Thursday, March 31, 2016

Raspberry Pi Basic Dev Kit

Raspberry Pi package kit is very useful for a variety of development because it has been pretty much a wide range of additional modules (add-on).

As in  RPI Basic Dev Kit's are:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 
  • 1x Adaptor 5V | 2,5A 
  • 1x 16GB MicroSDHC Class10 with adapters.
  • 1x Mini USB 150Mbps 802.11n wireless.
  • 1x EMS Logger Pi Shield 
  • 1x Quad Relay Board 
  • DHT11 1x Temperature & Humidity Sensor 
  • 10x Female-Female Jumper Cables 9 "
  • 15x Breadboard Jumper Cable Female-Male

Dynamixel MX-64AT

Dynamixel MX-64AT (metal gear) is a servo motor that already has an internal PID controller. Servo motor is integrated with ST CORTEX-M3 MCU and contactless encoder. In addition, the servo motor has antarmukan TTL Serial UART to communicate with the microcontroller.

  • Dimensions 40.2mm x 61.1mm x 41mm
  • Working voltage 10V - 14,8V (12V recomended)
  • 100mA current consumption (stand-by)
  • Maximum 55 rpm Rotational speed (@ 12 VDC, no load)
  • Round Type 0 degrees - 360 degrees / Endless Turn (continuous)
  • Digital control mode
  • The maximum torque of 61 (12V, 1,4A)
  • weight 126g

Kinoma Create

Kinoma Create is a kit / tool designer who supported JavaScript. This kit is very useful for the "makers", professional product designers and web developers are in particular not / do not have experience with electronics hardware.

With Kinoma Create, we can create projects that are personal, electronic devices and prototypes IOT customer needs more quickly and easily.

- QVGA capacitive touch screen.
- Marvell 800 MHz ARM SoC.
- Connectivity WiFi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth.
- USB 2.0 included USB OTG (On-The-Go).
- 128 MB RAM, 16 MB SPI Flash.
- MicroSD slot.
- Speaker and microphone.
- Digital I / O: 20-36 GPIO (configurable).
- Analog input (0-16 configurable).
- I2C, UART and PWM.

Accessory Shield for Bluno

This Accessory Shield for Bluno is specially designed for Bluno (BLE with Arduino Uno), which is first of its kind in intergrating BT 4.0(BLE) module into Arduino Uno. It also compatible with standard Arduino Uno.  With Bluno, this Accessory Shield forms an ideal prototyping platform for both software and hardware developers to go wireless. You will be able to develop your own smart bracelet, smart pedometer, etc. It's a low-power, real-time low energy communication perfect for embedded designs.  With built-in seven main functional modules, this Accessory Shield is dedicated to aid interactions between your Bluno and the physical world.


  • 128x64 OLED Screen                                             Display messages from your phone interface.
  • Buzzer                                                         Enable Sound notifications or simple music.
  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor                            For environmental monitoring.
  • 1.5A Relay                                                     Device switch or integrating with other electronics.
  • Helical Potentiometer                                          Transfer real time data to your phone
  • RGB LED                                                        Display full color RGB
  • Mini Joystick                                                  Tells your phone which direction is pressed

Mini DC-DC Buck Converter Step-Down Power Module Output 0.8V-20V

This is a mini DC-DC buck converter step-down power modulewith size of 22x17x4mm,capable of driving a load up to 3A with high efficiency, which can work with Iteaduino UNO, other mainboards and basic modules. It can also be used in DIY portable power, monitor power supply, buggy power, camera power supply, car power, communications equipment supply and other applications demanding for size and weight (such as aviation models, etc.).

