Sunday, December 31, 2017

PDC410 Casing

PDC410 Casing is the case for fingerprint reader / time attendance device with dimensions of 185 x 128 x 46 mm. This case provides mounting holes for LCD, fingerprint scanner, keypad, and speaker / buzzer.
Suitable as case for DIY fingerprint reader device,

PDC415 Casing

PDC415 Casing is a Case for fingerprint reader / time attendance with dimensions of 202 x 137 x 47 mm (silver). Available mounting holes for LCD, keypad, fingerprint reader, speaker / buzzer, RS-232 port, and ethernet port.

HDMI LCD 3.5 inch 480x320 - IPS - Raspberry Pi compatible

HDMI 3.5 inch LCD 480x320 - IPS - compatible Raspberry Pi
LCD touchscreen (resistive) compatible Raspberry Pi with 3.5 inch wide screen, 480x320 resolution, and In Plane Switching (IPS) type LCD panel. This LCD is very easily paired to Raspberry Pi, because you simply stack the LCD onto the LCD header. For the graphics output of HDMI signals sent from Raspberry Pi To LCD through HDMI to HDMI converter with a minimalist size, making it easier and more convenient to carry around.

- Hardware resolution 480 x 320, configurable through software up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
- Equipped with resistive touchscreen panel.
- IPS type LCD, thus providing a better viewing-angle experience.
- Can be linked directly to different versions of Raspberry Pi (specially Pi 1 model B or Pi Zero requires additional converter cables).
- Supports configuration of power management, brightness, contrast, etc.
- Supports 100 levels of brightness settings.
- Supports HDMI audio output.


PDT045 Casing

case for access control device made of ABS 140 x 60 x 200 mm material. This case provides mounting holes for LCDs, keypads, and USB cables.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Amorphous Solar Cell 9V 135mA

solar cell panels dimension 150 x 150 x 3.5 mm that can generate a voltage of 9 VDC (indoor) and 12 VDC (outdoor) with a maximum current of 135 mA.

  • Dimensions 150 x 150 x 3.5 mm
  • Output voltage 9 VDC (indoor) / 12 VDC (outdoor)
  • Output current 135 mV

Female Straight Tin Plate MCX Connector for RG174 cable

MCX connector
- Terminal type: MCX CK1.5
- Type of form: Female
- Pitch: -
- Number of pins: -
- Mounting: Cable RG174
- Mounting Angle: Straight

Friday, December 22, 2017

ATTEN ATF10B 10MHz DDS Function Generator

ATTEN ATF10B is a Fungction Generator that uses Direct Digital Synthesis technology with reliable performance that can be used to perform measurements in a fast time. Designed with a simple model with a 3.5 "TFT LCD panel as a display makes the user more comfortable in performing various configurations, observations, and measurements.

- Wave Type: 32 type, sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, etc.
- Wavelength: 1024 sampling speed @ 100 MSa / S
- Waveform Amplitude Resolution: 8-bit
- SHAS: 40 dBc (<1mhz 10mhz="" 35="" dbc="" font="" z="">
- Distortion: 1% (20Hz ~ 200kHz)
- Duty Cycle Square Wave: 1% to 99%
- Frequency Range: 40 mHz ~ 10 MHz (sine wave), 40 mHz ~ 1 MHz (other wave type)
- Resolution Frequency: 40 mHz
- Amplitude Range: 2 mVpp ~ 20 Vpp 40 mHz ~ 10 MHz (high impedation)
- Output Power: 7 W
- Impedation: 50 Ohm
- Modulation: FM, FSK, ASK, PSK
- Communications: RS-232

AT25010A-10PI-2.7 chip

AT25010A-10PI-2.7 is an EEPROM memory IC with a capacity of 1 Kb and clockspeed of 20 MHz. This EEPROM memory can be accessed through the SPI interface.

  • Power supply 2.7 ~ 5.5 VDC
  • 8-DIP Packaging
  • SPI interface
  • Capacity 1 Kb
  • 5ms read / write time

MTS-1103D Tactile Switch

  • Number of pins 4 pins
  • Configure SPST
  • Type tactile switch
  • Logic push on

KTSC22 White round knob for Tactile Switch MTS-1103D

Knob Tactile Switch for MTS-1103D or Omron Tactile Switch
- Diameter: ± 1.3cm
- High button only: ± 6mm
- Overall height: ± 9mm

Gold Spacer 2x16 mm

Gold spacer with size 2x16mm (jagged)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

PDC255 abs casing dimensi 160 x 120 x 38 mm.

PDC255 abc casing dimensions 160 x 120 x 38 mm.

Is a case made of ABS material with dimensions of 160 x 120 x 38 mm.

