from scratch, this is also the most cost-effective approach. The BASIC
Stamp Discovery Kit includes:
• BASIC Stamp 2 module
• Board of Education Programming Board
• BASIC Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual
• 10 jumper wires
• Programming cable
• What’s a Microcontroller? Text
• What’s a Microcontroller? Parts Kit

Note: Power supply sold separately. We recommend our 9 V, 300 mA supply

TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit

The TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) developed jointly with Spectrum Digital is a low-cost development platform designed to speed the development of high precision applications based on TI´s TMS320C6000 floating point DSP generation. The kit uses USB communications for true plug-and-play functionality. Both experienced and novice designers can get started immediately with innovative product designs with the DSK´s full featured Code Composer Studio™ IDE and eXpressDSP™ Software which includes DSP/BIOS and Reference Frameworks.

The C6713 DSK tools includes the latest fast simulators from TI and access to the Analysis Toolkit via Update Advisor which features the Cache Analysis tool and Multi-Event Profiler. Using Cache Analysis developers improve the performance of their application by optimizing cache usage. By providing a graphical view of the on-chip cache activity over time the user can quickly determine if their code is using the on-chip cache to get peak performance.

The C6713 DSK allows you to download and step through code quickly and uses Real Time Data Exchange (RTDX™) for improved Host and Target communications. The DSK includes the Fast Run Time Support libraries and utilities such as Flashburn to program flash, Update Advisor to download tools, utilities and software and a power on self test and diagnostic utility to ensure the DSK is operating correctly.

The full contents of the kit include:

* C6713 DSP Development Board with 512K Flash and 16MB SDRAM
* C6713 DSK Code Composer Studio™ IDE including the Fast Simulators and access to Analysis Toolkit on Update Advisor
* Quick Start Guide
* Technical Reference
* Customer Support Guide
* USB Cable
* Universal Power Supply
* AC Power Cord(s)
* MATLAB from The Mathworks 30 day free evaluation


The DSK features the TMS320C6713 DSP, a 225 MHz device delivering up to 1800 million instructions per second (MIPs) and 1350 MFLOPS. This DSP generation is designed for applications that require high precision accuracy. The C6713 is based on the TMS320C6000 DSP platform designed to needs of high-performing high-precision applications such as pro-audio, medical and diagnostic. Other hardware features of the TMS320C6713 DSK board include:

* Embedded JTAG support via USB
* High-quality 24-bit stereo codec
* Four 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone, line in, speaker and line out
* 512K words of Flash and 16 MB SDRAM
* Expansion port connector for plug-in modules
* On-board standard IEEE JTAG interface
* +5V universal power supply

Software - Designers can readily target the TMS32C6713 DSP through TI´s robust and comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ DSK development platform. The tools, which run on Windows© 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, allow developers to seamlessly manage projects of any complexity. Code Composer Studio features for the TMS320C6713 DSK include:

* A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler, linker, debugger, an a advanced editor with Code Maestro™ technology for faster code creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager
* DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel
* Target error recovery software
* DSK diagnostic tool
* "Plug-in" ability for third-party software for additional functionality

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

EG-T10 GPS Starter Pack

GPS Starter Pack base on OEM GPS EG-T10 receiver module, equipped with 2x16 characters LCD as display. This module compatible for aplication or development GPS and related, such as GPS Tracking and Tracing, GPS navigation, etc.

Size Dimension: 11.65 x 10.45 x 2.8 cm

Technical Specs:
  • Base on EG-T10 , 12 Channel OEM GPS Receiver module with UART/TTL interface and output protocol SiRF binary & NMEA-0183 Ver 2.20.
  • Support other OEM GPS modules that works on 5VDC and compatible pinout.
  • Equipped with 3.3VDC Voltage regulator, that can support active antenna voltage 5VDC and 3.3VDC.
  • Manual reset button ready and socket type CR2032 for external battery backup 3V .
  • Equipped with 2x16 characters LCD with LCD4-bit assembly board and adjustable LCD contrast controller.
  • Power Supply Input 5VDC
  • Can Conneted to PC USB port with othe equipment/module (eg: PC-Link USBer)
  • Support Microprocessor/Microcontroller sytstem (eg: MCS-51 /AVR system)

Pack Contents:
  • GPS Starter Pack Board , 1 pcs.
  • Quick Start manual , 1 pcs.
  • Aplication CD, including: application example, EG-T10 datasheet, etc.

