Friday, January 30, 2009

GPS signal enhancer

Limited Stock: GPS Signal Enhancer. For use inside Car.

Usually GPS (Handphone GPS) has less signal, even no signal if operate inside the car. External GPS Antenna not supported for several GPS hardware cause there are no connector built in the hardware.

This Device eliminate the problem, no external antenna required. Only this device! No GPS hardware modification. The Power supply consumption just from car cigarette lighter and connected to the GPS small antenna part. As simple as the hardware, The round antenna work by re-radiate GPS singnal, then your GPS receive more strength signal.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CMUCam 2 pkg with OV6620

The new version of the CMU Camera. This version incorporates a on-board frame buffer allowing much more flexibility in image manipulation, sub-sampling, and higher frame rates. This version comes completely assembled.

More Details:

The CMUCam2 consists of a SX52 microcontroller interfaced with an OV6620 Omnivision CMOS camera on a chip that allows high level data to be extracted from the camera's streaming video.

The CMUCam2 communcicates via a RS-232 or a TTL serial port that has the following functionallity:

* Track user defined color blobs at up to 50 frames per second
* Track motion using frame differencing at 26 frames per second
* Find the centroid of any tracking data
* Gather mean color and variance data
* Gather a 28 bin histogram of each color channel
* Manipulate horizontally pixel differenced images
* Transfer a real-time binary bitmap of the tracked pixels in an image
* Arbitrary image windowing
* Adjust the camera's image properties
* Dump a raw image (single or multiple channels)
* Up to 176x255 resolution
* Supports multiple baudrates (115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200)
* Control 5 servo outputs
* Slave parallel image processing mode off of a single camera bus
* Automatically use servos to do two axis color tracking
* Flexible output packet customization
* Multiple pass image processing on a buffered image

most update manual:

Friday, January 23, 2009

5 Watt Solar Cell Panel


  • Max power 5 watt
  • Max voltage 17.28 DCV at 0.32A
  • Weight 780 gr
  • Dimension 292 x 214 x 18 mm.
more info about solar cell here

Switching Power Supply 24 Volt 3 Ampere

Switching Power Supply 24 Volt 3 Ampere.
Application for: printer, power over ethernet, power (accu) charger, general application, etc.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Memsic 2125 dual-axis accelerometer

The Memsic 2125 is a low cost, dual-axis thermal accelerometer capable of measuring tilt, acceleration, rotation, and vibration with a range of ±3 g. Many exciting applications for the Memsic Accelerometer may be found in our Smart Sensors & Applications text .

Features of the Memsic 2125:
• Fully temperature compensated over 0 to 70 °C range
• Analog output of temperature (TOut pin)
• Low current 3.3 or 5 V operation: less than 4 mA at 5 VDC

Emic Text-to-Speech Module

This module will let your robot speak, provide a real human console interface to your control system, or simply provide some entertainment to your Parallax microcontroller projects. Based on the Winbond WTS701, this device intelligently handles values, sentences, numbers andcommon abbreviations with an extremely natural female voice with simple serial string sentences.

Features of the Emic Text-to-Speech Module:
• Capable of embedded phonetic control for foreign and difficult-topronounce words
• Easy-interface SIP format 2.0 x 1.375 in. with 0.1 inch pin spacing
• Single 5 V supply with TTL serial interface (2-wire, 2400 baud)
• On-board 300 mW speaker driver
• Easy-to-use ASCII or hexadecimal command sequences
• Bi-color LED for visual feedback of activity
• Audio input pin for amplification of BASIC Stamp-generated sounds and sound effects
• Compatible with BASIC Stamp 2 module (and a PC serial port when connected using a MAX232 line driver)

Parallax’s Serial LCDs

Parallax’s Serial LCDs are very functional, low-cost solutions for adding displays to your microcontroller applications. They support ASCII decimal characters 32-127 (the same visible characters as the BASIC Stamp Editor’s Debug Terminal). In addition, you may define up to eight custom characters. Text wrapping to the next line is automatic. Additional control codes allow you to place the cursor anywhere on the display, and turn the display on or off with a single instruction.

