Friday, April 27, 2012

Low Cost Microcontroller System ver 2.0 with AT89S51

Low Cost Micro System ver 2.0 is a single chip microcontroller AT89S51 module with 4 Kbyte Flash memory and 128 bytes of RAM..

AT89S51 features Low Cost Micro System:

  • Two 16-bit Timer / Counter.
  • Full Duplex UART.
  • Watchdog Timer.
  • Dual Data Pointer.

Low Cost Micro System Specification ver 2.0:

  • MCS-51 variants supporting ® 40 pin include: AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89C51, and AT89C52.
  • Has In-System Programming facility for ICs that support.
  • Have up to 32 pin path input / output.
  • Complete with 11.0592 MHz oscillator and has the ability UART Serial communication RS-232 are already completed.
  • Complete with a series of reset, manual reset button, and brown-out detector.
  • Using the input voltage is 9-12 VDC and has a voltage output of 5 VDC.
  • Requires an additional module DT-HiQ AT89S In System Programmer, USB DT-HiQ AT89S ISP, or DT-HiQ-51 USB AVR ISP to fill in the program code into the microcontroller.