Wednesday, February 27, 2013

L-SP3 Security Pedestal (RFID DOOR GATE )

L-SP3 Security Pedestal (RFID DOOR GATE )

  • Door Gate RFID L-SP3 uses advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and RF Front End technology to achieve breakthrough performance in read range and read speed with industry leading signal to noise ratio.
  • Available in two standard versions, CLEAR and OPAQUE, the L-SP3 platform provides customers the flexibility to match performance and aesthetic requirements based on the application.


  • Lights and buzzer, networked people counter
  • EAS & AFI modes
  • Read ID mode

Technical specs:

  • IC COMPATIBILITY: TAGSYS C370 (NXP SLI), C370-L (NXP SLI-L), Tag-it ™HFI (Texas Instruments), ISO 15693 supporting AFI and read multiple block command