Voltage input4.5-28V
Voltage output0.8-20V
Current output3A(Max)
Conversion Efficiency92%(Highest)
Output ripple<30ma td="">
Switching frequency1.5MHz(Max), Typical 1MHz
Work temperature-45℃ ~ +85℃
size & Weight22mm*17mm*4mm & 7gram

LCR Meter Dekko 63LCR

LCR Meter Dekko 63LCR

General Charactheristic :
  • 3.5 Digit Big LCD, Max Indication 1999
  • Manual Selector for L,C.R & Tr. Auto Zero & Auto-Polarity
  • Over Range Indicator of 1 or -1
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Temperature for best accuracy : 23 °Celcius +/- 5%
  • Working temperature range : 0 - 40 °Celcius
  • Storage temerature range : -20 - 60 °Celcius
  • Working humidity range : Max 75% Relative Humidity
  • Storage humidity range : Max 80% Relative Humidity
  • Size & Weight: 143x75x32mm & 200 gr

Technical Specification :
  • Resistance : 20 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 2K Ohm, 20K Ohm, 200K Ohm, 2M Ohm, 20M Ohm, 200M Ohm 2000M Ohm
  • Capacitance : 2000PF, 20nF, 200nF, 2uF, 20uF, 200uF
  • Inductance : 20mH, 200mH, 2H, 20H
  • Transistor hFE test

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FTDI FT232RL USB Breakout Board - Foca USB to serial adapter

Foca is a compact USB to serial adapter equipped with BEE (20pin 2.0mm) sockets. With integrated FT232 IC, It can be used for programming or communicating with MCU applications. On the other hand, you may connect your PC to various wireless applications via the BEE compatible modules.

The FTDI FT232RL is a USB to serial UART interface with optional clock generator output. It's the essential tools for establishing communication between PC and MCU. The best tool for board interfacing with a basic Arduino without it's own USB interface like Sniffer Nano, Colorduino, etc. * Xbee module not included
  • Reset button for BEE modules
  • 3.3V and 5V dual power output
  • 3.3V and 5V IO compatible
  • USB 2.0 protocol
  • BitBang mode ready
  • 100% brand new
  • Chipset FT232RL
  • USB power has over current protection, using 500MA self-restore fuse
  • RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator
  • Pin definition: DTR,RXD,TX,VCC,CTS,GND
  • Pitch:2.54mm
  • Module size:36 mm (length) *17.5mm (width)
  • Interface: Mini USB

Polystyrene, Carbon case for Raspberry Pi Camera CBRPC-CAR

Designed to house the Pi Camera via clip-in grooves
All cut-outs are pre-cut into the case
Wall mountable
High gloss finish
Suitable for Pi camera and Pi camera Noir

Tech Specs:

  • For Use With  Raspberry Pi Camera
  • External Height  40.37mm
  • External Width  48mm
  • External Depth  25.37mm
  • Enclosure Material  PS (Polystyrene)
  • Body Colour  Carbon

White case for Raspberry Pi Camera CBRPC-WHT

Designed to house the Pi Camera via clip-in grooves
All cut-outs are pre-cut into the case
Wall mountable
High gloss finish
Suitable for Pi camera and Pi camera Noir

Tech Specs
  • For Use With Raspberry Pi Camera
  • External Height 40.37mm
  • External Width 48mm
  • External Depth 25.37mm
  • Enclosure Material PS (Polystyrene)
  • Body Colour White

3X4 White rubber keypad AK304AWWB

Keypad with white rubber coating. 3 x 4 button matrix.

TecGear TG155VD Non-Contact Voltage Detector

The Non-Contact Voltage Detector is used to detect voltage in outlets and find a break in a wire.

• Voltage Range: 50 ~ 1000Vac
• Frequency Range: 50 ~ 500 Hz
• Indication: LED and audible alarm sound when voltage is present
• On/ Off switch for Longer Battery Life
• Power Source: 1.5V ( AAA ) x 2 Batteries
• Flash Light function

WiFly RN-171 802.11b/g Serial Module - Roving Networks

The RN-171 is a small form factor, ultra-low power embedded TCP/IP module. The RN-171 is a standalone, complete TCP/IP wireless networking module. Due to its small form factor and extremely low power consumption, it is perfect for mobile wireless applications such as asset monitoring, sensors, and portable battery operated devices.

The module is pre-loaded with firmware to simplify integration and minimize development time of your application. In the simplest configuration, the hardware only requires four connections (PWR, TX, RX and GND) to create a wireless data connection.

