Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Force Sensitive Square 1.75 x 1.5 inch

Force sensors or heavy sensors or sensors capable of measuring weights in the 100g - 10kg range.
- Output: Obstacles (No load: 1M Ohm)
- The bigger the received style, the smaller the resistance value.
- Range: 100g - 10Kg
- Sensing area: 44.45mm x 38.1mm


Monday, May 29, 2017

resistor SMD 0 OHM 5% type 0805 10 pcs per pack

SMD resistor with 0 ohm resistance value and 5% tolerance value. In the sales package this product consists of 10 pcs resistor.

  • SMD 0805 Packaging
  • 5% Tolerance
  • Obstacle 0 Ohm

AD70007 PH 7.01 buffer solution 20ml sachet

AD70007 is a pH buffer liquid with a configuration of 7.01 pH at 25 ° C. This fluid serves to calibrate the sensitivity of the probe at pH meter to match the characteristics of the object to be measured its acidity. This liquid is usually widely used in the laboratory and industry.

- Function: PH meter calibrator
- Configuration: 7.01 pH @ 25 ° C
- Net: 20 ml
- Weight: 46.2 gr

HX-102 Digital Clock & Countdown Timer

HX-102 is a digital timer that can calculate the time in the range of 1 second to 24 hours. This timer supports advanced countdown and countdown modes that can be tailored to the needs of the user. In addition to this timer also has been equipped with a buzzer that serves as an alarm when the calculation time has reached its limit. This digital timer is perfect if functioned as a reminder meeting time, sleeping alarm, cooking time reminder, stopwatch, and so forth.

- Power Supply: AAA battery @ 1.5 V
- Mode Time: 24 hours or 12 hours (AM / PM)
- Range Timer: 1 sec ~ 24 hours
- Work mode: Calculate forward and countdown
- Features: Provided support to put the timer

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PS-85G Portable Plastic Case, Large, Green

PS-85G is a portable case for electronics circuits made using ABS-based plastic materials. PS-85G is so small that it is ideal when applied to portable devices such as wireless remote. Portable GPS, and other portable electronics devices.

- Dimensions: 85 x 48 x 15 mm
- Color: Yellow green
- Material: ABS
- Weight: 20.4 gr

PS-65C Portable Plastic Case, Small, Cobalt Blue

PS-65C is a portable case for electronics circuits made using ABS-based plastic materials. PS-65C is so small that it is ideal when applied to portable devices such as wireless remote. Portable GPS, and other portable electronics devices.

- Dimension: 35 x 11 x 65 mm
- Color: Blue cobalt
- Material: ABS
- Weight: 9.6 gr

Crystal 4.9152MHz Low Profile

Low profile crystals with a maximum frequency of 4.9152 MHz.

  • Low profile packaging
  • Frequency of work 4,9152 MHz

Led Yellow Super Bright Water Clear 10mm

Super bright LED with 10 mm lens diameter. This LED can emit yellow light, it is suitable when used as a source of room lighting, decoration, electronic circuit indicators, and so forth.

  • 20 mA current
  • 2.5 V power supply
  • Yellow light color
  • Water Clear lens color
  • 10 mm lens diameter

7 Segment 2 digit 0.5" Red Super Bright Com Cathoda tipe J

7 Segment 2 digit 0.5inch red color Super Bright Common Cathoda type J (E20501-J- UDR-0-W)

Seven segment double digit panel with 0.5 inch width. Seven segment has a common J-type cathode configuration and each digit of the seven segments is capable of emitting bright red light. It is suitable when used to display the output of digital clock, stopwatch, industrial machine indicator, and so forth.

  • Red
  • Dimensions 0.5 inches
  • Number of digits 2
  • Common Cathodes

DM3BT-DSF-PEJS Micro SD Connector push push 8P SMT R/A

It is an 8 pin slot / connector for micro SD with right angle (SMT) mounting type and push-push lock type. Suitable applied to mobile phones, laptops, development boards, and so forth.

  • Type of micro SD slot terminal
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • Pin number 8 Pin
  • Mounting SMT
  • Mounting angel right angle

Firewire IEEE 1394 6 Pin Female to USB Type A Male Converter

An IEEE 1394 female to USB male firewire converter designed to connect a FireWire IEEE 1394 interface to a USB interface. This converter is compatible for USB 1.1 and 2.0 port versions.

