Friday, November 21, 2008

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps combine low noise and wide bandwidth with high precision to make them the ideal choice for applications requiring both ac and precision dc performance.

The OPA227 is unity-gain stable and features high slew rate (2.3V/μs) and wide bandwidth (8MHz). The OPA228 is optimized for closed-loop gains of 5 or greater, and offers higher speed with a slew rate of 10V/μs and a bandwidth of 33MHz.

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps are ideal for professional audio equipment. In addition, low quiescent current and low cost make them ideal for portable applications requiring high precision.

The OPA227 and OPA228 series op amps are pin-for-pin replacements for the industry standard OP-27 and OP-37 with substantial improvements across the board. The dual
and quad versions are available for space savings and perchannel cost reduction.

The OPA227, OPA228, OPA2227, and OPA2228 are available in DIP-8 and SO-8 packages. The OPA4227 and OPA4228 are available in DIP-14 and SO-14 packages with standard pin configurations. Operation is specified from –40°C to +85°C.
SPICE model available for OPA227 at