  • Ultra low power for battery powered applications
  • Firmware configurable transmit power: 0dBm to +12dBm
  • Hardware interfaces: UART
  • Supports Adhoc and infrastructure networking modes
  • User programmable GPIO & ADCs
  • Real-time clock for time-stamping, auto-sleep, and auto-wakeup modes
  • Run directly from batteries or regulated power supplies
  • Configuration over serial or wireless interface using simple ASCII commands
  • Over the air firmware upgrade
  • Secure Wi-Fi authentication schemes (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
  • Full onboard TCP/IP stack (no external drivers required)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mean Well NES-350-24 Industrial Standard Switching Power Supply

24 Volt 14.6 Amp 350 Watt 87% Efficiency Dimensions: 215*115*50 (mm) Weight: 1.07Kg

  • Input Voltage: 110-240V AC range selectable by switch
  • Output Voltage: 24V DC, Voltage, 14.6A Current, 350.4W Power
  • LED indicator for power on
  • Protections: short circuit/ overload/ over voltage/ over temperature
  • Air cooling by built-in fan

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Genuino 101

A learning and development board that delivers the performance and low-power consumption of the Intel® Curie™ Module with the simplicity of Arduino at an entry-level price. 

It keeps the same robust form factor and peripheral list of the UNO with the addition of onboard Bluetooth LE capabilities and a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro to help you easily expand your creativity into the connected world. 

The module contains two tiny cores, an x86 (Quark) and a 32-bit ARC architecture core, both clocked at 32MHz. The Intel toolchain compiles your Arduino sketches optimally across both cores to accomplish the most demanding tasks. 

The Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and framework developed by Intel is scheduled to be open sourced in March 2016. Until then, it's not possible to interface with it directly; only the Arduino core can do it via static mailboxes, so it can only accomplish a predefined list of tasks (interface with PC using USB, program the sketch into flash, expose Bluetooth LE functionality to sketch, perform PWM). The RTOS for Intel Curie is still under development and new functions and features will be released in the near future.

The 101 comes with 14 digital input/output pins (of which 4 can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a USB connector for serial communication and sketch upload, a power jack, an ICSP header with SPI signals and I2C dedicated pins. 
The board operating voltage and I/O is 3.3V but all pins are protected against 5V overvoltage. 

Technical specs
MicrocontrollerIntel Curie
Operating Voltage3.3V (5V tolerant I/O)
Input Voltage (recommended)7-12V
Input Voltage (limit)7-20V
Digital I/O Pins14 (of which 4 provide PWM output)
PWM Digital I/O Pins4
Analog Input Pins6
DC Current per I/O Pin20 mA
Flash Memory196 kB
Clock Speed32MHz
FeaturesBluetooth LE, 6-axis accelerometer/gyro
Length68.6 mm
Width53.4 mm

HN05-I101 Horn Set for Dynamixel

Horn for Dynamixel servo motors.

- Compatible with Dynamixel:
- RX-64
- EX-106
- MX-64T
- MX-64R
- Completeness:
- 1x HN05-I101
- 1x Bearing MF128ZZ
- 1x RX-64 Cap Bearing
- 10x Wrench Bolt M2.5 * 4
- 1x Wrench Bolt M3 * 6

HN07-I101 Horn Set for Dynamixel

Horn for Dynamixel servo motors.

- Compatible with Dynamixel:
- RX-24F
- RX-28
- MX-28T
- MX-28
- Completeness:
- 1x HN07-I101
- 1x Bearing MF106ZZ
- 1x RX-28 Cap Bearing
- 1x Wrench Bolt M2.5 * 8
- 10x Wrench Bolt M2 * 3

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FR07-S101K Dynamixel Side Frame Set

The FR07-S101K Side Frame Set provides a mounting pattern on the side or bottom of RX-24F , RX-28 and MX-28 DYNAMIXEL servos. It is used in a wide variety of applications and is generally used to connect one or more Dynamixels together via other Frame Sets. 

Kit Contents:
  • 1 x FR07-S101K (Black)
  • 8 x M2.5*6 Bolts

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

WIFI-LPB100-A is a WiFi module with PCB antenna

WIFI-LPB100-A is a WiFi module with PCB antenna.

