Friday, January 20, 2017

LMC6032IM chip

LMC6032IM an Op-Amp IC doubles manufactured using CMOS technology. LMC6032IM It operates with two types of power supply, ie single and dual power supplies. LMC6032IM is able to generate gains of 12 dB and is often used for current-to-voltage converter, the pre-amplifier, integrator, medical devices, and so forth.

4N27 optocoupler

Optocoupler with phototransistor output
- Emitter Voltage: 1.5 VDC
- Behind emitter Voltage: 5VDC (max)
- Component output: NPN Phototransistor
- Output voltage: 70 V
- Output current: 50 mA
- Voltage isolation: 5000 Vrms
- The switching speed: 2 us
- Packaging: 6-pin DIP

AT90S2343-10PI micro chip

8-bit AVR microcontroller family.
- 2KB Program Code / w ISP Programming
- 128 Bytes of RAM
- 128 Bytes EEPROM
- One 8-Bit Timer / Counter
- SPI Interface
- PDIP-8 Package

ICL7106 chip

3½ digit ADC and outputs can be connected to the LCD
Technical specifications
- DC Power Supply = +6 V (V + to GND) and ?? 9V (V- to GND)
- Analog input = -9V s / d + 6V
- Voltage Reference = -9V s / d + 6V
- Display Output = LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
- Power Dissipation = <10 mw="" p="">- PDIP-40 Package

PC814 chip

Photocoupler capable of receiving input AC voltage
- Emitter Voltage: 1,2V
- Voltage behind emitter: -
- Component output: NPN Phototransistor
- Output voltage: 35V (absolute max)
- Output current: 50mA (absolute max)
- Voltage isolation: 5000Vrms
- The switching speed: 18US (max)
- Packaging: 4-pin DIP

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Speaker 3inch 3watt

Speaker 3inch 3watt
- Diameter : 3" (inch)
- Impedance : 4 ohm
- Power : 3 watt

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

8 14 20 28 Pin SOIC To DIP PCB Adapter

an adapter board all-in-one that can function as a converter to convert to the type of packaging of electronic components into the packaging DIP SOIC. The adapter board capable of converting electronic components with packaging SOIC-8, SOIC-14 SOIC-20 SOIC-28 to DIP-8 DIP-14, DIP-20, DIP-28.

ITEAD Xbee Shield Module For Arduino UNO MEGA Nano DUE

A shield / breakout board is designed to allow you to connect to an Arduino XBee module. With this shield you can directly connect your own XBee module to the Arduino via the XBee socket which has been available on this shield. Shield has full compatibility of the module XBee Series 1 and Series 2, both the standard version and a pro version.

- Power Supply: 5 V
- Flow Output: 500 mA (max)
- Consumption Current: 20 mA
- Compatibility: Arduino Uno, Mega, Nano, Due, Duemilanove
- Dimensions: 54.9mm x 58.8mm x 1.6mm
- Indicators: PWR State, DI, DO, RSSI, ON, ASS
- Protocol: UART / XBee

Note: The sales package does not include modules XBee and Arduino

1N5234B 6V2/0.5Ampp zener diode

Zener diode with a voltage of 6.2 V and 0.5 watts of power.

Dot Matrix 2.4inch RED Super Bright 5x7 M type

dot matrix panel type M with a width of 2.4 inches. The panel has a resolution dot matrix 5x7 with total LED which as many as 35 pieces of each of these LEDs capable of emitting bright red light. Dot matrix panel is very suitable when used for the digital clock display, moving sign, running text, and so forth.