Nichicon Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 25V SMD 6.3x7.7mm

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor packing SMD (6.3mm x 7.7mm) with capacitance value of 100uF

  • Capacitance 100uF
  • Voltage 25V

Nichicon Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 47uF 50V SMD 8x10mm

An aluminum electrolytic capacitor packing SMD (8mm x 10mm) with a capacitance value of 47uF

  • Capacitance 47uF
  • Voltage 50V

Electrolytic Capacitor 1uF 63V SMD 4x5.4

Capacitor SMD electrolyte with capacitance value 1uF / 63V
Multiple purchases: 10 pcs per 1 pack (unit price is price per pack)

  • Capacitance 1 uF
  • Voltage 63 V

Capacitor multilayer 1uF 63V

multilayer Capacitor

  • Capacitance value 1 uF
  • max Voltage 63 V

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Amphenol PCB 20x1

  • Terminal type Amphenol PCB / Female PCB Header
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • Pitch 2.54mm
  • Number of pins 20
  • Mounting PCB
  • Mounting angel Straight

IDC Socket 10 pin pitch 2mm

IDC Socket 10 pin pitch 2mm
IDC Socket Connector 10 pins with spacing between pins (pitch) 2mm without Strain

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A2207T Tricolor Moving Sign A216120T

Three-color colored signing with 16 x 120 resolution that can be programmed through PC software and support remote function. Suitable for displaying promo information, digital clock, public notifications, etc.

- Power Supply: 215 ~ 225 VAC
- Resolution: 16 x 120
- Dimensions: 97 x 17 x 7 cm
- Color: Tri color (red, green, yellow)
- Features: Supports remote function

6 pin PCB header with housing

6 pin PCB header housing with pitch / distance between pins 2.54 mm ..

  • Types of PCB Header terminals
  • Male (male / female) form
  • Pitch 2
  • Number of pins 6
  • Mounting DIP
  • Copper Alloy contact material
  • Flow 3A
  • UL94V-0 packaging materials

MURA160T3 Diode ultra fast 1A 600V SMA

An ultra fast rectifier diode capable of working at a maximum voltage of 600 V with a current of 1 A. This diode is suitable to be applied to switching power supply, frequency generator, protection diode on free-wheeling device,

  • Flow 1 A
  • Package DO-214AC
  • Back voltage of 600 V
  • Leakage of backflow 5 uA
  • Reverse recovery time 75 ns

Monday, December 18, 2017

HDMI Cable male to male 50cm

HDMI cable male - male with cable length 50 cm.

  • Gold Plated Features
  • Interface or HDMI port
  • HDMI converter (male) - HDMI (male)
  • Cable length 50 cm

USB Extension cable 3 meter male to female

USB cable extension male - female with length 3 meters. This cable acts as an extension cord to increase the length of the USB cable of a device.

  • 5 V power supply
  • Interface or USB port
  • USB Converter

Saklar DIP 2 posisi (4 pin) dengan tipe mounting SMT.

DIP switch 2 position (4 pin) with SMT mounting type.

  • Number of pins 4
  • Configure SPST
  • Type DIP Switch
  • On - Off Logic

Electrolytic Capacitor 10uF 16V SMD 4.2x5.3mm

SMD electrolyte capacitor with 10 μF capacitance and maximum working voltage of 16V.

  • Capacitance of 10 μF
  • Voltage 16 V

Sunday, December 17, 2017

PF24-6-17D Plastic Network Box, IP40, DarkGray 240x60x165mm

Is a dimensionless box 240 x 60 x 165 mm made of ABS material dark gray. This box also meets the IP40 standard so it is suitable to protect the electronics circuit from impact and dust.

- Dimensions: 240 x 60 x 165 mm
- Color: Dark gray
- Material: ABS
- Standard: IP40

PFF24-6-17W Plastic Flanged Network Box

PFF24-6-17W Plastic Flanged Network Box, IP40, Off-white 240x60x165.5mm

It is a 240 x 60 x 165.5 mm dimension box made of white ABS material. This box also meets the IP40 standard so it is suitable to protect the electronics circuit from impact and dust.

- Dimensions: 240 x 60 x 165.5 mm
- White color
- Material: ABS
- Standard: IP40


BAT20JFILM is a schottky diode with forward current 1A, forward voltage 0.62 V, reverse 12 uA, and a return voltage of 23 V. BAT20JFILM is specially designed to work as a switching device on mobile phones, power supply management on PDAs, -up on the LED.

  • Back Voltage 23 V
  • 1 A reverse leakage
  • Reverse recovery time 0.65 - 250 uA

Tactile Switch Blue Color Round 12mm 4 pin

Tactile switch round 4 pin with blue knob.

  • Number of pins 4
  • Dimensions 12 x 12 mm
  • Configure Push-on
  • Type Push Button
  • On - Off Logic

G3VM-351D OMRON Solid State Relays SPST-NO 350VAC 120mA SMD

Solid State Relay (SSR) with SPST normally open configuration.

- Configuration: SPST-NO
- Output Type: AC, DC
- On-State Resistance: 50 Ohm
- Current Load: 120 mA
- Input Voltage: 1.15 VDC
- Load Voltage: 0 ~ 350 V
- Packaging: 4-SMD

Saturday, December 16, 2017

LA-86C+EAS UHF RFID Label with EAS bit

LA-86C is an RFID tag / label designed for library management purposes. This tag works on UHF frequencies (860 ?? 960 MHz) with a maximum reading speed of 5 meters and has supported Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology

  • working frequency 860-960 MHz
  • Distance of reading 0 ~ 5 meters
  • EPC CLASS1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C format
  • 96-bit (64-bit / etc) data

Bio-ML10R Intelligent Lock

Bio-ML10R Intelligent Lock is a handle / smart door handle that comes with 13.56 MHz RFID security technology. This device is designed with the concept of DIY (Do It Yourself), thus making the user can install and disconnect this device quickly and easily.