  • Independently developed MCU platform, high cost performance
  • Ultra low power consumption, suit for battery-powered applications
  • Supports UART/GPIO data interfaces
  • Supports Smart Link (APP provided)
  • Firmware upgradable via wireless and remote, wireless batch configuration tool is also provided
  • Supports WPS configuration
  • Supports software power switch (reserved for the moment)
  • SDK provided for secondary development

Optional antenna
WIFI-LPB100-A : PCB antenna
WIFI-LPB100-B : External antenna


WirelessStandard CertificationFCC/CE
Protocol802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range2.412GHz-2.484GHz
TX Power802.11b: +16 +/-2dBm (@11Mbps)
802.11g: +14 +/-2dBm (@54Mbps)
802.11n: +13 +/-2dBm (@HT20, MCS7)
RX Sensitivity802.11b: -93 dBm (@11Mbps ,CCK)
802.11g: -85dBm (@54Mbps, OFDM)
802.11n: -82dBm (@HT20, MCS7)
AntennaEmbedded : PCB antenna
External : I-PEX connector
HardwareStandard CertificationRoHS compliant
Data Interface UART
PWM, GPIO, SPI (reserved)
Voltage Level2.8~3.6V
Operating CurrentEmitting : peak ~200mA
Normal : avg ~12mA, peak 200mA
Standby : <200ua for="" moment="" reserved="" td="" the="">
Software power off : <10ua for="" moment="" reserved="" td="" the="">
Operating Temp.-40℃- 85℃
Storage Temp.-45℃- 125℃
Dimension23.1mm x 32.8mm x 2.7mm
SoftwareWireless Network TypeSTA/AP/STA+AP
Security AlgorithmWEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Firmware UpgradingWeb
CustomizationSupports user customized web page
SDK provided for secondary development
Network ProtocolIPv4, TCP/UDP/HTTP
ConfigurationAT+instructions set, Web page
Android/iOS terminal, Smart Link APP

GY-951, 9-DoF IMU

GY-951, 9-DoF IMU with atmega 328+ ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L


  • Chip: Atmega328 + ITG3205 + ADXL345 + HMC5883L; Power: 3~5V; Communication mode: Serial communication protocol; Supplies Funduino environment reference source code, direct data: YAW ROLL PITCH
  • Features 9-axis inertial navigation Funduino ITG3205 HMC5883L module
  • Application 9-axis inertial navigation Funduino ITG3205 HMC5883L module
  • English Manual/Spec Yes
  • Packing List 1 x HMC5883L module
  • 1 x Pin header

Dimensions: 0.91 in x 0.71 in x 0.12 in (2.3 cm x 1.8 cm x 0.3 cm)
Weight: 0.18 oz (5 g

MiCS-2614 MEMS Sensor for Ozon

The MiCs-2614 is a robust MEMS sensor for ozone detection; suitable also for gas leak detection and outdoor air quality monitoring.

  • Gas Type: Ozone
  • Technology: Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • System Type: Fixed, Portable

ODROID-VU7 7 inch HDMI display with Multi-touch

7-inch multi-touch screen for ODROIDs gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, game consoles, infotainment systems and embedded systems. The 800x480 display connects to ODROID-C2 / C1+ via an HDMI link board and a micro-USB link board which handles power and signal. Just connect a DC plug in to the DC-jack on C2 / C1+, and you are ready to play, once you install the latest OS up- date. This high-quality touchscreen is specifically designed to work with both Android and Linux on the ODROID-C1+, ODROID-C2 and ODROID-XU4.


- 7-inch TFT-LCD
- Screen Resolution: 800x480 pixels 
- 5 finger capacitive touch input
- Power consumption : 600mA/5Volt
- Backlight on/off slide switch
- Viewing angle (in degree) : Left 70, Right 70, Up 70, Down 50
- Screen Dimensions : 172.9 x 124.3 x 15 mm Including switch and connectors)
- Viewable screen size : 153.6 x 86.64 mm (active area)

Package include

A. Fully assembled 7inch TFT LCD + 5 point multi touch screen
B. 6 x 3.5mm screws
C. 3 x Hex nuts
D. Micro USB link board
E. HDMI link board
F. Micro-to-TypeA USB Cable (approx. 35cm)
G. Micro-to-Micro USB Cable (approx. 35cm)
H. TypeA-to-TypeA HDMI cable (approx. 35cm)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Dynamixel AX-18A 6pcs Bulk (pre-equipped /w B01-HORN)

Dynamixel AX-18A 6pcs Bulk (pre-equipped with B01-HORN)

