Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dekko DT2234L non contact digital tachometer

Dekko DT2234L non contact digital tachometer

- Measure range: 2.5 to 99, 999RPM ( r/ min)
- Resolution 0.1 RPM ( 2.5 to 999, 9 RPM) , 1RPM ( over 1.000 RPM )
- Accuracy : + / - ( 0.05% + 1 Digit )
- Display 5 Digits, 18mm ( 0, 7 " ) LCD
- Battery: 3x1.5V AA ( UM-4)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Aoyue 2663B

Universal Soldering Iron Holder Aoyue 2663B 

Place of AOYUE soldering is made of stainless steel. Equipped with dual tip cleaning sponge and a roll of solder is brass. There are places to put the roll tin.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

S202S01F solid state relay

SHARP S202S01F solid state relays are designed with infrared emitting diode (IRED), phototriac detector and a triac output. This diode is ideally used to adjust the load to the AC voltage.

- Power supply control: 1.2 VDC
- Power supply load: 80-240 VAC
- The load current: 8 A
- Configure output: -
- Features: Output current, IT (rms) = 8.0A, non-zero crossing functionary, high isolation voltage between input and output, lead-free terminal components are available Also, a screw hole for heat sink.
- Led indicator: No
- Built-in snubber: Yes

G3MC-202PL DC5 Solid State Relays SPST-NO 5VDC/100-240VAC 2A Built-in snubber

OMRON G3MC-202PL DC5 Solid state relay 5 VDC configuration with single-phase solid state relay (SPST).

- Power supply control: 5 VDC
- Power supply load: 100-240 VAC
- The load current: 2 A
- Configure output: -
- Features: Small bottom surface area, the DC input AC output, approved by UL and CSA, DC input / AC output
- Led indicator: No
- Built-in snubber: Yes

Banana Pi HDMI line

HDMI cable

- Black
- Length: 1m

Banana pi I2C GPIO extend board

Based modules to expand 8 Bidirectional PCF8574 IO at Banana PI. Users can select the voltage at 3.3V or 5V modules for IO voltage.
- Power supply: 2.5V - 6V
- IO Voltage: 3.3V or 5V
- Interface: I2C

Friday, January 23, 2015

Banana pi IO extend Board

Extend IO Board for Banana Pi, can be used for the Raspberry Pi.
- Power supply: 2.4V - 5V
- IO Voltage: 3.3V
- Interface: SPI
- Expande 32 unidrectional IO

Banana pi Prototyping Pi Plate

Module developers designed specifically for Banana Pi available pad arrays for application circuit, experiment or create a prototype product.

Banana Pi sata line

Sata cable is suitable for connecting Banana Pi with a 2.5-inch hard drive.
- Length: 30 cm

Banana Pi GPIO J12 line

12 lines Flat Cable with IDC Socket on both ends

- Cable Colour: Grey
- Number of lines: 12
- Cable Type: Flat
- Cable length: 25 cm