Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Protek 3120 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Protek 31202 Channel, 200MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Sampling Rate: 1GSa/s & Rise time: 1.7ns


  • 200MHz Bandwidth with 2 Channels
  • 1GSa Real-time Sampling Rate
  • 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time Sampling Rate
  • Large 7-inch Color Display
  • Record Length up to FFT
  • Multi-Languages Support
  • USB Host and Device Connections

Vertical Specifications
Rise Time1.7ns (Approx.)
Input ImpedanceResistance: 1 M +/- 2%
Capacitance: (20+/-5) pF
PolarityNormal & Invert
Maximum Input400V (DC + AC Peak)
Waveform Signal
CH1 +/- CH2, CH1 x CH2, CH1/CH2, FFT
Bandwidth Limit20MHz +/-% Typical
Horizontal Specifications
Sampling Rate1GSa/s
Equivalent Max. Sampling Rate is 25GSa/S for all Times
(1 - 2 - 5 Increments)
50s/div ~ 1ns/div
ModeMain Sweep, Main Sweep + Delay Expansion Sweep, X-Y
Trigger Specifications
SourceCH1, CH2, EXT., EXT/5, AC Line
ModeAuto, Normal, Single
Trigger SensitivityDC: CH1/2 (typical) 1 Div from DC to 10MHz; 1.5div from 10MHz to full
EXT (Typical): 200mV from DC to 40MHz
EXT/5 (Typical): 1V from FC to 40MHz
AC: Attenuates signal below 10Hz
HF Reject: Attenuates signals below 15kHz
LF Reject: Attenuates signals below 150 kHz
Noise Reject: Reduces trigger sensitivity
Trigger Level RangeCH1, CH2: +/- Division from center of screen
EXT: +/- 1.2V
EXT/5: +/- 6V
Trigger Level Accuracy
(Accuracy is for signals having
rise and fall time at max 20ns)
CH1, CH2: +/-(0.3div x V/div)(within +/-4 Division from center of screen)
EXT: +/- (6% of Setting + 40mV)
EXT/5: +/- (6% of setting + 200mV)
Edge TriggerRising, Falling, Rising & Falling
Pulse Width TriggerTrigger (when >, <, =) on positive or negative pulses
Pulse width range: 20ns ~ 10s
Videon TriggerTrigger on NTSC, PAL, or SECAM standard video signal
Line Range: 1-525 (NTSC), 1 - 625 (PAL/SECAM)
Slope TriggerTrigger (when >, <, =) on positive or negative slope, Set Time: 20ns ~ 10s
Overtime TriggerFrom the rising or falling edge, Set Time: 20ns ~ 20s
Alternative TriggerInternal Trigger on edge, pulse width, video or slope
Cursors and Measurement
Voltage MeasurementVpp, Vamp, Vrms, Vhi, Vlo, Vmax, Vmin, Pre-shoot, Overshoot
Time MeasurementFrequency, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Width, Negative Width, Duty Cycle
Delay MeasurementDelay 1- > 2 
Delay 1- > 2 
Cursor MeasurementVoltage Difference between cursors V
Time Difference between Cursors T
Frequency difference between Cursors 1 T
TFT LCD Type7.0 Inch Diagonal Crystal Display
Display Resolution800 x 480 Dots
General Specifications
USBUSB Host / USB Device
Power SourceAC 100V ~ 240V +/- 10%, 45Hz ~ 440Hz, Auto Selection
Physical Dimensions12.3 x 4.25 x 5.6" inches (313 x 108 x 142mm)
Weight4.6lbs (2.08Kg)