- Using RFID technology of 13.56 (Mifare)
- Using an American standard latch design
- User data is retained even when power is turned off
- Emergency locking is provided
- Supplied LED and buzzer indicators
- Provided an external terminal for backup power supply
- Able to give weak battery notification
- Installation and programming quite easily
- 3 groups of users: Admin, regular users, temporary users

- Material: Rugged Zinc Alloy
- User Capacity: Admin (10), regular users (60), temporary users (20)
- Power Supply: 6 V
- Backup Unlock: 9V battery and mechanical lock
- Dimensions: Front 69 × 155 × 35 mm, rear 69 × 155 × 25 mm

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Iclock500 Finger Print + RFID Solution

iClock500 is a high-performance time attendance device that uses fingerprint or RFID as the user's data input. The device comes with a 3.5 "TFT LCD to display data, wifi, and support integration to the web server.

- Power Supply: 12 V @ 1.5 A
- Capacity: 10,000 fingerprints
- Transaction Recording: 200,000
- Display: 3.5 "TFT LCD Color, 65K Real Color
- Features: Supports PhotoID, Double verification, WebServer Ready, external bell function, 9 Digit user ID, standalone
- Communications: TCP / IP & RS232 / RS485
- USB for backup
- Supports ADMS server functionality

Friday, December 08, 2017

PUSHMATIC 5V C702 10M008 7012 smart card connector

PUSHMATIC 5V C702 10M008 7012 smart card connector
The pushmatic smart card connector is designed with sturdy landing contact construction, minimizes scratches on the smart card, and offers high durability.

  • Terminal type Smart-card connector
  • Shape (female / male) Female
  • Pitch -
  • Number of pins 10
  • Mounting Panel Mount
  • Mounting angel -
  • Contact material -
  • Current 2.5 A

Power Supply Switching 5V/10A

Power supply with 5V output voltage and maximum current of 10 A.

- Input Voltage: 220 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
- Output Voltage: 5 VDC
- Output Flow: 10 A

Switching Adaptor 5V/20A

Switching adapter with 5V output voltage and maximum current of 20A.
- Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC @ 50/60 hz
- Output Voltage: 5 VDC
- Output Current: 5V

100MHz Oscilloscope Probe

100MHz Oscilloscope Probe
Probe osciloscope 100 MHz @ 600 V with cable length 120 cm.

5 positions DIP switch

DIP switch (DIP switch) 5 positions with SPST configuration.

  • Number of pins 10 pins (5 positions)
  • Configure SPST
  • Type DIP Switch
  • On - Off Logic

Analog Turbidity Sensor For Arduino

The arduino turbidity sensor detects water quality by measuring level of turbidity. It is able to detect suspended particles in water by measuring the light transmittance and scattering rate which changes with the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) in water. As the TTS increases, the liquid turbidity level increases.           

This arduino turbidity sensor have both analog and digital signal output modes. You can select the mode according to the MCU as threshold is adjustable in digital signal mode.

Turbidity sensors can be used in measurement of water quality in rivers and streams, wastewater and effluent measurements, sediment transport research and laboratory measurements.

  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Operating Current: 40mA (MAX)
  • Response Time: <500ms li="">
  • Insulation Resistance: 100M (Min)
  • Output Method:Analog
  • Analog output: 0-4.5V
  • Digital Output: High/Low level signal (you can adjust the threshold value by adjusting the potentiometer)
  • Operating Temperature: 5℃~90 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -10℃~90℃
  • Weight: 30g
  • Adapter Dimensions: 38mm*28mm*10mm/1.5inches *1.1inches*0.4inches

Diode 1N4005

1N4005 is a general purpose rectifier diode that can work at a maximum current of 1 A.

  • Flow 1 A
  • Packaging DO-41
  • Input voltage peak 600 V

HSMS-2850 dioda

HSMS-2850 is a zero bias schottky detector diode designed and optimized for use on RF devices with frequency ranges below 1.5 GHz.
This device is ideal for RF / ID and RFID tag applications that require reliable signal detection capabilities, modulation, RF to DC conversion, and voltage-doubling.

  • Current 1 mA
  • Packaging SOT-23
  • Back voltage 2 V
  • Reverse leakage 175 μA

Thursday, December 07, 2017

ES1B Fast recovery diode

Fast recovery diode with maximum forward current of 1 A.

  • Flow 1 A
  • Package DO-214AC
  • 100 V backlight
  • Reverse recovery time 15 ns

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD/SMT 1uF 16V X7R 10% 0805

EMK212B7105KG-T Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC - SMD / SMT 1uF 16V X7R 10% 0805

Multilayer ceramic capacitor with 1 μF capacitance value, maximum working voltage 16 V, and 10% tolerance.

  • Capacitance 1 μF
  • Voltage 16 V
  • Tolerance of 10%