Saturday, February 28, 2015

Robotis MX-64 Gear/Bearing Set

With the MX-64 Gear Set you can replace worn or damaged gears in your DYNAMIXEL MX-64.

Each gear is metal and has a special coating to increaste endurance and durability. The Wheel gear also has a built in magnet, which is crucial to the magnetic encoder in the servo.

This kit included 5 gears, grease, 1 bearing, and a calibration adapter tool.

These gears are compatible with both the MX-64T and MX-64R. They are not compatible with the RX64 servos. You will need a USB2DYNAMIXELto calibrate the servo after you have replaced the gears.

Robotis MX-28 Gear /Bearing Set

With the MX-28 Gear / Bearing Set you can replace worn or damaged gears in your DYNAMIXEL MX-28.

Each gear is metal and has a special coating to increase endurance and durability. The Wheel gear also has a built in magnet, which is crucial to the magnetic encoder in the servo.

This kit included 5 gears, grease, 2 bearings, and a calibration adapator tool.

These gears are compatible with both the MX-28T and MX-28R. They are not compatible with the RX28/RX24 servos. You will need a USB2DYNAMIXEL to calibrate the servo after you have replaced the gears.

Topway TFT Smart LCD Module 5'' 800x3(RGB)x480 pixels, Touch screen w/RS232 interface

TOPWAY HMT050CA-C is a Smart TFT Module with 32bit MCU onboard.Its graphics engine provide numbers of outstanding features that simplify the host operation and development time. Suitable for industry control,instrumentation,medical electronics,power electric equipment applications.

  • Outline Dimension: 142.0x79.0x15.5(mm)
  • Display Size: 5.0 inches
  • Color Depth: 16bits(RGB=565), 65k(65536) colors
  • Backlight Type: LEDs
  • User Interface: RS-232-C
  • Font Library: On board preloaded GB2312 Chinese Font library (24x24)
  • Picture Library: Prestore up to 4 (800x480) bmp
  • Key features: Touch panel function (refer to outline drawing)
  • Resolution: 800*(RGB)*480
  • Rich software instructions for graphics, text and picture operations
  • Adjustable backlight brightness
  • Optional external SD memory. Prestore up to 9999(800x480) bmp

Hitec HS-5035HD

Great things do come in small packages. Our new, ultra nano HS-5035HD is the digital version of our popular HS-35HD and is destined to become a fan favorite! Equipped with a fully programmable digital circuit, Metal Karbonite™ gear train and long life potentiometer, the HS-5035HD provides heavy hitting performance in a lightweight package. Pilots of micro 3D and sport aircraft as well as small helicopters will find it the perfect servo for their aerial theatrics. Small servo, huge performance!

  • Industry's Smallest Programmable Digital Servo
  • Optimized, Metal-Brush Coreless Motor
  • Hybrid Metal/Plastic Gear Train
  • Standard Programmable Digital Circuit
  • Custom Long-Life Potentiometer
  • Specifications
  • Motor Type: 3 Pole
  • Bearing Type: None
  • Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.10 / NA
  • Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 11 / NA
  • Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 0.8 / NA
  • Size in Inches: 0.73 X 0.30 X 0.61
  • Size in Millimeters: 18.6 x 7.6 x 15.5
  • Weight ounces: 0.16
  • Weight grams: 4.5

Topway TFT LCD Module 5'' 800x3(RGB)x480 px

Touch screen LCD with 800x480 pixel dot number. This LCD uses SSD1963 controller to display the image. This LCD is a color LCD with RGB format. LCD is perfect for those who want to present the data to look attractive or as HMI (Human Machine Interface).
LDC size image can be seen here.

- Power supply 5VDC
- SPI interface, 8-bit parallel interface
- The number of dot 800x480
- Type of RGB graph lcd with touch screen
- LED Backlight
- Controller SSD1963
- View area of 108.0 x 64.8mm
- Dimensions 142.0 x 79.0 x 8.1 mm

Hitec HS-5245MG

With a custom programmable digital circuit and our strong metal and M/P gear train technology, the HS-5245MG is ideal for applications that call for a small, lightweight, fast and high torque servo.