OP27 Low-Noise, Precision Operational Amplifier

The OP27 precision operational amplifier combines the low offset and drift of the OP07 with both high speed and low noise. Offsets down to 25 mV and maximum drift of 0.6 mV/∞C, makes the OP27 ideal for precision instrumentation applications. Exceptionally low noise, en = 3.5 nV/÷Hz, at 10 Hz, a low 1/f noise corner frequency of 2.7 Hz, and high gain (1.8 million), allow accurate high-gain amplification of low-level signals. A gain-bandwidth product of 8 MHz and a 2.8 V/msec slew rate provides excellent dynamic accuracy in high-speed, dataacquisition systems.

OP series: OP07, OP27, OP37, OP90, also this series.

Low Noise: 80 nV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz), 3 nV/÷Hz
Low Drift: 0.2 V/ C
High Speed: 2.8 V/ s Slew Rate, 8 MHz Gain
Low VOS: 10 V
Excellent CMRR: 126 dB at VCM of ±11 V
High Open-Loop Gain: 1.8 Million
Fits 725, OP07, 5534A Sockets
Available in Die Form

Sunday, November 23, 2008

DS2760 Thermocouple Kit

The DS2760 Thermocouple Kit provides a low-cost, reliable means of measuring temperature over a wide range. The Dallas/ Maxim DS2760 High Precision Li+ Battery Monitor is very easily configured into an effective thermocouple interface. The Parallax DS2760 Thermocouple Module capitalizes on this application and provides a complete connection between any BS2p BASIC stamp microcontroller and a standard thermocouple element.

The DS2760 Thermocouple has the following features:
• 1-Wire interface allows multiple devices with just one BASIC Stamp I/O pin
• Cold Junction measurement: 0° C to +127° C (0.125° C resolution)
• Low power consumption: Active current = 90 μA max, Sleep current: 2 μA max

The kit also includes 3 Thermocouple elements:
• K-type: 32° F to 1873° F (0° to 1023° C)
• J-type: 32° F to 1873° F (0° to 1023° C)
• T-type: 32° F to 752° F (0° to 400° C)

This product is ideally suited to work with a BASIC Stamp 2p module (BS2P24-IC, BS2P40-IC, BS2PE-IC). Other BASIC Stamp modules will require a Serial-to-1‑Wire protocol converter, as well as code to manage the large tables across program slots, thus we recommend the BS2p series.

Friday, November 21, 2008

MPLAB® ICD 2 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

Traditionally, embedded systems engineers use in-circuit emulators (ICE) to develop and debug their designs and then programmers to transfer the code to the devices. The in-circuit debugging logic, when implemented, is part of the actual microcontroller silicon and provides a low-cost alternative to a more expensive ICE. In-circuit debugging offers these benefits:
· Low cost
· Minimum of extra hardware
· Expensive sockets or adapters are not needed
· Debugging and programming a production line board is possible

However, it has the following trade-offs:
· Use of some target system resources such as I/O pins, program memory, data memory, and stack space. As a result, some portions of an embedded application may not be debugged.
· Triggering and breakpointing are limited to the built-in capabilities of the in-circuit debugging logic.
· The target chip must be running with a clock and a supply voltage. Often an emulator probe can run without external hardware.

The MPLAB ICD 2 (In-Circuit Debugger 2)
allows debugging and programming of PIC®and dsPIC®Flash microcontrollers using the powerful graphical user interface of the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), included with each kit. The MPLAB ICD 2 is connected to the design engineer's PC using USB or RS-232 interface and can be connected to the target via an ICD connector. The connector uses two device I/O pins that are shared between in-circuit debugging and In-Circuit Serial Programming™.

