Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BADA 2.4GHz 1W AV wireless TV Audio Video Transmitter and Receiver

2.4 GHz Wireless Transmission Kits Oudoor Camera  WVT8101BD BADA 1W 2.4GHz 1W AV.

*  Perfect for transmitting cable/satellite/DVD videos to TVs in other rooms
*  Brand new 2.4GHz 4channels wireless Video Audio transmitter and receiver;
*  Good capacity of anti-interference to ensure clear reception quality of video and audio.
*  Wide transmitting range(depending on environments);
*  Microwave of anti-interference;
*  Excellent audio&video collection.
*  Transmitting frequency: 2.4GHz
*  Number of channels: 4 channels
*  FM modulation for superior performance.
*  Link your camcorder with your TV for home or busimess secruity.
*  Can transmit AV signals of TV, DVD, VCR, satellite system and other similar devices.
*  Easy to install and operate.

*  The BADA 2.4G 1W wireless Video Audio transmitter uses four channels switches, may use as soon as tows four uses ways, namely a receiver matches four launchers, a picture every six second automatic cut over picture, if receives on the computer, then may use the video frequency division simultaneously to watch four pictures.
*  The WVT810BD 2.4G wireless Video Audio transmitter emissive power is standard 1W, effectively transmits the distance to be possible to amount to 70-150 meter .
*  Signals transmitted/Receiver: Video and audio
*  A/V Frequency: 2.4GHz
*  A/V Demod Method: FM
*  Operating Temperature: -10c~50c(14F~122F)
*  Transmitting Frequency: 2.411GHz, 2.431GHz, 2.451GHz, 2.471GHz

Installs the method:
1. meets the power source adapter to the launcher, meets the power source, the red candle brightly, proved the launcher circular telegram is successful.
2. another power source adapter meets to the receiver input end, meets the power source, the red candle brightly, proved the receiver circular telegram is successful.
3. uses the sound ideo frequency line the launcher and the supply oscillator (for example DVD, camera) docks, the receiver and the monitor docking, the launcher, the receiver frequency channel selection switch dials to the identical position, the monitor demonstrated the supply oscillator spreads the picture, the installment completes.

*  1 x Transmitter
*  1 x Receiver
*  2 x Power source adapter
*  1 x Products instruction for use 
*  Outer packing box Size: 22.8(L)*14.5(W)*6.5(H)