Monday, April 30, 2012

Neo Stepper Motor 1.2A by SPC

Neo 1.2A Stepper Motor controller module is a round fruit with a stepper motor full step or half step. This module requires an additional controller that can control the motor. In addition, this module has been equipped with a Dual Full H-Bridge Driver, so this module can be directly linked to bipolar and unipolar stepper motors.


  • Based ATtiny2313 as a motorcycle driver's control center.
  • Based TB6612FNG as a motor driver IC, so it requires no additional motor driver module.
  • Able to control a unipolar stepper motors fruit or bipolar.
  • Able to control a DC motor which has a voltage value of 2.5 VDC - 13.5 VDC and maximum continuous current consumption of 1.2 A.
  • Capable of controlling the motor in half step or full step.
  • Require an additional controller to move the motor.
  • Fully compatible with the microcontroller module DT-51 Series, AVR-DT or DT-Series Basic Series.
  • Has two types of interfaces for communication with the controller / microcontroller, the TTL UART and I2C.
  • The movement of a stepper motor: Continuous Run, Pulse Count Run, Brake and Stop.
  • Neo SPC working on Stepper Motor 1.2A 4.8 VDC power supply level - 5.4 VDC.
  • Pin input / output compatible with TTL and CMOS voltage levels.
  • Only use two channels of data to TTL UART interface (Tx and Rx) and I2C (SDA and SCL).
  • Can be cascaded up to 8 modules when using the I2C interface.
  • I2C address setting via software (I2C address setting can only be done through the UART-TTL interface).
  • Has pin-out configuration of 16-pin DIP 600mil, so the module can be directly linked to the project board, PCB hole, or the IC socket 16-pin DIP 600mil.
  • Dimensions: 5.8 cm  x 3 cm x 1.7 cm