Friday, December 12, 2008

5 Amp H-Bridge Module

5 A H-Bridge module is H-Bridge driver, designed with 2 layer double side printed circuit board, for 2 way drive with up to 5 Ampere continue current flow on range 5- 40 Volt. Equipped with load current sensor schematic use as feedback to the controller. This Module can drive inductive load i.e. DC motor, stepper motor, relay, solenoid and other else.

Technical specification:

* Physical dimension : 7,4 cm x 6,1 cm x 1,9 cm
* Built in Current sense schematic
* H-bridge driver capability: 5Amp continue current at 5 - 40Volt
* TTL/CMOS input compatible
* Tri-state output with eksternal Diode for inductif protection
* MOSFET output with low drain-source resistance (typically. 0.12 ohm).
* PWM control support up to 10KHz
* Active current limiting, undervoltage shutdown, short circuit protection and overheat
* logic Input suply separate with load suply schematic.
* Jalur catu daya input (logika) terpisah dari jalur catu daya untuk beban.
* Industrial grade 2 layer FR4 and PTH (Plated Trough Hole) PCB design.
* support microcontroller and microprocessor compatible
* CD manual and data sheet

other H-Bridge variant:

* Low voltage H-Bridge (2V-6.8V up to 700 mAmp)
* 1 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.5V-36V up to 1000 mAmp)
* 2 Amp dual H-Bridge (4.8V-46V up to 2 Amp)
* 5 Amp H-Bridge (5V-40V up to 5 Amp)
* 30 Amp heavy duty H-Bridge (5.5-16V up to 30 Amp)