Friday, November 11, 2016

EVBplus2 68HC11 Board

EVBplus2 Board is a board-based developer 68HC11 8-bit microcontroller with a variety of components I / O (LCD 16x2, seven segment, buzzer, etc.) that have united in a compact board that is easy to carry anywhere. This board is perfect when used as a medium of learning microcontroller and prototyping platform for developers,

- Equipped with RS232 DB9 cable to connect the module to a PC serial port
- Equipped with LCD display 16x2 on-board
- Equipped with 4-digit seven segment
- Equipped with dual RS232 port for easy programming
- Equipped with 8 LEDs connected to port B
- Equipped with On-board IR transceiver with 38 KHz digital oscillator
- Equipped with two RS485 communication port RJ12 jack for daisy chain
- Equipped with on-board buzzer as sound output media
- Include on-boar potentiometer which functions as a regulator of the analog input
- Equipped with 16-port I / O additionally provided by VIA 65C22
- Supported RAM capacity of 30 Kb
- Supported monitor technology Bufallo 3.4
- Equipped 4X4 keypad header
- Equipped robot servo output
- Equipped with LED indicator logic probe
- Equipped with 8-port digital and analog sensors for robots and home automation system
- Supported the expansion of super fast SPI is able to scan up to 10,000 I / O per second
- Equipped with 40 pin Motorola EVM
- Equipped with 60 pin EVB / EVBU / EVBU2
- Equipped with breadboard for easy prototyping process