Tuesday, June 28, 2022

HILO Systems ALL-300G2 High Performance Universal Gang Programmer

HILO Systems ALL-300G2 High Performance Universal Gang Programmer 

The only universal gang programmer that supports UFS devices

  • New design of high performance hardware provides high speed, high quality parallel programming
  • Support all types of latest UFS interface devices. The fastest UFS programming speed in the industry
  • With new integrated design, ALL-300G2 support all types of devices which are already supported on the previous model
  • Support USB 3.0 Gen 1(5 Gbps) interface to significantly increase the programming speed
  • Program up to 16 devices simultaneously 1
  • Fast new device support by request from customer
New generation high performance core

 New integrated design

Integrate hardware of previous model programmers,
support all types of devices which are already
supported on the previous models

Supports all types of device including
NOR / NAND Flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support latest UFS interface device
  • Support UFS device by only changing PACK
  • Support UFS interface (UFS 2.0, UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0),
  • support 2 Lane Gear 3 (Rate A / Rate B)

3 times faster than previous model in case of high-density memory such as eMMC and NAND devices

Support wide range of IC types
True universal hardware and software design supports a variety of IC including MCU / MPU, EEPROM, eMMC, eMCP, SPI memory, NOR / NAND flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…

Support wide range of IC packages
  • High-quality manufactured socket board greatly extends the lifetime of usage
  • Support up to 8 socket boards, up to 16 sockets
  • 1 socket per socket board (HD-xxx-xxx2/UHD-xxx-xxx) or 2 sockets per socket board (UHD2-xxx-xxx)

User-friendly and easy to use software
  • Graphic operating interface
  • Clearly display of each function in the entire programming procedure
  • Display details and status of each device during programming
Expansion flexibility for production
Connect up to 8 units of ALL-300G2 to achieve 128 devices programming at same time 2

Device supported MCU / MPU, EEPROM, UFS, eMMC, eMCP, SPI memory, NOR / NAND flash, FPGA, CPLD, etc…
Package supported SOP, TSOP, QFP, BGA, QFN, SON, WLCSP, etc...
Support IC pin count 8 pins ~ 300 pins
Socket number 8 socket boards, up to16 sockets total 1 socket per socket board (HD-xxx-xxx/UHD-xxx-xxx) or 2 sockets per socket board (UHD2-xxx-xxx)
Key functions Load File, Read Master, Program, Verify, Auto, ID Check, Checksum, Blank Check, Erase, Secure, Protect/Unprotect, Edit, Function Configuration, Self Test, etc…
File transfer interface USB3.0 Gen 1(5Gbps)Super Speed / USB 2.0 High Speed
Compatible OS Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Power AC 100 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
Power consumption 150W
Operating Temp. 0 ~ 40℃ (32 ~ 105℉)
W x D x H: 205mm x 250mm x 161mm (w/ PACK-ALL)
W x D x H: 205mm x 250mm x 164mm (w/ PACK-UFS)
Weight 3.5 kg
1Only with UHD2-xxx-xxx
2May cause drop of programming speed

Saturday, June 18, 2022

ZED Mini Stereo Camera

The ZED Mini is the new generation of depth and motion sensing camera. Optimized for mixed-reality and robotics, the ZED Mini is small and lightweight, features visual-inertial technology for improved motion tracking, new Ultra depth sensing mode and modular design for simpler integration.


  • ZED Mini
  • 1.5m USB Type-C to Type-A cable
  • VR mount


  • Built-in 6DoF IMU for accurate motion tracking.
  • HD depth sensing with new Ultra mode.
  • Small form factor with 6.5cm eye separation.
  • Aluminium frame for improved robustness and integration.
  • USB Type-C for high-speed data transfer and improved reliability.
  • ZED API for application development.
  • System Requirements for SDK:
  • Dual-core 2.3GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB RAM or more
  • USB 3.0

System Requirements for AR:

  • Quad-core 3.0GHz or faster processor
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux
  • USB 3.0

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ZED2i Artificial Intelligent Stereo Camera with 4mm Polarizer Lens

4mm Lens ZED2i Artificial Intelligent Industrial standard Stereo Camera with Polarizer

The ZED is a camera that reproduces the way human vision works. Using its two “eyes” and through triangulation, the ZED provides a three-dimensional understanding of the scene it observes, allowing your application to become space and motion aware.

The new ZED 2i brings spatial perception to a whole new level. The stereo camera features an all-new mechanical design with new lens options, polarizing filter, secure USB Type-C connector, and more.

