Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ethernet Mifare RFID Reader ER755

It is especially suitable for applications such as access control, time attendance, guest registration, authorization identification and identity authentication.

The Mifare Ethernet RFID reader provides a read range of up to 7cm.  Output interface is Ethernet and relay period time is configurable.  The RFID reader can also be designed with a reader ID number for multi-unit communication internal LED and buzzer are also configurable.

Key Features:
  • Ethernet interface with POE option
  • Built-in relay control
  • read MIFARE cards
  • Configurable Led and buzzer
  • Weather resistant indoor/outdoor design
  • Reader ID for multi unit communication

  • Access Control System
  • Time Attendance
  • Guest Registration System
  • Authorization Identification
  • Identity Authentication

MF-WEB05A iProx mifare cloud based HTTP ethernet Web Client RFID Reader

MF-WEB05A iProx mifare cloud based HTTP ethernet Web Client RFID Reader

is a TCP/IP based RFID for Mifare Tags (13.56MHz iso 14443) It is Implemented as a HTTP web client, Various page extension is selectable. like PHP, ASP, CFM, PL, HTM and HTML, So various HTTP server systems ( e.g: IIS and ASP from Microsoft; Apache with PHP and MySQL database server from unix/linux), A Complete and powerfull access control system and time attendance system can be easily implemented

  • with embedded Ethernet (no more adapter or controller)
  • plug directly into your network by CAT5 cable
  • HTTP web client with PHP/ASP/ASPX enabled
  • perfect RFID solutions for HTTP server like Apache/IIS with PHP/ASP and mySQL database server
  • send PHP/ASP URL requests to the HTTP server with the various parameters
  • accepts responses from the HTTP server to perform various actions on the reader
  • Great for website designer to integrate RFID applications, like time attendance, access control, stock control, etc..
  • Open communication standard, designing application is just like designing web pages.
  • Built-in user controllable relay output for external controlling, i.e. electric door lock for access control, etc.

GPS/GPRS/GSM Module V2.0 (Arduino Compatible)

GPS / GPRS / GSM Shield for Arduino and Arduino Compatible. This module is equipped with a module GSM / GPRS Quad-band for data communication. Additionally shield is also integrated with GPS Receiver 42 channel. With this module, the data from the GPS can be easily sent to the control center via the GPRS module.

- Power supply: 6VDC - 12VDC
- GSM / GPRS (Quad-Band)
- GPRS multi-slot class 10
- Setting GPRS module through ATcommand
- SMS Text menu or PDU
- 42 channel GPS
- Output GPS data via serial communication.
- Wireless GSM / GPRS / GPS can be via Arduino or via PC.
- Integrated with internal antenna, no longer need an external antenna.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CS101 UHF Handheld RFID Reader

A handheld RFID reader with industry leading read range and read rate performance to enable ultra fast inventory of cases on pallet, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device.

Product Description

Read RangeUp to 7 meters in outdoor or open area (using AD431 tag)
7 – 11 meters in indoor confined space (using AD431 tag)
Read RateTypical 150 tags per second for selected Gen2 profiles (peak at 400 tags/s)
ProtocolISO18000-6C, EPC UHF Class 1 Gen 2
Tag InformationAll banks, any sizes (e.g. 240 bits bank1, 512 bits bank3), Per ‘Tag Read’ RSSI value
Frequency RangeAll frequency bands in the world available
Barcode Scanner1D and 2D: all standards available
Antenna PolarizationChoice of vertically linear polarized or horizontally linear polarized
EnvironmentOperating Temp: -200C to 500C (-40F to 1220F)
Storage Temp: -400C to 750C (-400F to 1670F)
Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Ruggedized DesignsDrop test 1.5 meters on 6 sides; IP65
User Interface – InputQWERTY keyboard, Touch Screen, Trigger Button
User Interface – Output3.5” Transmissive LCD, 320 x 240 pixels, LED x 2, Buzzer
ConnectivityWi Fi (802.11 b/g), USB, RS232, GPRS (with CS501 module)
External MemorySD Card, Standard SD and SDHC
Processor & MemorySamsung, 400 MHz, 128 MByte Flash, 64 MByte RAM
Battery Life1.5 hours continuous read, 20 hours standby, easily field replaceable battery
Source Code SamplesRead tag, write tag, tag inventory, tag ranging, tag search, tag authentication, tag association, tag commissioning, barcode scanning, database manipulation, wireless network transfer, server side driver, etc.
Order CodeCS101-V/H-N
N=1: 865-868 MHz (CE for Europe) & 865-867 MHz (for India)
N=2: 902-928 MHz (FCC for USA)
N=3: 952-954 MHz (Telec for Japan)
N=4: 919-928 MHz (SRRC for China, HK, Malaysia, Singapore, NCC for Taiwan, etc.)
(V for vertically linear polarized, H for horizontally linear polarized)
Weight1 kg
Dimensions19.7 × 12.2 × 22.3 cm