Host System Requirements
· PC-compatible system with a Intel Pentium®class or higher processor, or equivalent
· A minimum of 32 MB RAM
· A minimum of 40 MB available hard drive space
· CD-ROM drive (for use with the accompanying CD)
· Available USB or RS-232 port
· Microsoft®Windows®98, Windows NT®4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. USB support may be limited by the Windows operating system, particularly Windows 98/NT.

· USB (Full Speed 2 Mbits/s) and RS-232 interface to host PC
· Real-time execution
· MPLAB IDE compatible (free copy included)
· Built-in over voltage/short circuit monitor
· Firmware upgradeable from PC/web download
· Totally enclosed
· Supports low voltage to 2.0 volts (2.0 to 6.0 range)
· Diagnostic LED's (Power, Busy, Error)
· Read/Write program and data memory of microcontroller
· Erase of program memory space with verification
· Freeze-peripherals at breakpoint

Products Supported
The MPLAB ICD 2 currently supports most PIC and dsPIC Flash microcontrollers. Flash PICmicro MCU’s not supported are PIC16F72/73/74/76/77/83/84A.
The MPLAB ICD 2 firmware is continually being updated to add support for new devices. A review of the README file located in MPLAB IDE is recommended for the most current list of supported parts. As new device firmware becomes available, free downloads are available at

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps combine low noise and wide bandwidth with high precision to make them the ideal choice for applications requiring both ac and precision dc performance.

The OPA227 is unity-gain stable and features high slew rate (2.3V/μs) and wide bandwidth (8MHz). The OPA228 is optimized for closed-loop gains of 5 or greater, and offers higher speed with a slew rate of 10V/μs and a bandwidth of 33MHz.

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps are ideal for professional audio equipment. In addition, low quiescent current and low cost make them ideal for portable applications requiring high precision.

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps are pin-for-pin replacements for the industry standard OP-27 and OP-37 with substantial improvements across the board. The dual
and quad versions are available for space savings and perchannel cost reduction.

The OPA227, OPA228, OPA2227, and OPA2228 are available in DIP-8 and SO-8 packages. The OPA4227 and OPA4228 are available in DIP-14 and SO-14 packages with standard pin configurations. Operation is specified from –40°C to +85°C.
SPICE model available for OPA227 at

the SLD-01 Reflective IR Sensor

The Single Line Detector is an Infrared reflective sensor, that can be attached to a sumo, or other mobile robot. The sensor delivers a stable TTL compatible high or low voltage depending on the color of the surface it is positioned over. Use two or more sensors to make a custom line following robot. There is a status LEDto make setup or troubleshooting a breeze. The sensor has an 8" connector that can plug directly into our First Step or Next Step microcontrollers. The circuitry could also be useful as a surface detector to keep your robot from going off the edge of a table, or tumbling down the stairs. This is a time tested rock solid circuit that will perform flawlessly.

How it work ?
When the sensor is positioned over a black or dark surface, or if nothing is there for the light to reflect off of, he status LEDis on and the output is LOW. When the sensor is positioned over a white or light surface, the LED goes OUT and the output is HIGH. The sensor can be mounted about 1/8”from the surface for most applications. If the sensor is too close to, or too far fromthe surface it will not operate correctly. This area is the operating range. The sensor will work when positioned perpendicular to the surface but the operating range is limited. If you angle the sensor a bit to the surface the operating range is increased and will perform more reliably.

KE-25 and KE-50 Oxygen Sensors by FIGARO Japan

FIGARO GS Oxygen Sensors .
The GS Oxygen Sensor KE series (KE-25 and KE-50) is a unique galvanic cell type oxygen sensor which was developed in Japan in 1985. Its most notable features are long life expectency, excellent chemical durability, and it is not influenced by CO2. The KE series oxygen sensor is ideal to meet the ever-increasing demand for oxygen monitoring in various fields such as combustion gas monitoring, the biochemical field, medical applications, domestic combustion appliances, etc.