Servo Dynamixel AX-18A sold in package 6 pieces and has been equipped with a type of B01-HORN Horn. AX-18A is an intelligent digital servo can provide feedback in the form of a position, teperatur, load, voltage input

  • Dimensions 32mm x 50mm x 40mm
  • The working voltage 9VDC - 12 VDC
  • 2.2a current consumption at 12V Stall Torque
  • The maximum rotating speed 97 RPM (at 12V and without load)
  • Type rotation 0-300 degrees and endless turn
  • Digital control mode (Half Duplex Serial TTL)
  • The maximum torque 18kgf, cm (at 12V and 2.2a)
  • Weight 55.9g ea

Friday, March 18, 2016

4 inch Touch Screen TFT LCD for Raspberry Pi (A)

4inch RPi LCD (A), 320×480, IPS


  • Designed for Raspberry Pi, an ideal alternative solution for HDMI monitor
  • Supports any revision of Raspberry Pi (directly-pluggable)
  • Driver provided (works with custom Raspbian directly)
  • IPS technology, high quality and perfect displaying from very wide viewing angle
  • 320×480 resolution
  • Convenient Men-Machine interface for Raspberry Pi, combined with the portable power, DIY anywhere anytime
  • Supports Raspbian system, enables your system to:
    • Take photos by touching (up to 17 camera modes)
    • Support software keyboard (system interaction without keyboard/mouse)

Key Parameters

LCD InterfaceSPI
Touch Screen TypeResistive
Touch Screen ControllerXPT2046
Resolution320*480 (Pixel)
Aspect Ratio8:5
Power ConsumptionTBD
Backlight CurrentTBD
Operating Temp. (℃)TBD


The STM32F746G-DISCO is a Discovery Kit with STM32F746NG MCU, allows users to develop and share applications with the STM32F7 Series microcontrollers based on ARM® Cortex®-M7 core. The discovery kit enables a wide diversity of applications taking benefit from audio, multisensor support, graphics, security, video and high-speed connectivity features. The Arduino connectivity support provides unlimited expansion capabilities with a large choice of specialized add-on boards.

  • STM32F746NGH6 microcontroller with 1MB flash memory and 340kB RAM in BGA216 package
  • On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 supporting USB reenumeration capability
  • USB functions - Virtual COM port, mass storage, debug port
  • 4.3" 480 x 272 colour LCD-TFT with capacitive touch screen
  • Camera connector
  • SAI audio codec
  • Audio line-in and line-out jack
  • Stereo speaker outputs
  • Two ST MEMS microphones
  • SPDIF RCA input connector
  • Two pushbuttons (user and reset)
  • 128Mb Quad-SPI Flash memory
  • 128Mb SDRAM (64Mb accessible)
  • Connector for microSD card
  • RF-EEPROM daughterboard connector
  • USB OTG HS with micro-AB connectors
  • USB OTG FS with micro-AB connectors
  • Ethernet connector compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002

Audio; Sensing & Instrumentation; Imaging, Video & Vision; Security

Assembled Gertboard, For Raspberry PI

Gertboard is an input/output (I/O) extension board for the Raspberry Pi computer. It fits onto the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi (the double row of pins on the upper left corner) via a socket on the back of the Gertboard. A bit of care is required when putting the two devices together. It is easy to insert just one row of pins into the socket, but all of the pins need to be connected. The Gertboard gets its power from those GPIO pins, so user will need a power supply for the Raspberry Pi (RPi) that is capable of supplying a current of at least 1A. It is a flexible experimenter board that plugs directly into Raspberry Pi, and out into the physical world, allowing user to detect and respond to external physical events. Detect and output analogue voltages. Drive powerful motors. Detect switch presses. Illuminate LEDs and drive relays. Jumper cables allow user to hook up different parts of the circuit in many different ways, allowing total flexibility. All controlled by Raspberry Pi.
  • Plugs directly onto Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • Motor controller, capable controlling a motor bidirectionally, delivering 18V and 2A maximum
  • Dual channel D/A converter, 8bit
  • Dual channel  A/D converter, 10bit
  • Onboard Atmel ATmega328ATmega328 MCU for running off board programmes
  • 6 x open collector outputs
  • 12 x LED indicators
  • 3 x momentary push switches
  • 10 x strap cables and 18 x jumpers included
  • Software and manuals available to operate and learn how to use Gertboard