L-SP3 Security Pedestal (RFID DOOR GATE )

L-SP3 Security Pedestal (RFID DOOR GATE )

  • Door Gate RFID L-SP3 uses advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and RF Front End technology to achieve breakthrough performance in read range and read speed with industry leading signal to noise ratio.
  • Available in two standard versions, CLEAR and OPAQUE, the L-SP3 platform provides customers the flexibility to match performance and aesthetic requirements based on the application.


  • Lights and buzzer, networked people counter
  • EAS & AFI modes
  • Read ID mode

Technical specs:

  • IC COMPATIBILITY: TAGSYS C370 (NXP SLI), C370-L (NXP SLI-L), Tag-it ™HFI (Texas Instruments), ISO 15693 supporting AFI and read multiple block command

LSA-4 SHD Stack RFID Antenna

LSA4-SHD Antenna is a robust high-frequency (HF) RFID antenna specifically designed to identify multiple items equiped with small RFID tags. Its precise multi-read capabilities and rugged package make it ideal for industrial environments where accuracy, efficiency and durability are required.

Technical specs:

-DIMENSIONS OF PACKAGED ANTENNA: 288 x 263 x 17mm (11.3 x 10.3 x 0.6 in)
-WEIGHT: 1.0Kg (2.2lbs)
-CABLE: 3 m (9.8 ft.) built in coaxial cable, Includes BNC connector

MEDIO™ P200 RFID reader

Medio™ P200 is a new generation packaged and cost-efficient 13.56 MHz RFID reader for proximity read/write applications. Its small size and affordable price makes it an ideal item-level tracking solution for most industrial applications.
The Medio P200 is packaged in a light-weight, rugged and ergonomic casing, providing a lowcost of ownership RFID solution. It’s amid-range reader with 1W power output, operating in either standard or standalone mode.When operating in standalone mode, the reader can automatically broadcast data fromRFID tagswhich have been read.The industrial I/O port (P200s & P200x) can be used to trigger successful reading of tags.

Technical specs:

  • PROTOCOLS SUPPORTED: NXP ICODE 1 (C270), ISO 15693/ISO 18000-3 Mode 1, TAGSYS C210, C240
    For P200u: USB 
    For P200s: RS232 
    For P200x: USB & Ethernet
  • COMMUNICATION SPEED:Up to 115200 bps
  • GENERAL PURPOSE INPUT/OUTPUT:1 Input, 1 Output (P200s, P200x only)
  • POWER SUPPLY:12 VDC (included)
    Standalone Mode ASCII Protocol, User Configurable 
    Standard Mode TAGSYS STX-E Serial Communication Protocol
  • DIMENSIONS: P200u: 123 x 68 x 30 mm (4.8 x 2.6 x 1.2 in) 
    P200s/P200x: 195 x 115 x 46 mm (7.6 x 4.5 x 1.8 in)
    P200u: 150 g (5.3 oz) 
    P200s/P200x: 250 g (8.8 oz)

Flex® label, RFID tag

Flex Label
A medium range tag with outstanding performance-to-size ratio.