* Long life KE-25 - 5 years / KE-50 - 10 years in ambient air
* Virtually no influence from CO2, CO, H2S, NOx, H2
* Low cost
* Operates in normal ambient temperatures
* Stable output signal
* No external power supply required for sensor operation
* No warmup time is required

* Medical - Anesthetic instruments, respirators, oxygen-enrichers
* Biotechnology - Oxygen incubators
* Food industry - Refrigeration, greenhouses
* Safety - Air conditioners, oxygen detectors, fire detectors


SHT-11 temperature and hygrometer sensor

,Base on sensirion chip (, SHT-11 is temperature and hygrometer sensor module with Two- Wire serial interface. Indoor temperature sensor and weather station sensor as outdoor application suitable for this module.

Hardware Specs:
  • temperature range -40 deg. C to 123.8 deg. C
  • temperature step +/- 0.5 deg C at 25 deg. C
  • hygro range 0 to 100 % RH
  • absolute hygro acuration -/+ 3.5% RH
  • 8 pinout module
  • low supply voltage 5 VDC
  • 30 micro Watt Power consumption

Active tag PFH-300

Pegasus 433 MHz active type, PFH-300 is one way transponder, reading range: up to 15 Meters special with PF5210 reader 

PFH-9210 Long Range RFID reader

Pegasus PFH-9210 series Long range rfid reader with dual frequency* active tag 433.9MHz and pasive tag 125KHz. Designed for hand-free personal and vehicle access control , product tracking, vehicle and driver ID, process control and so on applications. Depending on models , the pfh9210-60 can read pasive tag up to 60 cm, and so on PFH9210-90 can read pasive tag up to 90 cm (GK-4001). Also PFH9210-620 can read active tag PFH-620 up to 6 meters.

The PFH-9210 series readers can read cards or multiple tags and then provide the different signal formats, incluing Wiegand, ABA, RS-232C, RS-485 or USB (optional). Multiple format ouputs in simple reader is possible to enable more than two data acquisition systems to be addressed simultaneously according to the reader configuration.

*depend on models/type.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ID-12 RFID Starter pack

The low cost ID-12 starter pack is RFID development board with ID-12 RFID reader module, with RS-232 serial communication that can ease to communicate with PC via com port directly. This modul suitable for RFID experiment and development application in example for RFID access controller, time attendance base on RFID, and many more. (check this wiki link )

Technical specs:
  • Dimension: 8.1 cm x 6.2cm x 1.8cm
  • Base on ID-12 reader
  • Compatible with ID-2, ID-10, ID-20
  • Working frequency 125KHz
  • Compatible with EM4001 iso card standard
  • Reading distance up to 12cm for pasive iso card
  • Support for ASCII (UART TTL/RS-232), Wiegand26, Magnet Emulation/Magnetic ABA Track2
  • Equipped with buzzer for read indicator, and LED for write indicator
  • Serial UART RS-232 ready with RJ11 connector and serial cable for communicate with PC via com port
  • Input Supply voltage 9-12 VDC with regulated voltage 5 VDC
  • Fitting up with Tester Program and Application Example base on MCS-51® microcontroller

Pack /KIT:
  1. RFID Board
  2. iso card tag
  3. key holder tag
  4. serial cable
  5. quick start manual
  6. program tester, application example, etc in CD

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Propeller™ QuadRover™ robot

Parallax Prototype:
Gas-Powered Robot

This giant gas-powered robot, dubbed the Propeller™ QuadRover™, sports a 4-stroke engine and hydraulic powertrain. It is controlled by a Propeller chip for the ultimate in customizable robots; eight 32-bit cogs at 20 MIPS each create endless programming possibilities.

A 64KB EEPROM leaves 32KB for nonvolatile data storage, and ample expansion ports provide plenty of flexibility for added sensors.

Four solenoid valves allow for the hydraulic power to be independently enabled, disabled, or reversed for either side of its skid steer system.

The robot can rotate in place or make traditional turns while traveling up to 10 miles per hour.

Servo controlled throttle and disk brakes make for precise acceleration and deceleration even with a powerful 2.5 horsepower 49cc engine.

industrial grade Robot Arm MR-999

Student now can learn easyly about Industrial Robotic assembly.