Designed for challenging environments

IP66-rated Stereo Camera

USB Type-C connector


  • Wide-Angle 3D AI Camera
  • 4mm Lens Selection with Polarizer
  • IP66-rated Enclosure
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Built-in IMU, Barometer & Magnetometer
  • Secure USB Type-C Connection
  • Neural Depth Sensing
  • Spatial Object Detection
  • Built-in Next-Gen IMU, Gyro, Barometer & Magnetometer
  • 120° Wide-Angle FOV
  • All-Aluminium Frame with Thermal Control
  • Cloud Management

Include :

1.5m long USB Cable 1x

Document : https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/

ONLINE ORDER https://tokopedia.com/rosesana/zed2i-artificial-intelligent-stereo-camera-with-4mm-polarizer-lens

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

MyCobot Pro 320 Pi 1 Kg Payload 6 DOF Collaborative Robot Arm

 MyCobot Pro 320 Pi is an ARM robot with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) that uses a Raspberry Pi mini pc board as its main controller. This robot uses the Debian/Ubuntu operating system and already supports ROS and Roboflow for software development.

MyCobot Pro 320 Pi is very suitable for use as learning robotics, especially ARM robots for hobbyists and academic practitioners for research purposes.

In addition, this robot also works within a 320mm radius with a maximum load of 1kg, so it is very suitable for industrial use to help improve production processes.

This robot can be programmed using Python, C++, C#, and Javascript programming languages. In addition, MyCobot Pro 320 Pi can also be programmed visually using Myblockly so it is very user friendly for school children who are starting to learn visual programming.

Feature :

  • Using a Raspberry Pi controller that has the largest community in the world
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Support Open Source Software such as ROS/Movelt and RoboFlow
  • Has a Nice and Compact Design
  • Have 6 Degrees of Freedom
  • Can be programmed by script or visual


  • Model : MyCobot 320-Pi
  • Power Supply: 24V 5A
  • Board: Raspberry Pi 4B 64-bit 1.5GHz Quad-core
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wireless
  • USB : 2x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0
  • HDMI Ports: 2x microHDMI
  • IO Port : 8
  • Emergency Stop Button : Yes
  • Communication : Type-C
  • BUS RTU Model : Ethernet
  • Programming Platform : Debian/Ubuntu
  • ROS/Python : Built-in
  • Blockly Visual Programming : Built-in
  • Payload: 1kg
  • Working Range : 320mm
  • Repeatability : +- 0.5mm
  • DOF : 6
  • Joints Range : J1 +/- 170°, J2 +/- 160°, J3 +/- 160°, J4 +/- 160°, J5 +/- 170°, J6 +/- 175°
  • Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C

ONLINE ORDER https://tokopedia.com/rosesana/mycobot-pro-320-pi-1-kg-payload-6-dof-collaborative-robot-arm

Datasheet : https://www.elephantrobotics.com/docs/myCobotPro-en/

MyCobot - Artificial Intelligence Kit

myCobot artificial intelligence kit is an entry-level artificial intelligence suite integrating vision, positioning and grabbing, and automatic sorting modules. Based on the Linux system, build a 1:1 simulation model in ROS, which can realize the control of the robotic arm through the development of software. It is simple and easy to learn. It can quickly learn the basics of artificial intelligence, inspire innovative thinking, and comprehend the open-source creative culture.

The suit has good scalability and high openness and can be used for multiple purposes. It is easy to use the training platform of colleges and universities, the construction of robotics disciplines, the robotics laboratory, or personal learning and use.



MyCobot 280 Pi- 6 DOF Collaborative Robot Arm (Raspberry Pi Version)

MyCobot 280 Pi 6 DOF Raspberry Pi Cobot Collaborative Robot Artificial Intelligence Kit

MyCobot 280 Pi is an ARM robot with 6 degrees of freedom (6 DOF) that uses a Raspberry Pi mini pc board as its main controller. This robot can be used for AI recognition and learning using ARM robots.

MyCobot 280 Pi uses the Ubuntu operating system in which the Robot Operating System (ROS) is embedded, so it is very suitable for robot learning from the software side.

This robot can be used to move goods from one place to another, for image processing, and so on. This robot supports many programming languages, namely Python, C++, C#, and Javascript.

In addition, this robot can also be programmed using block visual programming, so this robot is also very suitable for school children who are starting to learn robot programming using block programming.

Feature :

  • Built-in Robot Operating System (ROS)
  • Support Multiple Programming Languages ​​and Visually Programmable
  • Has a Unique and Compact Design
  • Supports AI Algorithms such as Image Recognition and Others
  • Equipped with Raspberry Pi GPIO Port


  • Model : myCobot-Pi
  • Input Power : 8V 5A
  • Controller : Raspberry Pi 4B 1.5GHz 4 Core CPU
  • Interface: USB Type-C
  • Degree of Freedom : 6 DOF
  • Payload : 250g
  • Working Range : 280mm
  • Repeatability : +- 0.5mm
  • Operating Temperature : -5°C ~ 45°C

Sales Package:

  • 1x MyCobot 280 Pi 6 DOF
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x Guidebook