  • Power supply Corresponds to IEEE 1394 Firewire port
  • IEEE 1394 & USB Firewire interface & USB
  • Firewire Converter IEEE 1394 - USB
  • Cable length Without cables

PAM8610 2*10W Dual Channel HIFI Mini Audio Amplifier

With the original PAM8610 chip, PAM8610 chip is 10W (each channel) D-level stereo audio amplifier.

  • High-quality voice reproduction, low THD + N (0.1%) No filter. At 10V power supply with 8Ω load has 10% THD of 10W.
  • Good PSRR, ultra-low noise output -90dB
  • New type direct output drive speaker without needing low-pass filter.
  • Low quiescent current, low EMI. Low power consumption, heat.
  • With off / mute noise cancellation function.
  • High efficiency of 90%, , operating voltage 7-13.5V, low THD + N, and low quiescent current,
  • With over-current / temperature / short circuit protection


  • Work mode: high efficience D class
  • Quiescent Current: 20mA
  • Working efficiency: 90%
  • Rated output power: 10W + 10W (8Ω)
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 50KHz
  • Operating voltage: DC7.5-15V
  • Recommended supply voltage: 12V
  • PCB board size: (40 * 40) mm
  • Weight One 24g
  • Board include mute, sound volume, L R channel output, audio jack input, features.

Note: This amplifier board must first connect the speaker, then the other! . Otherwise will be burnedl!

Tools for put the tag to the cow

Shaped device that serves to pair ear tags and labels into the ears of farm animals, such as cattle, horses, sheep, and so forth.

Case 3.5" x 2.5" x 1.0" White

Electronic case made of white ABS plastic with dimension 3.5 "x 2.5" x 1.0 "It is suitable if used as a protector of electronic circuit from impact, dirt and dust.

- Dimensions: 3.5 "x 2.5" x 1.0 "
- Material: ABS Plastics
- White color


Case 2.75" x 2.0" x 0.8" Black

Electronic Case made of ABS plastic black with dimension 2.75 "x 2.0" x 0.8 "It is suitable if used as a protector of electronics circuit from impact, dirt and dust.

- Dimensions: 2.75 "x 2.0" x 0.8 "
- Material: ABS Plastics
- Black


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hubsan FPV X4 Plus Mini QuadCopter

Hubsan FPV X4 Plus QuadCopter has been using the most recent 6-axis flight control system, In addition, the controller also has equipped LCD screen measuring 4.3 inch for the purposes of direct observation (live streaming).
For charging copter battery can be via USB port in computer and only takes 30 minutes to full.
This copter can fly for 7 minutes.

- Motor: 4x 0820 Coreless.
- Transmitter: 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz (for video).
- Display: LCD 4.3 "
- Control distance: 50 - 100 meters.
- Live video range: ± 100 meters.
- Battery: Li-Po 3.7V, 520mAh with auto cut off safety PCB.
- Length of charge: ± 30 minutes.
- Flight length: ± 7 minutes.
- Camera: 2 MP pixel with 1280 x 720 resolution (HD)
- Available microSD slot on the controller for video recording purposes.
- There are 4 LED lights for the night and rubber on the legs of copter.

NX2301P Mosfet

NX2301P is a P-Channel MOSFET with 20 V drain-source voltage, 2 A drain current, 1.1 V gate-source voltage, and TO-236AB packing type. The NX2301P is commonly used in switching circuits, relay drivers, line drivers, and other common electronics applications.

  • TO-236AB packaging
  • P-Channel Polarity
  • Power dissipation 400 mW
  • Drain source voltage vds 20 V
  • Gate-source voltage 1.1 V
  • Drain-source resistance rds (on) 120 mOhm

Connector Pack for Odroid-W

The connector kit for the Odroid-W mini mini PC consisting of two 20x1 amphenol connectors, a 13x1 amphenol connector, a 13x2 male header, and a vertical USB host connector, this connector kit you can use to replace the plug in the Odroid-W whose condition is already Not good or broken.

Note: Odroid-W is not included in the sales package   Online Order

RF Explorer - 3G Combo

RF Explorer - 3G Combo is a portable spectrum analyzer device that is protected by aluminum case. This device is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications and has supported communication to a PC via a standard USB 2.0 connector. This device has also been equipped with a 128x64 pixel resolution graphics LCD that serves to display the UI and device measurement data in an informative manner. In addition to RF Explorer - 3G Combo has also been integrated with WSUB1G and RFEMWSUB3G Expansion Module which can analyze the spectrum in the frequency range between 15 ~ 2700 MHz.