Build your own industrial grade robotic today!

Robot Arm MR-999 teach and learn basic movement and process about industrial robotic.

Student and young innovator must have it for more advance creation and innovation !

technical specs about MR-999

switching power supply

Switching power supply , variable voltage and ampere , Brand New or Used .

Guarantee : replace 1 by 1 and component service
. Industrial grade also available.

More info and price feel free send e-mail to us.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interactive C robot kit

Interactive C robot kit is a high performance robot kit in C programming for power hungry hobbyist.

Included is the 68HC11 microcontroller board : AX-11, Additional sensors : Switch-IR reflector-GP2D120 IR, Ranger-Encoder wheel detector, 2 DC gearboxes and Mechanical parts for build and modified 8 sample robot.

The AX-11 is a modified version of the popular Handy board from MIT and the first ever microcontroller board used for learning C language by Interactive C programming. The AX-11 is a 6811-based microcontroller system that lets you build mobile robots for educational, hobbyist, and industrial purposes.

People use the AX-11 Board to run robot design courses and competitions at the university and high school level, build robots for fun, and control industrial devices. This board uses the 68HC11 microcontroller and 32KB RAM with back up system, 9-digital inputs , 21-analog inputs, 4-DC motor driver, 6-Servo motor driver, 16x2 LCD module for displaying and RS-232 serial port interface circuit with computer fro downloading the program.

Mechanical parts for build and modified 8 sample robot. Complete with manuals for learning the kit yourself.

  • Controlled by 68HC11 Microcontroller
  • 32KB RAM wih backup system
  • PC Serial port interface
  • LCD16x2 display
  • Piezo speaker
  • 4-DC motors Ports
  • 6-Servo motors Ports
  • 6-Digial input
  • 8-Digital output
  • 21-Analog input
  • 6 x AA battery holder

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


RoboBuilder is the new building block robot kit. Designed for robot enthusiasts and education alike RoboBuilder hits a sweet spot with feature packed kits at great prices. RoboBuilder focused on form as much as function creating a great looking robot at the same time. The 5720T kit even sports translucent plastic with multicolored internal LEDs.
  • Compact design
  • Quick & simple joint assembly
  • Speed & torque control
  • Multi-drop full duplex UART serial communication
  • External I/O support
  • Precise PID control
  • Reverse voltage & over current protection
  • Metal bearings
  • Multiple easy to use software interfaces
  • Distance & sound detection
Once the robot is built there are multiple easy to use software interfaces to play with; WCK Programmer, Motion Builder, Action Builder, & Diagnostics interface. RoboBuilder is ready to move as soon as he is assembled and using the software you can program your own humanoid motions in just 10 minutes.
With the included "Motion Builder" and "Action Builder" programming software, users can program their robot with both remote-controlled and autonomous behaviors. Motions can be created using the "pose and capture" method, wherein the user poses the robot manually, saves the servo positions, and strings together a sequence of poses and transitions to create a complete, fluid motion. Behaviors can be triggered by sensor values, or by commands from the included IR remote control.
The smart, serially controlled actuators provide valuable feedback data such as speed, position, and torque. Each actuator can be programmed with limits for each of these variables, and the PID control algorithms are fully customizable.
With a simple command, the actuators can be switched from angular control (servo) mode to continuous rotation (DC motor) mode, allowing you to drive joints and wheels with the same actuator modules. They even include two additional digital output pins and one analog input so users can further expand their capabilities.

There are several different varieties of wCK actuator modules available. The standard kits come with wCK-1111 and wCK-1108 actuators. The maximum torque is 11 kg*cm and 8 kg*cm, respectively. The wCK-1111's use a lower gear ratio for added torque and metal gears for added durability.