Features include:
• Switch-selectable baud rates: 2400, 9600, and 19200
• Adjustable contrast dial
• Simple 3-pin 0.1 inch SIP connection for RX, power and ground
• Power requirements: 5 VDC; 20 mA backlight off, 80 mA backlight on
• Operating temperature: -4 to +158 °F (-20 to +70 °C)
• Dimensions: 2x16 modules, 1.5 x 3.15 in (3.8 x 8 cm); 4x20 module, 2.4 x 3.9 in (6 x 10 cm). Sizes are approximate and may vary.

wallmounted rack , 2 door access

Technical Specifications:
Size : 12 U
Overall Height (mm) : 615
Usable Height (mm) : 534
Overall Depth (mm) : 490
Usable Depth (mm) : 381
Overal Width (mm) : 590
Usable Width (mm) : 450
Weight (Kg) : 38

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CF Interface RFID Reader module for PDA


PCR125 / MFR135 / RWD145 is a compact RFID reader module for PDA / Pocket PC with CF card interface. Easy to install RFID Reader module to PDA, just plug in PROMAG RFID reader module to CF card slot in PDA and install PROMAG demo program to computer, by way of data synchronizations to PDA. Then RFID reader module is able to read RFID tags by PDA connectivity.


�� Compatible with any PDA with CF interface
�� Support Windows CE operation system
�� Contactless reading
�� Small and compact design
�� Easy to install
�� Data collection terminal
�� Access control terminal
�� Time and Attendance
�� Logistics system
�� Guard tour terminal

Available Versions :

PCR125 --- 125Khz / Read only
MFR135 --- 13.56Mhz / Read only
RWD145 --- 13.56Mhz / Read & Write

MFR120 Mini Portable Mifare/Felica UID Reader/ Data Collection Terminal

MFR120 is a Mini portable battery-powered Mifare/Felica UID reader with LCD and built-in real time clock for data collection applications. MFR120 is designed for Mifare/Felica card data collection anytime and anywhere without computer connectivity. How does MFR120 work?
The data is read from MFR120 Mifare/Felica UID reader and shown on the display and kept into the memory with time stamp and downloaded to the computer.


�� 512K bytes memory
�� Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) and back-up capacitor
�� Battery-powered portable, small footprint
�� Physical reader can read 13.56MHz Mifare/Felica cards
�� LCD display (101 x 67 dots)
�� Auto off for power saving
�� Low battery indicator
�� Memory full indicator


�� Employee’s Time/Attendance data collection
�� Exhibition visitors’ data collection
�� Conference attendants data collection
�� Guard tour monitoring system
�� Student attendance data collection

Monday, January 19, 2009

EasyPIC 4 Development System

The Easy PIC4 Development System is a full-featured development board for Microchip PIC microcontrollers. It has been designed to allow students and engineers to easily exercise and explore the capabilities of PIC microcontrollers. It allows PIC microcontrollers to be interfaced with external circuits and a broad range of peripherals devices, allowing a user to concentrate on software development.

Aten IC-485SN RS232 to RS-485 Bidirectional Converter (Non-Powered)

RS-232/RS-485 Interface Converter
IC485SN is a 2-way converter for converting RS-232 signals to and from RS-422/RS-485 signals in long-distance application up to 1200m (4000 ft.) and needs no external power supply.


  • Data transmission controlled by the RTS signal.
  • DCE/DTE selectable.
  • Point to point, multidrop, and simplex/duplex link selection.
  • Four wire full duplex; two wire half duplex.
  • Compact size.
  • Cable distance of up to 1200m (4000 ft.).
  • Non powered operation.
  • Supports baud rates up to 115.2kbps.
  • OS Support: Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Package Content
  • 1x Bi-directinal Converter
  • 1x User Manual
  • Specification
  • Connectors 1 DB-25 Female (RS-232)
  • RS-485 / RS-422 Four Terminal Block
  • 1x RJ-11 Female
  • Switches SW1 DCE, DTE
  • SW2 TxON, RxON
  • TxRTS, RxON
  • Power Consumption DC9V, 0.9W (max.)
  • Signal Range 1200 m [4000'] (max.)
  • Data Rate Up to 100 Kbps under 1200 m [4000']
  • Environment Operating Temperature 0 ° ~50° C
  • Storage Temperature -20° ~ 60° C
  • Humidity 0~80% RH, Non-condensing
  • Physical Properties Housing Plastic
  • Weight 60 g
  • Dimension ( L x W x H ) 5.40 x 7.45 x 1.85 cm

Sunday, January 18, 2009

RJ45 Keystone Jack

RJ45 Keystone Jack house. suitable for custom Power over Ethernet Aplication, tester RJ45 cable or other various apllication

PFH300 actif rfid iso card

PFH300 is Hi Freq long range actif iso card.

Product Description:
* Pegasus 433 MHz active type, one way transponder, reading range: 15 Meters(Max.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JoinMax RoboEXP Educational Kit

RoboEXP Educational Kit V3.0 is a beginner's kit designed especially for learning basic robot building skills and introducing design concepts. This kit is ideal for educational, scientific, engineering, and technological learning activities.

Explore robotics and have fun while building your own robots.


1. More than 290 pieces of mechanical parts bring your imagination into full play.
2. Various electronics parts endow your robot with intelligence.