  • Hobby & Education; Security; Motor Drive & Control; Sensing & Instrumentation

Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model A/B/B+

XB2B-WFST-001 zigbee module

XBee Wi-Fi embedded RF module provides simple serial to IEEE 802.11 connectivity. By bridging the low power/low cost requirements of wireless device networking with the proven infrastructure of 802.11, the XBee Wi-Fi creates new wireless opportunities for energy management, process and factory automation, wireless sensor networks, intelligent asset management and more. Featuring easy provisioning methods and native Device Cloud by Etherios™ connectivity, XBee Wi-Fi modules give developers the fastest IPto- device and device to cloud capability possible. Focused on the rigorous requirements of these wireless device networks, the module gives developers IP to device and device to cloud capability. XBee modules offer developers tremendous flexibility and are available in surface mount and through-hole form factors. The XBee Wi-Fi shares a common footprint with other XBee modules. This allows different XBee technologies to be drop-in replacements for each other.
  • Native Device Cloud integration for data acquisition and device management
  • Hardware and software complete module easily joins existing 802.11 b/g/n (Wi-Fi) infrastructures
  • Common XBee footprint allows OEMs to support a variety of wireless protocols
  • Flexible SPI and UART serial interfaces
  • Available in Surface Mount and Through Hole form factors
  • Support for low power sleeping applications with <6 current="" li="" power-down="">
  • Simple provisioning methods including Soft AP and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)


  • Communications & Networking; Embedded Design & Development; Wireless

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

XBP24-API-001 XBee-PRO ZigBee module w/ PCB antenna

Is a solution for embedded module that provides a wireless connection between devices.
This module uses the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol to the needs of the relationship from one point to many points in a network.
XBee-Pro module is similar to X-Bee ordinary but with coverage that has been amplified for use in applications that require far-reaching.

Weather Board module

This module is a sensor for detecting environmental conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, altitude and relative humidity.

VM-5D Reader Module (902-928 MHz)

RFID reader module that is small and requires low power. It is used in projects embedded RFID Reader.

- Frequency Range: 860-868 (MHz), 902-928 (MHz) (adjustable).
- Frequency Modulation: FHSS or fixed-frequency, can be set using software.
- RF Output: 30 dBm (adjustable).
- Communication: RS232 (3V TTL level).
- Reading Time: 6ms, the time of writing of 50ms (32 bits per word).
- Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing).
- IP Rating: IEC IP40.
- Working temperature: -20 ° C to 60 ° C.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Trainer Board for MCS-51

MCS-51 Trainer Board is a module that can be used as a supporting instrument for studying the MCS-51 programming.

- 8 LED Output.
- 8 Toggle Switch Input.
- 4 Tactile Switch Interrupt and Counter.
- Pulse Generator: 1 Hz, 1 kHz, and 10 kHz.
- 4 Tactile Switch for Scanning Keypad.
- 2 Seven Segment for Scanning Display.
- Dimensions: 19.5 cm (L) x 12.4 cm (L) x 3.4 cm (T)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Barometer pressure sensor

A sensor that serves to measure the pressure (air).
In this module also have the piezo-resistive pressure sensor and an ADC interface.
With the help of the calibration that has high accuracy, 11 unique coefficients included in this chip, sehinggal this causes the pressure and temperature measurement readings become more accurate.

- Requires low power.
- Interface: I2C.
- Packaging: DIP.
- Resolution: 15 bits ENOB ADC.
- Power Supply: 2V - 5V.
- Operating Temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C

Friday, March 11, 2016

HEP-320-12A 320 watt outdoor single output power supply

  • output: 12VDC/320 Watt/ 22 Amp
  • Input: 90-305VAC

HEP-320 is a 320W industrial AC/DC power supply featuring the outstanding capability to operate under a harsh environment with high dust density, humidity, vibration and altitude. The entire series is housed with a robust aluminum case and fully potted with heat-conducted silicone. Thanks to state-of-the-art design, the working efficiency is up to 95%, enabling HEP-320, with a fanless design, perfectly work between -55t and +70t under free air convection. 

