Thursday, May 21, 2020

Gravity: D3 Kit - A Comprehensive Kit for Education

Gravity: D3 Kit - A Comprehensive Kit for EducationAn Arduino learning kit based on DFRduino Mega 2560 (Arduino Mega 2560 compatible) combined with 34 components such as sensor modules, shields, actuators, and optional I / O modules that will facilitate your learning process. In each module contained in this kit, there are already examples of hardware connections along with examples of source code / coding which will certainly spoil you in learning each sensor / module IO / actuator function. Everything you need is on the wiki page that has been provided. It is suitable for you who are just starting to learn Arduino or for you teachers who want to teach Arduino to their students.
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Product Equipments
  • DFRduino Mega 2560 x1 
  • Mega IO Expansion Shield V2.3 x1 
  • I2C LCD1602(Arduino Compatible) x1 
  • Relay Module V2 x1 
  • LM35 Analog Linear Temperature Sensor x1 
  • Analog Ambient Light Sensor x1 
  • Digital Vibration Sensor x1 
  • Digital Tilt Sensor x1 
  • Digital Push Button x1 
  • Capacitive Touch Sensor x1 
  • Digital piranha LED light module-White x1 
  • Digital piranha LED light module-RED x1 
  • Digital piranha LED light module-BLUE x1 
  • Digital Buzzer Module x1
  • Digital magnetic sensor x1
  • Analog Sound Sensor x1
  • Analog Rotation Sensor V2 x1
  • Joystick Module (DFR0061)   x1
  • Flame sensor (DFR0076)   x1
  • DIGITAL IR Transmitter Module(Arduino Compatible) x1
  • Light Disc with 7 SMD RGB LED x1
  • IR Kit For Arduino x1
  • DFRduino Ethernet Shield (Support Mega and Micro SD) x1
  • Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361 x1
  • URM37 V3.2 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • Digital Infrared motion sensor x1
  • Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch x1
  • Analog Gas Sensor(MQ5) x1 
  • 9g micro servo (1.6kg) x1
  • Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft x2
  • USB Cable A-B for Arduino x1
  • 2A Motor Shield For Arduino x1
  • Water Sensor x1
  • Soil Moisture Sensor x1
  • LSM303 Breakout Board x1

Thursday, May 07, 2020


Public Area Thermal Camera Infrared Thermometer System

This infrared body temperature measuring device XN260 has a measurement range of up to ± 6-10 meters. This system is also equipped with a body heat tracking camera (thermal camera). And also this tool is able to detect several faces at once that fall within the range of the camera.
It is suitable to be installed in a wide public area / public service as a measure to prevent the spread of a disease with an initial indication of rising / high body temperature.
Has a blackbody measurement system. If in an area there is a fairly crowded human crowd, then this can affect the accuracy of body temperature measurements. By using this system, this can be minimized so that measurement results can be obtained that are far more accurate.
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  • Infrared Cameras:
    • Tipe : Uncooled focal plane microthermal.
    • Lens length: 13 mm.
    • Pixels: 384 x 288.
    • Cell : 17 µm.
    • Wavelength: 8-14 (µm).
    • Sampling frequency: 30 Hz.
    • Voltage: 12 VDC.
    • Thermal sensitivity: <= 0.05 ° C at 30 ° C.
  • Standard Cameras:
    • Lens length: 5.4 - 108 (mm).
    • Focus mode: Automatic.
    • Pixels: 2 million pixels.
    • Frame frequency: 25 Hz.
    • Image resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Can recognize several faces at once (face detection).
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 ° C.
  • Power consumption: <= 120W under normal conditions of 25 ° C.
  • Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 60 ° C.
  • Humidity: <= 95%.
  • Resistance level: IP66 (resistant to dust, impact and water).
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RF Explorer 6G Combo

RF Explorer is a handheld digital spectrum analyzer, a very affordable tool for work in all popular frequency bands. It is based on a highly integrated frequency synthesizer and double-balanced mixer which offers high performance, compact size, low consumption and low cost.

It has been designed to be used equally well indoor and outdoor, and can be connected to a PC for extra functionality using standard mini-USB 2.0 connector.

This model includes a 6G baseline unit plus an RFEMWSUB3G Expansion Module conveniently assembled and tested. It comes with two SMA connectors and three antennas: a nice dual band telescopic 144/430MHz wideband telescopic antenna for all Sub-GHz frequencies, a rubber duck 5.8 GHz and a whip helical for 2.4GHz band. Additional, specific band antennas may be needed to cover efficiently some of the frequencies supported.

The combination of these two models offer coverage for most used communication frequency range used in modern communication technologies including WiFi, Bluetooth, Wireless Audio and Video, LTE, GSM, GPRS, Satellite, CATV, DTV, etc.
RF Explorer 6G Combo

  • Pocket size and light weight
  • Solid aluminum metal case
  • Includes a transport EVA carry case for RF Explorer
  • Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes
  • High capacity Lipo for 16hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB
  • Windows PC client Open Source
  • Wide band coverage to all popular RF frequencies, starting at 15MHz and going up to 2.7GHz, as well as 4.85-6.1GHz. This includes very interesting frequency areas such as 2m HAM radio, all VHF and UHF, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and WiMax, Bluetooth, etc.
Note: this unit does not include RF Generator functionality, only Spectrum Analyzer functionality is available. For signal generator and tracking please consider RF Explorer Signal Generator model RFE6GEN.
Technical details
Dimensions113mm x0mm x0mm
WeightG.W 387g
BatteryLithium Cells / Batteries contained in equipment UN3481 - PI967
Frequency band15-2700 MHz and 4850-6100MHz
Frequency span
Left SMA port (6G)2-600Mhz
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)112KHz - 600MHz
2 standard SMA 50 ohms Spectrum Analyzer connectors
Left SMA port (6G)4850-6100MHz
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)15-2700 MHz
Amplitude resolution0.5dBm
Dynamic range
Left SMA port (6G)-105dBm to -15dBm
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)-110dBm to -10dBm
Absolute Max input power
Left SMA port (6G)+25dBm
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)+30dBm
Average noise level (typical)-105dBm
Frequency stability and accuracy (typical)
Left SMA port (6G)+-0.5ppm
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)+-10ppm
Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical)
Left SMA port (6G)+-3dBm
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)+-6dBm
Frequency resolution1Khz
Resolution bandwidth (RBW)
Left SMA port (6G)automatic 58Khz to 812Khz
Right SMA port (WSUB3G)automatic 3Khz to 600Khz
Graphics LCD128x64 pixels, great visibility outdoors
PC Windows clientsupports Windows XP/Vista/Win7 both 32 and 64bits
Backlightfor great indoor visibility