Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DFRduino Player

The Player is able to play MP3/WAV/Midi sound track on SD card. It supports two interface UART/I2C which lets other microcontroller to talk to the player.
The player support both I2C and UART interface (via jumper). The play is thus able to controled by PC. A TTL/USB converter is required.


  • Supply Voltage:5V
  • Current:1000mA
  • CPU:Atmega 328P
  • MP3 Chip:VS1003
  • Interface:I2C/UART
  • UART:19200/8/N/1 (TTL level)
  • I2C Address:0x35
  • Output Power:2x3W
  • Support Media:MP3,WAV,MIDI
  • Support Meida Card:1 GB Micro Card
  • Support command: Pause/Next Sound/Previoud Sound/Play Sound/ Volume Control
  • UART/I2C Mode Switch

The interface mode of Player can be switched via the jumper.
The green led will flash once which means the player is under UART(Serial) mode when the player startup. The green led will flash twice which means the player is under I2C mode. Once the Player is ready the green LED will stay lit
I2C pin connection:
Analog Pin4 (SDA) goes to DO
Analog Pin5 (SCL) goes to DI

Support SD Cards

  • The player has been tested with micro SD card (1G).
  • The SD card must be formatted at FAT format, not FAT32.
  • If the green led is flashing all the time which means the SD card is not ready, either not supported or not corrected formatted. And string "\Plese check micro SD card\r\n" will be returned at UART mode.
  • If the green led do not flash, it means the SD card is working properly.

Support Commands

  • Pause Play "\:p\r\n" Return "pause\r\n" if success
  • Continoue Play "\:s\r\n" Return "start\r\n" if success
  • Play next "\:n\r\n" Return "next\r\n" if success,Return "false\r\n" if failed
  • Play previous "\:u\r\n" Return "key up\r\n"
  • Set the volume "\:v 255\r\n",set the volume, from 0 (minimum)-255 (maximum), Return "vol set ok" if success