■ Features 
• Universal AC input / Full range(up to 305VAC) 
• Built-in active PFC function • High efficiency up to 95% 
• Fanless design, cooling by free air convection 
• -55-+70°C wide operating range 
• Aluminum case and filling with heat-conducted silicone 
• IP65 design, optional IP68 rated model available 
• Meet 6KV surge immunity level 
• Withstand 10G vibration test 
• Operating altitude up to 5000 meters (Note.8) 
• Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature 

■ Applications 
• Outdoor telecommunication equipment 
• Outdoor electronic signage and billboard 
• Petroleum plant or mine shaft facility 

HEP-100-12A 100 watt outdoor single output power supply

  • output: 100 Watt / 12 VDC / 8.3Amp
  • input 90-305 VAC

HEP-100 is a 100W industrial AC/DC power supply featuring the outstanding capability to operate under highly humid, dusty, oily, and high-vibration harsh environment. The entire series is housed with the aluminum case and fully potted with heat-conducted silicone. Thanks to state-of-the-art design, the working efficiency is up to 93%, enabling H EP-100 perfectly work between -55°C and +70°C under free air convection. 

■ Features 
• Universal AC input / Full range (up to 305VAC) 
• Built-in active PFC function 
• High efficiency up to 93% 
• Fanless design, cooling by free air convection 
• -55--+70t wide operating range 
• Aluminum case and filling with heat-conducted silicone 
• IP65 design, optional IP68 rated model available 
• Meet 6KV surge immunity level 
• Withstand 10G vibration test 
• Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature 
• Operating altitude up to 5000 meters (Note.9) 

■ Applications 
• Outdoor telecommunication equipment 
• Outdoor electronic signage and billboard 
• Petroleum plant or mine shaft facility 

Dino-Lite AM4113ZT 10x-50x, 220x Polarizing Digital Microscope

  • Built-in adjustable polarizer
  • 10x-50x, 220x variable magnification
  • Scroll lock to fix magnification
  • 1.3 megapixel resolution
  • Microtouch trigger button
  • PC/Mac and UVC compatible
  • USB 2.0
  • Recommended for professional use

The Dino-Lite AM4113ZT handheld digital microscope is one of the most popular professional models with 10x-50x, 220x variable magnification. It includes an upgraded 1.3 megapixel sensor with vivid color resolution for both still and live video, convenient Microtouch image capture button, measuring software and polarized light to reduce the effects of glare from reflective surfaces. The polarizing feature has three settings: Half, Full or Off. Eight built-in LEDs with On/Off switch power illumination. The microscope also includes 2nd generation housing, a smoother focus wheel movement, magnification scroll lock and reinforced USB connection that resists twists and pulls. The magnification lock is particularly useful for repetitive inspection at a given level of magnification. The microscope is PC/Mac compatible and includes 2 year warranty. Optional stands are available and recommended.

Microscope Features

  • 10x-50x, 220x Variable Magnification
  • Polarizing Light
  • 1.3 MP vivid color resolution
  • Microtouch image capture
  • Live video (30fps) and time-lapse video
  • Eight built-in LED lights with On/Off switch
  • PC/Mac compatible measuring software
  • 2 year warranty
  • Accessories: Software CD, carry pouch, calibration slide
Dino-Lite includes software for both PC (DinoCapture 2.0) and Mac (DinoXcope) computers. PC software is compatible through Windows 8 and Mac through OSX 10.5 and later. We have found the software to be robust and reliable with some great features as follows: image capture, storage and email, live and time lapse video (up to 30fps), annotation, geotagging, full screen capability, auto and manual exposure control, picture within picture zoom (magnifier) and more. Measuring software is versatile and includes a calibration slide for accuracy. Measuring capabilities include linear and geometric as well as circular and point-to-line. Above all the color resolution is excellent due to fixed white-balance calibration which is set at the factory using a jeweler's color balance. Finally, images can be stored in a wide range of popular formats including JPG and BMP among others.

FREE DinoVision Software
Free DinoVision software is also available for download: DinoVision enables easy image drag-and-drop, split, overlay and comparison, which has proven useful for Forensic Scientists and more sophisticated users where image manipulation is important.