Another unique feature of these actuators is their additional I/O port., 2 TTL-level digital output pins and one 0-5V analog input pin are exposed. (In the transparent actuators, the digital outputs are used to control the LED's.)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spin shooter , soccer robot

With legs rather than wheels this 3 motored striker can turn fast and is ideal for goal scoring. The kit comes in clear plastic and can be painted in your own team colours. It is controlled in the same way as the Star-Shooter via a hard wired hand controller and 2 metre lead.
Football is generally be played on a ping-pong table or equivalent, around which fences should be placed as well as a goal at each end. The ball is simply a brightly coloured ping-pong ball. Teams are generally between 1 and 3 players and each half of the game is usually 5 minutes long, changing ends at half-time.
A ball-gathering competition could also be played, as seen here, in which teams of Star and Spin Shooter robots score as many goals as possible using a large number of balls.
Both the Spin Shooter and the Star Shooter are very simple soccer-playing robots, which cannot hope to compete against the more "professional" software-driven robo-soccer bots such as the MIABOTS.

However, in their own way, these bots can provide a great deal of fun in friendly matches between friends.

Sumo Man sumo robot

This is the only tracked robot in the range which allows it to go places the others cannot. He is designed to work with another Sumo Man in a sumo-style pushing match, but he has movement of his arms to assist in the game. To find his opponent he has an Infrared light sensor which detects IR from the other sumo robot(s) and can move toward it or away from it depending on the mode switch setting. This means that a group of Sumo Men can have a combination of seeking action and avoiding action to liven up the game. Fun aside however, these robots give a good opportunity to learn about interactive group action in robots which is brought about by one of two simple behaviours in different individuals of the same group Even on its own Sumo Man is an interesting robot.

IQ-BUG beetle robot with Artificial Intelligence

IQ-BUG is an intelligent robot toy that invented by Joinmax Digital Tech. Ltd.

It will let you enjoy the latest robot technology trend through play and begin to teach you about the world of artificial intelligence with amusement.

IQ-BUG is a robot beetle with digital artificial intelligence. Its initial intelligence level is not very high but you can make it become cleverer through simple software

You can teach it how to walk, how to avoid obstacles, how to hear, how to blink, how to sing, and so on. Its intelligence totally depends on the program that you gave it.

After you are fully familiar with its characteristics, you will be surprised by its unexpected clever behaviors. Let it accompany you, and become your friend and pet!

ACR30SP compact smart card readers

ACR30SP are compact smart card readers with single chip solutions and Serial PnP (plug-and-play) feature convenience. It supports popular memory cards and all MCU cards with T=0, T=1 protocols and is ideal for authentication, e-commerce, home banking, information security, access and ID control and more. Features: ISO 7816-1/2/3 compatible; EMV and Microsoft PC/SC compliant; RoHS compliant; RS-232 interface and interface library for efficient application development. Supports all major PC platforms including Windows and Linux.

- RS-232 Interface.
- PC / SC compliant.
- RoHS compliant.
- Frequency CLK: 3.68 / 4 MHz.
- Support for smart cards that comply with ISO-7816-1 / 2/3.
- Read and write all microprocessor card with protocol T = 0, T = 1.
- Supports NULL104NULL EEPROM type non-reloadable token counter cards (GPM103, ST1305, SLE4406).
- Supports memory cards with I2C protocol, among others:
?? AT24C01 / 02/04/08/16 (Atmel),
?? ST14C02C & ST14C04C (SGS-Thomson),
?? GFM1K, GFM2K, GFM4K & GFM8K (Gemplus).
- Supports memory cards with write protect function (SLE4432 / 4442 and SLE4418 / 4428).

- Support the operating system Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP, Linux, and MAC OS X.

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2R - Hardwares and Electronics .etc

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2R - Hardwares and Electronics .etc

Kami Pedagang Barang-barang Elektronik dan Networking. Produk kami: RFID devices, Smart Card, Robotics, Moving Display, GPS, Switching Power Supply, IC semiconductor, Development KIT dan Programmer, Router, RAS, Switch Hub, Fiber Optic, Modem, Computer dan Accessories, Digital Camera, VoIP, Wireless Lan (http:/ /, Taiwan OEM dan ODM - Usaha kami yg Lain : Hobbies / Sport Products, Air Rifle, Spoting Scope dan koleksi: perangko dan koin , Biji tanaman / agribusiness , Property: Rumah dan Ruko, Oli dan Vet.
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