Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MTK-85 trainer Kit

The MTK-85 is a low-cost single board computer designed for self-learning the 8085 Microprocessor. The kit enables studying from low level programming with direct machine code entering to high level programming with PC tools easily. A nice feature, single-step running, helps students learn the operation of microprocessor instructions quickly and clearly. The user registers provide simple means to verify the code execution. Using a PC as the terminal, the MTK-85 can receive the Intel hex file and disassemble the machine code into 8085 instructions. The MTK-85 is professional design that combines classic microprocessor, peripheral chips with modern IC technology; Programmable Logic Device decoder, brownout reset, and text LCD.

Hardware Features:
  • CPU: CMOS 80C85 4MHz
  • Memory: 32kB Monitor ROM and 32kB SRAM
  • Simple I/O Port: 8-bit GPIO built with 74LS175 D-type F-F and 74LS126 Tri-state buffer
  • Programmable Ports: two 8255 chips, system and user ports
  • Programmable Counter: 8254
  • UART: Classic NS8250 compatible UART
  • onboard I/O devices:
  • 6-digit seven segment LED,
  • 28-keypad,
  • 4-bit dot LED indicates status of GPIO,
  • buzzer,
  • text LCD with CPU bus interface with standard controller HD44780,
  • Serial Interface: 9600 RS232C
  • +5V Power Supply: Low-dropout voltage regulator with input protection
  • 40-pin header for CPU bus
  • 40-pin header for user port, 8255 and 8254
  • 16-pin header for simple GPIO port
  • onboard logic probe power supply
  • Test button for single pulse generation to the interrupt pins
  • Brownout Protection
  • No jumper settings
  • Software Features:
    • Enter the machine code in hexadecimal
    • Single-Step execution
    • Examine and modify user registers
    • Run user code with software breakpoint
    • Built-in LCD drivers
    • Download Intel Hex file
    • Disassemble machine code into 8085 instructions
    • Display user registers and disassemble the instruction after single-stepping
    • NVRAM Bootable: runs user program when power up.