* 8 analog ports and 12 digital ports, which could be designed as I/O freely.
* 2 high-current ports for motor.
* Embedded speaker.
* Low-current and communication indication.


* JMP-BE-1111 gray scale sensor 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-1610A touch sensor 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-1510 LED 2 pieces

* JMP-BE-2211 volume sensor 1 piece

* JMP-BE-3512 high toque motor 2 pieces

* RCU-imbedded speaker 1 piece

3. Easy to learn and easy to use. The programming platform can perform functions of icon-base flow chart editing, C-language code editing, and sensor data logging. Thus no matter you are a newcomer or a seasoned robotics hobbyist, you can program as you please.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

ACR88-CL1 dual mode contact and contactless smartcard reader

With the increasingly wide acceptance of smart card in the market in the recent years, smart card applications have gained maturity in terms of its level of sophistication and coverage in the market. With this, a versatile smart card reader becomes an emergent need.

ACR88-CL1 is a versatile handheld portable smart card reader contact and cobtactless (mifare technology), having a built-in keypad, LCD display, bi-color LED and buzzer features. It can also host the feature of non-volatile memory to give better support to your system. In addition, its onboard memory enables future firmware and application enhancements that guarantee against obsolescence.

¨ support dual contact and contactless (RFID) mifare HF 13.56MHz
¨ Dual operation modes:
PC-linked: powered through USB
Standalone: powered through 3x AAA batteries
¨ Accepts 3 V and 5V cards: two full-size cards and 3 SAM cards
¨ Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection) up to 115,200 bps in reading and writing smart cards.
¨ Ergonomic and highly durable keypad
¨ Easy-to-read, graphical LCD with backlight
¨ Monotone buzzer with software controlled ON/OFF
¨ 3 bi-color LEDs
¨ Real-time clock (RTC) with independent backup battery
¨ Field upgradeable for firmware (requires a firmware upgrade cable)
¨ User Programmable for standalone program by using easy-to-use script commands
¨ Supports Secure PIN Entry (SPE)
¨ Tamper detection switch which acts as an indicator if there is any unauthorized intrusion
¨ Hand-held size and weight
¨ (Optional) Additional non-volatile memory for multilingual font storage

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Boe-Bot Robot : Great Basic stamp programming flexibility

What makes the Boe-Bot great is the BASIC Stamp microcontroller’s flexibility of programming when coupled with breadboard circuit construction. Following along in Robotics with the Boe-Bot, users quickly learn about embedded projects, from wiring and components to programming and mechanical dependencies. The kit includes a set of passive components (wires, resistors, capacitors), sensors (photoresistors, bumpers, infrared sensors) and hardware (whisker touch-sensor kit) to complete the different projects.

The Boe-Bot robot takes about 1-2 hours to put together, though each project in the Robotics text provides a unique new experience of wiring and source code tuning. Completing the entire set of projects takes 50 hours and is suitable for anybody over 12 years of age. The Board of Education (and BS2-IC) may also be removed to be used as your platform for the other kits in the Stamps in Class series
other boe-bot article

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Amber Color LED programmable moving message display

One Line Indoor Ultra Bright Amber LED Programmable Sign Display. Great for use in window displays or showroom. Due to its ultra bright LED's, your customers will be able to view your messages from outside the store, day or night.

-Ultra Bright Top Grade LED Single Color(Amber) with 2 LEDs in 1 Pixel
-Display Area: 7 x 160 Dots
-Power Consumption: 5-18W
-Display Dimension: 1287mm x 108mm x 44mm
-Character Height: 2.1"
-Memory Storage: up to 7000 Characters with up to 100 Messages.
-10 years memory save durable.
-Cyclic, Scroll, Explode, Pacman, Fall, Shoot, Flash, Random, etc., Up to 26 Animation Modes
-Program with The Software via remote control or pc via RS-232
-Built-in Clock Display: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Hourly, and Minutely
-Schedule Message Program Available
-autorange / switching power suply input 100-240VAC
-1 Year Warranty.

*Package Includes The Display, Power Supply, Remote Control (2 Batteries not included), Software, Computer Cable, full alumunium brackets/enclosure

Propeller Starter Kit

The Propeller Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started with the Propeller microcontroller, including the Propeller Demo Board, the Propeller Manual, software on CD and a USB cable.

The Propeller Demo Board includes a built-in Propeller (P8X32A-Q44), EEPROM, and 5 MHz
crystal pre-wired to connectors for interfacing to devices such as a mouse, keyboard, TV, VGA monitor, and speakers. This is all configured for immediate use by many objects from the Propeller Object Library (included with the Propeller Tool software). In just a few minutes you can see some of the impressive tasks the Propeller can perform.