Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PD-28 High Voltage Testers

PD-28   High Voltage Testers 
H.V. Probe  
Input Impedance : 1000M Ohm  


 PD-20 and PD-28 have the same shape and color but different specifications.
 Meet IEC/EN 61010-1, IEC/EN 61010-2-031
 PD-28 is a high voltage probe that is used with DMM
 PD-20 and PD-28 are high voltage probes. They measure both AC and DC voltages with your multimeter. They consist of 2 kinds of contact tips, a test clip for the ground, a set of test leads for multimeter and a high qualify enclosure. The enclosure has very good insulation properties.
 They are lightweight and ruged. Two kinds of contact tips are avaialble. One is a round needle tip for normal use. Another is a special flat spring type for CRT anode.
 Before taking any measurements, first connect the alligator clip of this probe to earth ground and amke sure connection is proper.

Input Impedance1000M Ohm.
Attenuation Ratio1000 : 1
AccuracyDCV (0 ~ 20kV) +/- 1%, DCV (20kV ~ 40kV) +/- 2%, ACV (0 ~ 28 kV) typically +/- 5% at 60Hz
Max. Working Voltage40kV DC or 28kV AC
Operating Temperature0 degree C ~ 50 degree C
Storage Temperature-10 degree C ~ 60 degree C
Cable Length1m
WeightApprox. 260g