- Frequency: 15-2700 MHz
- Display: LCD graphics 128x64
- Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista / Win7
- Connector: SMA @ 50 Ohm impedance
- Antenna: Nagoya NA-733
- Frequency Resolution: 1 Khz
- Bandwidth Resolution: 3 - 600 KHz
- Amplitude resolution: 0.5 dBm
- Stability Accuracy and Frequency: 10 ppm
- Stability Accuracy and Amplitude: 6 dBm
- Dimensions: 113 x 70 x 25 mm

SF7W006S1AE1000 Connectors 2.54MM SIM CARD SMT

6-pin SIM / SAM connector with 2.54 mm pitch and SMD right angle mount type.

  • Type of terminal SIM Card Connector
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • Pitch 2.54 mm
  • Number of pins 6 pins
  • Mounting SMD
  • Mounting angel right angle
  • Copper Alloy contact material
  • LCP packing materials


FT5X06 7inch Capacitive Touch LCD (D)

True Multi-Touch Capacitive Touch Panel Controller
The FT5x06 Series ICs are single-chip capacitive touch panel controller ICs with a built-in 8 bit micro-controller unit (MCU).They adopt the mutual capacitance approach, which supports true multi-touch capability. In conjunction with a mutual capacitive touch panel, the FT5x06 have user-friendly input functions, which can be applied on many portable devices, such as cellular phones, MIDs,
netbook and notebook personal computers. 


  • Mutual Capacitive Sensing Techniques 
  • True Multi-touch with up to 10 Points of Absolution X and Y Coordinates 
  • Immune to RF Interferences 
  • Auto-calibration: Insensitive to Capacitance and Environmental Variations
  • Supports up to 28 Transmit Lines and 16 Receive Lines
  • Supports up to 8.9” Touch Screen
  • Full Programmable Scan Sequences with Individual Adjustable Receive Lines and Transmit Lines to Support Various Applications
  • High Report Rate: More than 100Hz
  • Touch Resolution of 100 Dots per Inch (dpi) or above -- depending on the Panel Size
  • Optional Interfaces :I2C/SPI
  • 2.8V to 3.6V Operating Voltage
  • Supports 1.8V/3.3V IOVCC
  • Capable of Driving Single Channel (transmit/receive) Resistance: Up to15K Ω
  • Capable of Supporting Single Channel (transmit/receive) Capacitance: 60 pF
  • Optimal Sensing Mutual Capacitor: 1pF~4pF
  • 12-Bit ADC Accuracy
  • Built-in MCU with 32KB Program Memory, 6KB Data Memory and 256B Internal Data Space
  • 11 Internal Interrupt Sources and 2 External Interrupt Sources
  • 3 Operating Modes ~ Active ~ Monitor ~ Hibernate
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rechargeable LED name badge (red color)

Product Descriptions:
The Rechargeable LED name badge is smaller than a credit card and weighs below 50grams.
LED Name Badge equipped with internal battery with rechargeable electronic system.
It attaches to your shirt using a pin and or small magnetic plate on the back. 
The LED message is visible and easy to read and has different speed & brightness 
Setting, via PC, fast and easy with CD software

  • recharge via adaptor or pc-usb (not recommended)
  • recharge time 120 minutes, live for 10-12 hours.
  • Badge dimensions: 8.4 x 2.1 cm , 11x44 dot LED
  • Outer dimension with plasctic enclosure: 9,3x2,9x0,5cm


  • attach to shirt for entertainer etc,  
  • attach to display window or your storefront for displaying price/discount offer of your goods , etc.
Package Contents :

  • Led name Badge (RED color)
  • magnetic holder
  • usb cable
  • adaptor
  • Software CD

Super Bright USB LED Lamp and Fan

A sitting lamp whose source of light comes from 13 LEDs. This seating lamp requires a power supply of 5V, which is the source of the power supply you can get from the USB port contained on the laptop, powerbank, or adapter. This sitting lamp has also been equipped with a small fan that is useful for blowing wind towards the user.