  • High Speed and High Torque in a Mini Package
  • Durable Metal Gears
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • Standard Programmable Digital Circuit for Greater Holding Power
  • Fast, High Torque
  • Specifications
  • Motor Type: 3 Pole
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Speed (4.8V/6.0V): 0.15 / 0.12
  • Torque oz./in. (4.8V/6.0V): 61 / 76
  • Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V): 4.4 / 5.5
  • Size in Inches: 1.27 x 0.66 x 1.21
  • Size in Millimeters: 32.26 x 16.76 x 30.73
  • Weight ounces: 1.12
  • Weight grams: 31.75

Hitec HS-7950TH

Hitec's strongest servo period, the "Ultra Torque" HS-7950TH is designed to operate on a two cell LiPo Pack. Featuring our high resolution "G2" second generation programmable digital circuit and our indestructible Titanium gears, the HS-7950TH has the performance and durability you've come to expect from a Hitec servo. Other features in the HS-7950TH include a 7.4V optimized coreless motor, integrated heat sink case, and a top case with two hardened steel gear pins supported by axial brass bushing. 

The HS-7950TH has been designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest aircraft and monster trucks. Featuring a titanic 403 oz./in. of torque at 6.0 volts, while still maintaining a respectable 0.15 second transit time.

  • G2 Digital Circuit
  • Titanium Gear Train (MK first gear)
  • Ultra Performance Coreless Motor
  • Heatsink Case
  • (8) O-Rings for Water/Dust/Fuel protection
  • Dual Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
  • Programmable Features
  • Dead Band Width 
  • Direction of Rotation 
  • Speed of Rotation (slower) 
  • End Points 
  • Neutral Points 
  • Fail Safe On/Off 
  • Fail Safe Point 
  • Resolution* (default is high resolution) 
  • Overload Protection* (default is off)

*These features are only programmable with the HFP-20, HPP-20 or HPP-21 programmers.
  • Motor Type: Coreless
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Speed (6.0V/7.4V): 0.15 / 0.13
  • Torque oz./in. (6.0V/7.4V): 403 / 486
  • Torque kg./cm. (6.0V/7.4V): 29.0 / 35.0
  • Size in Inches: 1.57 x 0.79 x 1.50
  • Size in Millimeters: 39.88 x 20.07 x 38.10
  • Weight oz.: 2.40
  • Weight g.: 68.04

Seeeduino Clio - An Artistic Arduino Compatible Controller

Clio is a complete Arduino compatible microcontroller. The former comparatively rigid PCBs are well transformed and take on a brand new vivid outlook with dynamic artistic and design elements into classic Arduino Leonardo version. If you desire for a unique Arduino , Clio would be a great choice.

It’s well known that the major reason of Arduino’s popularity is that it reduces the difficulty in using hardware. This makes it possible for innovators who have no hardware background to build projects easily. Seeed has been thinking about presenting Arduino to beginners in a more friendly way, so that PCB won’t be prohibitive to them. Hence, an idea that combines arts and Arduino arises spontaneously.
The artistic elements and precise design of Clio are based on the same microcontroller as Arduino Leonardo, the ATmega32u4 chip with 3.3 voltages condition. ATmega32u4 owns 8-bit microprocessor, but the amazing new feature in-build USB Protocol achieves USB serial- communication successfully without ft232! So, you can enjoy a cheaper and more qualified Arduino.

- 3.0V power supply (battery), 5.0V (USB)
- Based microcontroller / microprocessor ATMega32U4
- The number of port i / o 20 I / O
- Port interface USART, SPI, I2C, USB
- Bootloader Arduino
- Micro USB programming port
- Features an artistic design and 3.0V battery socket
- Dimensions 75 x 65mm

Friday, February 13, 2015

FOD3182V-ND by Fairchild

Optocoupler with MOSFET output capable of passing the output current of 3A.

- Emitter voltage 1,43VDC
- Behind emitter voltage 5VDC
- Component output (transistor / triac) MOSFET
- Output voltage 10VDC - 30VDC
- Output current 3A
- Voltage 5000Vrms isolation
- 250kHz switching speed
- 8-pin DIP packaging



- Vdss: 1000V (max)
- Rds on: 2 Î © (max)
- Id continuous: 6,1A (max)
- Idm pulse: 24A (max)
- Vgs: 20V (max)
- Turn On delay: 19ns
- Turn Off delay: 130ns
- Packaging: TO-247AC