Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Pioneer600, Raspberry Pi Expansion Board

This module is complementary Raspberry Pi needs to the needs of development and equipped with various sensors / chips are popular.

As for some of its features:
- Support Raspberry Pi A +, B + and 2B.
- Have I / O standards such as multiple LEDs, joystick and buzzer.
- USB to UART (CP2102) for controlling Pi via serial terminal.
- Already there is a 0.96 inch OLED display.
- RTC (DS3231).
- AD / DA (PCF8591) with 8-bit resolution.
- GPIO Expansion (PCF8574), with increasing GPIO, the increasing number of possibilities that can be developed.
- Control infrared (LFN0038K).
- BMP180 sensor to measure air pressure and temperature.
- Sensor interface for connecting a multitude of sensors.

Any existing Pioneer600?
1. Raspberry Pi GPIO interface: for connection to Raspberry Pi
2. USB TO UART: Allows you to control the Raspberry Pi via serial terminal
3. AD / DA IO interface: screw terminal
4. 1-WIRE interface: To connect various sensors / chips berantarmuka 1-WIRE such as DS18B20
5. Sensor interface: Useful for connecting the various sensors
6. 0.96inch OLED: SSD1306 driver, 128 × 64 resolution, SPI interface
7. Buzzer
8. CP2102: USB TO UART converter
9. PCF8591: 8-bit AD / DA converter, I2C interface
10. BMP180: pressure sensors, I2C interface
11. PCF8574: I / O expansion chip, I2C interface
12. DS3231: high precision RTC chip, I2C interface
13. Power indicator
14. User LED
15. Joystick
16. LFN0038K IR receiver