- Power Supply: 5 V (via USB port)
- Color of Light: White
- Number of LEDs: 13
- Features: Equipped with small fan

DSO Quad - Aluminium Alloy Black color

DSO Quad is a 4 channel digital oscilloscope that you can use for research in the field of electronics. This portable oscilloscope device is powered by a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 32-bit STM32F103VCT6 chipset that offers sampling speeds of up to 72 MSa / S and has been integrated with high-speed FPGA and ADC. This device also provides 2 Mb of memory that you can use to store the waveform captured by the oscilloscope and you can also use to update the firmware.

- Channel: 4 Channel
- Vertical Scale: 20mV-10V / div (x1 probe)
- Vertical resolution: 8 bits
- Clutch Input: AC / DC
- Maximum Input Voltage: 80Vpp (x1 probe);
- Software Trigger: Edge, pulse, level
- Hardware Trigger: Edge
- Source Trigger: CH1 / CH2 / EXT
- Signal Generator: 10 Hz - 1 Mhz
- Memory: Internal 2MB USB disk
- Automatic Measurement: Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vavr, Vrms, Freq, Period, Pulse, Duty
- Display Mode: CH1, CH2, EXT, CH1 + CH2, CH1-CH2, CH1 * CH2
- Sampling Speed: 1 kSa / s - 72 MSa / S
- Power Supply: Li-Po Battery
- Dimensions: 98 x 60 x 14.5 mm
- Features: Integrated with FPGA, ADC, and Op-Amp

Friday, May 19, 2017

PIR Sensing Switch

Is a PIR sensor inside it has been integrated with a switch in it. When this sensor detects the movement of infrared waves emitted by the human body, this sensor will automatically activate the switch in it, so it will make the loads such as lights, motors, selenoid, and other electronic devices will On / off. These sensors can be applied as automatic light switches, automatic ventilation systems, automated electronic device controls, and building security systems.

- Working Voltage: 110 - 250 V
- Power: 1 - 200 W
- Coverage Sensor: 0 - 8 meters
- Pause: 10 - 350 seconds (adjustable)
- Angle of Beam: 110 - 140 degrees


Super_Mini PIR Motion Sensor

Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor with a very small dimension that is only 27 mm x 10 mm. This sensor detects infrared waves emitted by the human body at a radius of 5 meters and then sends the data to the microcontroller in the form of TTL signals. It is ideal for building security applications.

- The size is smaller than the AA battery, which is only 27 mm x 10 mm only.
- 10 mm lens diameter
- Supports working voltage between 3 - 5 VDC
- The output data is TTL signal
- Very low current consumption, ie only 1 mA - 2 mA (standby) and 10 mA (when detecting the object)
- Radius sensory far enough that is in the range of 5 meters.
- The angle of the beam is 140 degrees
- Sensory frequency of 1 Hz


It is a 3 channel Channel TVS diode with 30 pF capacitance and 225 mW dissipation power. This device is widely applied to mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, and so forth.

  • SOT-143 Packaging
  • Power 225 mW
  • Breakdown Voltage 5.5 V
  • Clamping voltage max 7.8 V

GAL22V10H-25PC/4 chip

GAL22V10H-25PC / 4 is an E²CMOS IC with 4 ns propagation delay, 250 MHz frequency, and supported UltraMOS technology ??. GAL22V10H-25PC / 4 is commonly used on DMA controllers, high-speed graphics processors, state machine controllers, and so on.

  • 7 V power supply (max)
  • DIP-24 Packaging
  • E²CMOS function
  • Propagation delay 4 ns
  • Level of voltage i / o 2.4 V

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Micro Servo Motor

Small servo , very suitable for applications that require servo with small size and light.

  • Dimensions 23 mm x 12.3 mm x 25.6 mm
  • Working voltage 4.8VDC - 6VDC
  • 500 mAh current consumption
  • Maximum rotational speed 0.12 sec / 60 degrees
  • Standard lap type
  • PWM control type
  • Maximum torque 1.5
  • Weight 8g

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

TSAL6200 5mm Blue Transparent Infrared Emitting Diode

High Power Infrared Emitting Diode with a wavelength of 950nm

  • 100mA current
  • 1.35V power supply
  • Packing diameter 5mm
  • Angle of +/- 17 deg
  • Wavelength 940nm
  • The radiation intensity is 33mW
  • The standard blue lens shapes

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

ESP32-DevKitC WIFI & BLE module

ESP32-DevKitC is an ESP-WROOM-32 wireless module that combines wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) networks in one compact board. This module uses wifi 802.11 b / g / n network protocol working on 2.4 GHz frequency and bluetooth v4.2 technology that has supported EDR and BR features. In addition to this module also has an internal USB-to-UART converter, so you can directly program this module with a computer through a micro USB port that is available, without the need to add an external USB-to-UART converter.