This tag's compact form factor is convenient for application to assets with limited surface area such as laptop computers, shelf-edge retail warehouse racks or other equipment requiring low-profile RFID tags. The Flex UHF RFID tag is available in two form factors:Printed label finish: 3 sizes as listed above with adhesive backing for easy attachment directly to assetsRigid case: 100mm x 21mm x 7.2mm with adhesive backing; suitable for use in applications that require weather-resistant, durable tags that can withstand moist environments
Ultimate reliability and accuracy on any material in any environmentOptimized to perform equally well both on, off, and near metalBest-in-class RFID read performance-to-size ratioSupplied with a printed label finish or rigid case36 month warranty on Flex Rigid240 bit EPCglobal Class-1 Gen2-compliant SiliconIdeal for IT inventory management or location monitoring of high-value metal or liquid assets
Product Details
Read Range (m):  Up to 5.0 (US) / Up to 3.5 (EU)
Size (mm) :77 x 15 x 2.8
IP Rating : IP54
Frequency Range (MHz): 902~~928 (US) / 866~~868 (EU)

RFID Tag Applications

With their mid-range read distance and intermediate size, Flex tags provide the flexibility of a longer read range while maintaining a smaller tag footprint. Flex tags are ideal for:LaptopsPallets, carts and toolsConstruction helmetsManufacturing equipmentReturnable Transport ItemsCylinders and Rounded Objects

TCP/IP Time attendance & access controller with RFID

TCP/IP Time attendance & access controller with RFID

PP-3702/T is an intelligent time recording terminals designed to meet variant applications in time attendance and access control, lift control & ARM/DISARM security requirements. Each terminal can be operated independent simply  to fulfill the multiple doors access system. The recording terminal includes nearly all the necessary functions for time recording and access control with bountiful manual & PC executed commanded functions as well as friendly operation commanded for manual operation.

Features for time recording application:
  • Selectable batch or real time operation mode.
  • 79 duty codes, duty name defined by PC.
  • Possible in 8 digits ID for time attendance recording.
  • Totally 192 alarm schedules (8 schedules per hour) dry contacts output for periodic belling.
  • Could collect data by real time or one by one events or massive block dump.
  • High capacity with 8 digits card number. ( Either checking or without checking personal map )
  • 16*2 rows of LCD display with 8 digits for displaying year, month, day, week, time & events counter.
Main features for access control application:
  • System parameters and personal access map can be downloaded by PC or manually programmed through keypad.
  • The personal access map is consisted of card ID, staff number and name, PIN and Time Zone Status, expiry date and Anti-passback.
  • Excellent multiple operation modes :(1) Card only (2) Card + PIN (3)Door PIN only  (4)Card Number+PIN (5)Free access (6) Automatic operation mode by time zones.
  • All operation modes with PIN are supported by selectable duress function. Also, keypad is lockable to become dumb.
  • Individual personal access map can be edited by block range add or delete card in group basis by on-lined PC or by manual thru. single / block range card number or by directly reading card thru. learning mode.
  • Selectable immediate or batched conditional sorting and then printing out events thru. serial output interface.
  • With complete door release, held monitoring and intruded alarm period and error trials.
  • Supports 8/24/48/64/96 floors lift access control.
  • Full APB (anti-passback), time zone.
  • Could dump all personal map in system by single PC or manual command.
174(L) x 100(W) x 43(H)mm
600g± 5%
Power supply
DC 12V±10%, 80mA~100mA(not include power requirement for lock & alarm)
Transmission rate
Default 9,600 bps N,8,1(2,400/4,800/19,200bps)(38,400)
Operating temperature
0℃ ~ 70℃
Operating humidity
Programmable 4 digits PIN for each person
Serial interface
RS-485 & RS-232 & TCP/IP
Serial output
1. For connection with serial printer.
2. To drive DDR (digital door relay) for secure assess control function.
3. To drive 8/24/48/64/96 relay output modules for lifts access control
4. Bountiful application functions requested by customer
Events/ Card capacity
(1) K Series: 1,000 card capacity,500 events.
(2) L Series: 2,000 card capacity,1,000 events.
(3) M Series: 30,000 card capacity,10,000 events.
(4) N Series: 11,000 card capacity,32,000 events.
(5) P Series: 11,000 card capacity,8,000 events.
(6) X Series: 32,000 card capacity, 32,000 events.
Other capacity combination requested by order
Card standard
EM 125KHz / Mifare 13.56MHz(ISO 14443A or ISO 14443B)(Depending on order)
Wiegand 26/34 bits port for any kind of reader
※ Support customized card.
External Reader
With one or optional two port for external Wiegand (26/34 bits definable by command) & ABA input(by order)

13.56MHz Mifare silicone wristband RFID tag

13.56MHz Mifare silicone wristband RFID tag


The Mifare wristband is made of silicone contain the Mifare RFID chip inside and can be easily applied to skating rink, ski resorts, spas, amusement park and swimming pool for access and prepaid value system. It also can be used with electronic cabinet lock (PCL-100) for cabinet management system.

Skating rink, ski resorts, spas, amusement park and swimming pool.

Diameter 74mm / Diameter 65mm(Optional)
Net weight
Chip type
Mifare 1 IC S50
Operating frequency
Read range
3~5CM (Depending on antenna size)
ISO standard
Dark blue / Yellow, White, Red, Grey, Black, Light blue(Optional)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature

125KHz EM silicone wristband RFID tag

125KHz EM silicone wristband RFID tag

  • Membership expenditure management such as: Health Club ,Golf Club or Swimming Club members.
  • Membership rental management such as yachting, sports, etc.

Diameter 68mm
Net weight9.3g±5%
Chip typeTK4100, Icode2,
Operating frequency125KHz
Operating temperature-40 ºC ~ 100 ºc
Storage temperature-40 ºC ~ 120 ºC

Monday, February 25, 2013



Model : SL-4010
* Frequency & time weighting meet IEC 61672 class 2.
* 35 to 130 dB, 3 ranges, Data hold.
* A frequency weighting, Fast time weighting.
* Size : 250 x 83 x 32 mm.
* Data hold function available
* easy operation
* ABS body & light weight

Mastech MS6708 Digital sound level meter

Mastech MS6708 Digital sound level meter 


  • Range: 30dB~130dB
  • Accuracy: ±2dB(30Hz~8kHz)
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Sampling rate: Fast 4 times/s, Slow 1 times/s
  • Data hold
  • Unit: dB /Sone
  • Back light
  • Low battery indication
  • Over range indication UNDER or OVER
  • AUTO RANGE or Manual range
  • Fast or slow mode selected
  • Max value
  • Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA
  • Dimension: 193mmX60mmX29mm

DEKKO SL 130 Sound Level Meter

DEKKO SL 130 Sound Level Meter

Tech Specs:

  • Measuring Range : 30 - 130dBA 35 - 130dBC
  • Accuracy : ± 1.5dB
  • Frequency Range : 31.5HZ-8.5KHZ
  • Linearity Range : 50dB
  • Digit & Resolution : 5Digits & 0.1dB
  • Time Weighting Selection : Fast/ Slow
  • Microphone 1/ 2 Inch Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Frequency Weighting : A & C
  • Sampling Frequency 2 times/ sec
  • Power : 9V ( Alkaline or DC Adapter)
  • LCD size : 30 x 50mm
  • Size : 265 x 70 x 35mm

Mastech MS-2205 Clamp meter (Harmonic measurement)

Mastech MS-2205 Clamp meter with harmonic measurement

  • TRMS Value can enforce the accuracy of measuring the non-sinusoidal waveforms or distorted waveforms
  • Phase detection: Normal/reverse/missing(at3-phase balanced load) 
  • Record: MAX.value and MIN.value (Effective in the voltage, current and effective/apparent power functions)
  • Data Storage: can memorize up to 100 measuring values, and download to PC software by RS-232C interface
  • Low Battery indication
  • Data hold
  • Auto power-off
  • PC-link:RS-232C interface by optical insulating coupler
AC Current(A)20/40/100/200/450/1000A±2%
AC Voltage(V)80/180/400/600V±1.0%
Active power (kVA) (three phase)3/12/30/120/150/600kVA±3.0%
Active power (kW) (single phase)30/60/120/150/300/600kW±3.0%
Passive power(kVAr)3/12/30/120/150/600 kVAr±3.0%
Power factor0.3cap to 0.3ind±3°
Harmonic measurementFundamental frequency:50/60Hz±3%
(Level of each orderWindows width:256 points/cycle(50/60Hz)
and THD-F/THD-R)Windows type:Rectangular
Orders analyzed:1 to 20th
DisplayLCD 6000
MAX.diameter for conductorφ50mm
Power supply4 X 1.5V AA
Dimensions300mm X 103mm X 51 mm



Functionality and Safety Packed into a Handheld Unit
  • Single phase 600 kW & up to 20th Harmonic levels measurement
  • Active/ reactive/ apparent power, Power factor, Phase detection, Frequency, Harmonic waveform value, or Waveform peak value
  • Simple checking of three-phase lines (Should be balanced and no distortion)

Note: The 3286-20's three-phase power measurement method calculates and displays the power values for a sine wave input at 50/60 Hz, assuming it is balanced and there is no distortion. Accurate measurement is not possible on a three-phase line if it is not balanced, for example when controlled by an inverter or thyristor. Since there is no integration function, it is not possible to measure total energy consumed (Wh).
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, or opening and closing of the clamp sensor 10,000 times)
Measurement lineSingle-phase, Three-phase (should be balanced and no distortion)
Measurement itemsVoltage, Current, Voltage/current peak, Active/ reactive/ apparent power, Power factor, Phase angle, Reactivity, Frequency, Voltage/current harmonic levels
Voltage ranges
30 - 1kHz
150.0 V to 600 V, 3 ranges
Basic accuracy: ±1.0 % rdg. ±3 dgt. (at 45 - 66 Hz, True RMS)
Current ranges
45 - 1kHz
20.00 A to 1000 A, 3 ranges
Basic accuracy: ±1.3 % rdg. ±3 dgt. (at 45 - 66 Hz, True RMS)
Power ranges
80 - 600 V
1 - 1000 A
[Single phase] 3.000 kW to 600.0 kW
Basic accuracy: ±2.3 % rdg. ±5 dgt. (at 50/60 Hz, Power factor = 1)
[Balanced three phase] 6.000 kW to 1200 kW
Basic accuracy: ±3.0 % rdg. ±10 dgt. (at 50/60 Hz, Power factor = 1)
Harmonic levelsVoltage/current harmonic levels up to 20th, Content factor, Total harmonic distortion ratio
Other function[Phase angle] Forward 90.0° to 0 to delay 90.0°
[Power factor] Forward 0 to 1.000 to delay 0
[Frequency] 30.0 Hz to 1000 Hz
Waveform peak, Phase detection, Max. / Min. value record, Data hold, Auto-power off, RS-232C output (Options are discontinued, so cannot use RS-232C)
DisplayLCD, Max. 6000 digits, Display refresh rate: 1 time/s (Normal) 1 time/3sec (Slow), 1 time/2sec (Harmonic level)
Power supplyStacked alkaline battery (6LR61, 6LF22) ×1, Continuous use: 25 hours
Core jaw dia.φ 55 mm (2.17 in) or 80 mm (3.15 in) × 20 mm (0.79 in) busbar
Dimensions, mass100 mm (3.94 in) W × 287 mm (11.3 in) H × 39 mm (1.54 in) D, 650 g (22.9 oz)
Supplied accessoriesCARRYING CASE 9245 ×1, VOLTAGE CORD L9635-01 ×1, Hand strap ×1, Dry cell battery (6LF22) ×1, Instruction Manual ×1

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-100

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-100

Technical Specs:

  • Measurement range 100M
  • Accuracy +/- 1.5mm
  • Measurement unit M/Inch/Feet
  • Laser class Class II
  • Display 2 inch full color screen
  • Continuous measurement YES
  • auto horizontal measurement YES
  • auto Height measurement YES
  • Angle measurement YES
  • Stacking out YES
  • Recall last value 30 storage
  • Buzzer indication YES
  • Battery Li-ION Battery 1200mAh
  • Battery life up to 15000 measurement
  • Dust protect/splash proof IP54
  • Operating temperature 0 degC to 40 degC
  • storage temperature -10degC to 60 degC
  • auto power off after 3 minutes
  • size 125*55*29mm
  • weight 137gram

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-70

Technical Specs:

  • Measurement range 70M
  • Accuracy +/- 2mm
  • Measurement unit M/Inch/Feet
  • Continuous measurement YES
  • Outdoor target reflection board NO
  • Area measurement function YES
  • Volume measurement function YES
  • Pythagorean proposition measurement function Full mode
  • Add and subtract measurement function YES
  • Min/Max value YES
  • Max storage 30units
  • Automatic backlighth YES
  • Button / key sound YES
  • Laser class Class II
  • Laser type 635nm < 1mWatt
  • automatically cut off laser 20s
  • automatic shutdown 150s
  • storage temperature -20degC to 60 degC
  • working temperature 0 degC to 40 degC
  • storage humidit RH85%
  • Battery 1.5V 3*AAA
  • weight 180gram
  • dimension 118*54*28mm

note: there will be a bit of greater differences of measurement results in hash environtment,
such as strong sunlight, excessive temperature fluctuations, weak reflective surface,
low battery. As to this target reflection board as auxiliary will assist you to get a better

