Thursday, February 21, 2013

Laser distance meter Dekko LDM-70

Technical Specs:

  • Measurement range 70M
  • Accuracy +/- 2mm
  • Measurement unit M/Inch/Feet
  • Continuous measurement YES
  • Outdoor target reflection board NO
  • Area measurement function YES
  • Volume measurement function YES
  • Pythagorean proposition measurement function Full mode
  • Add and subtract measurement function YES
  • Min/Max value YES
  • Max storage 30units
  • Automatic backlighth YES
  • Button / key sound YES
  • Laser class Class II
  • Laser type 635nm < 1mWatt
  • automatically cut off laser 20s
  • automatic shutdown 150s
  • storage temperature -20degC to 60 degC
  • working temperature 0 degC to 40 degC
  • storage humidit RH85%
  • Battery 1.5V 3*AAA
  • weight 180gram
  • dimension 118*54*28mm

note: there will be a bit of greater differences of measurement results in hash environtment,
such as strong sunlight, excessive temperature fluctuations, weak reflective surface,
low battery. As to this target reflection board as auxiliary will assist you to get a better