- Supports WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth Classic, and BLE
- Comes with an internal USB-to-UART converter (CP2102)
- Using Sox-based Tensilica Xtensa 32-bit LX6 @ 240 MHz
- Supports wireless networking protocol 802.11 b / g / n @ 2.4 GHz
- Compliance with FCC-US, CE-EU, IC-CA, TELEC-JP, SRRC and KCC-KR certification
- Equipped 520 Kb SRAM and 448 Kb ROM
- Able to run FREERTOS, UCOSII
- Has a small dimension that is only 25.2 mm x 18 mm

Sunday, May 14, 2017

MAX6952EPL chip

Driver Dot Matrix LED 5x7 Cathode-Row for microcontroller
- Power supply: 2.7VDC ?? 5.5VDC
- Able to control 4 pieces of bicolor dot matrix or 2 pieces dot matrix four color
- Integrated with 104 character letters and 24 undefined characters
- 16 steps digital brightness control
- Interface: SPI, QSPI, MICROWIRE ™
- Packaging: 40-pin DIP


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Antenna for HM-TR433

Couple antenna for HM-TR433 module. But it can also be applied to other RF modules with 433 Mhz working frequency.

  • 100mm Length Dimension
  • Working frequency of 433 Mhz ISM Band
  • Voltage standing wave ratio (vswr) 2
  • The input impedance is 50 Ohm
  • Gain 2dBi

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wireless Mini Queue System (WMQS) with console

Wireless Mini Queue System (WMQS) is the latest development of Mini Queue System (MQS). WMQS no longer uses cables for each caller queue button, but has used Wireless Key Fob which does not require cable installation.

WMQS is the best solution for managing queuing systems at affordable prices. WMQS is very suitable to be applied in public service places, such as bank, doctor's practice, pharmacy, etc.
WMQS uses 7Segment 2.3 inch which serves as a medium to display queue number information and counter number. This information is very important for the customer because through this view the customer gets certainty when it will be served.

In accordance with the word "mini" of WMQS queue products, then this queue system can only serve 1 type of queue from 8 counters / counter available. Each of these counters provided a wireless button that directly connected to the main controller to call the next queue number and make a recall of the queue number.

Product Features

  • Set 1 type of queue for 8 counters available.
  • Calculates the queue number from 001 to 999, after which it returns again to 001.
  • Queue number information is displayed on Main Display with 2.3 inch size that has been equipped with internal speakers.
  • The queue number will automatically be the initial number (001) when there is no power supply / powered off.
  • There is a preset function when first turned on, serves to set the queue number displayed.
  • Use the buzzer to make a queue number call.
  • Using Wireless Key Fob to dial the queue number.
  • It has a feature of calling the queue number (recall).

Male Straight Tin Plate SMA Connector for RG174 cable

SMA connector
- Terminal type: SMA J1.5
Type of form: Male
- Mounting: Cable SFF-50-1.5-1, RG174, RG316
- Mounting Angel: Straight

Female Straight Tin Plate SMA Connector for RG174 cable

SMA connector
- Terminal type: SMA KY1.5
- Type of form: Female
- Mounting: Cable SFF-50-1.5-1, RG174, RG316
- Mounting Angel: Straight

SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Card UHS-I Class 10 (48MB/s) 32GB w/o Adapter

SanDisk micro SDHC memory designed specifically for the expansion of external storage for smartphones, mini PCs, digital cameras, and various other digital devices. This SD card has a storage capacity of 32 GB and has been supported by UHS-I (Ultra High Speed - 1) class 10 technology that can transfer data up to 48 MB / s. With such high data transfer rates, the SD card is ideal when used to record Full HD (FHD) resolution video or is used to copy data in large numbers and sizes.

- Capacity: 32 GB
- Memory Class: Class 10
- Technology: UHS-I
- Speed: Up to 48 MB / s
- Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 1.0 mm
- Features: Waterproof, x-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof