Wednesday, August 28, 2019

RPLIDAR A3 Laser Range Scanner for indoor and outdoor

RPLIDAR A3 is a 2D sensor 360 degree LIDAR developed by SLAMTEC. These sensors can do scanning of 16,000 samples per second with a high rotation speed. RPLIDAR A3 has also adopted OPTMAG technology which has been patented, this technology is claimed to be able to make the life of the sensor is much longer than conventional LiDAR sensors. RPLIDAR A3 can perform 2D scanning scan 360 degrees with a maximum radius of 25 meters, the results of the scan can be used for mapping / mapping. RPLIDAR A3 scanning frequency on by default is 15 Hz @ 600 RPM but the frequency can still be set in the range of 5-20 Hz according to user needs.

- Detection range: 25 meters (white object), 10 meters (objects black) 
- Free Sampling 16 KHz 
- Speed Scanning: 15 Hz (typical) 
- Resolution angle: 0225 degrees 
- Communications: UART TTL 
- Data Rate: 256,000 bps

Sample Applications:
- Navigation and mapping on the robot. 
- mapping the three-dimensional environments. 
- Industrial robots. 
- General Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) 
- home cleaning robots.