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-60

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-60

Technical Specs:

  • Measurement range 60M
  • Accuracy +/- 1.5mm
  • Measurement unit M/Inch/Feet
  • Laser class Class II
  • Laser type 635nm < 1mWatt
  • auto bias technology YES
  • Area / volume calculation YES
  • Indirect measurement using pythagoras ES
  • Continuous measurement YES
  • Max/min distance tracking YES 
  • addition/subtraction YES
  • History measurement recodes 20
  • buzzer indication YES
  • Battery 2X1.5V AAA
  • Battery life up to 2000 measurement
  • Dust protect/splash proof IP54
  • Operating temperature 0 degC to 40 degC
  • storage temperature -10degC to 60 degC
  • auto power off after 3 minutes
  • size 128*55*28mm
  • weight 131gram

Friday, February 15, 2013

Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB

The Raspberry Pi® is a single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. The design is based around a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC, which includes an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor, VideoCore IV GPU, and 128 or 256 Megabytes of RAM. The design does not include a built-in hard disk or solid-state drive, instead relying on an SD card for booting and long-term storage. This board is intended to run Linux kernel based operating systems. 

This is the Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB RAM model with two USB ports and a 10/100 Ethernet controller. Please note some boards are made in the UK, some in China. WE DO NOT KNOW IN ADVANCE WHICH ONES YOU MAY RECEIVE! 

As typical of modern computers, generic USB keyboards and mice are compatible with the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi use Linux-kernel based operating systems. The Raspberry Pi does not come with a real-time clock, so an OS must use a network time server, or ask the user for time information at boot time to get access to time and date info for file time and date stamping. However a real time clock (such as the DS1307) with battery backup can be easily added via the I2C interface. 
Adafruit makes many accessories and starter kits for the Rasperry Pi, check them out in our Raspberry Pi section. 

Raspberry Pi® is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 

- Power supply: 5 VDC, 700 mA (via micro USB)
- Based microcontroller / microprocessor: ARM1176JZF-S core, 700 MHz
- Number of I / O ports: 8 pin GPIO
- Port interface: TTL UART, SPI, I2C, USB, Composite RCA, 3.5 mm jack, 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45), LCD Panels via DSI, CSI (Camera Serial Interface), HDMI
- Bootloader: melalaui LINUX-based OS
- Weight: 39.29 grams
- Features: Memory 512 MB, 2 USB PORT, Graphics Broadcom VideoCore IV, SD Card Slot
- Dimensions: 85.60mm (L) x 56mm (W) x 21mm (H) (the size of an ATM card!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meanwell RSP-1500-27 Industrial Switching Power Supply

Meanwell RSP-1500-27 Industrial Switching Power Supply

AC/DC Power Supply Single- Output 27 Volt 56A 1.512KW



  • Size (L x W x H) (inches): 10.9 x 5.0 x 3.3
  • Ripple and Noise (mV p-p): 150
  • Load Regulation: 0.5%
  • Line Regulation: 0.5%
  • Input: 90-264VAC @ 47-63Hz
  • Built-in active Power Factor Correction function
  • Built-in ON-OFF control and remote sense function
  • Parallel function
  • Universal AC input
  • 3-year warranty
  • Certifications: UL/CUL/TUV/CE/CB/PFC
Agency ApprovalsEN|TUV|UL
Minimum Operating Temperature-20°C
Maximum Operating Temperature70°C
Maximum Input Current17A(Typ)
Input Frequency47Hz to 63Hz
Minimum Isolation Voltage3000V
Number of Outputs1
MFR Product FamilyRSP-1500
Output Voltage27V
TypeAuto Switching
Product TypeAC to DC Power Supply
Maximum Output Current56A
Maximum Output Power1512W
Input Voltage90V to 264V
Product Height83.5mm
Product Length278mm
Product Width127mm