We trade Electronics, Computer Accessories and Networking.
Our Hardware imported from USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan & Korea,

Include: Computer and Networking, RFID devices, Smart Card, Robotics, Sensor, Chip, Module, Development Board, Programmer, Running Text / Moving Sign, Switch Hub, Remote Access Server, Router, Flash Memory, IP Camera, Modem pool, Fiber Optic, port interface cable, etc.

We can reach via email(s) : rosesana@yahoo.com or rosesana@gmail.com or rosesana@facebook.com 
Call/SMS/WhatsApp/LINE/Telegram: 081.6544.3875 
BBM:5d2547c2 / 55cbf9bc
Twitter/FB/YM/Gtalk: rosesana


2R Hardware and Electronics adalah perusahaan distribusi / reseller dan dagang terkemuka dengan produk / barang teknologi tinggi meliputi: komponen elektronik , baik analog maupun digital, peralatan elektronik kantor

SOHO (small office home office) address:
Jl. Tambak Laban No.34, Surabaya 60142
SMS/Call/WhatsApp/LINE/Telegram: + 62- 0816.544.3875 
BBM:5d2547c2 / 55cbf9bc
Twitter/FB/YM/Gtalk: rosesana

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