Tuesday, April 03, 2012

CPG-1367A PAL / B Color Bar Pattern Generator

PAL / B Color Bar Pattern Generator by Lodestar

CPG-1367A is designed for repairing and adjusting any defects on TV set in PAL system. The RF range is covering from VHF CH3-CH4. and including color pattern, white raster and four basic patterns. The unit is used of IC circuit, air variable capacitor inner tuner and crystal controlled progressive scanning circuit. Such design of cute and portable type is really an efficient instrument for TV set servicing industry.


  • RF range:
    • PAL-B.D.G.H.I.K. system, IF 38 ~ 40MHz.
    • Preset IF = 38.9MHz, VLow = 55.25MHz, VHigh = 175.25MHz.
  • RF output level:10mVrms.
  • Impedance: 75Ω.
  • Sync. signal: X'TAL, vertical 50.036Hz, horizontal 15.611KHz.
  • Sub-carrier freq: 4.43361875MHz ±50Hz.
  • Patterns:
    • Color, splitted into upper and lower portions. Upper half: Red, blush-green, blue, greenish-yellow, white. Lower half: four gray, black.
    • Dots 19 (V) x 15 (H) white.
    • Crosshatch 19 x 15 square, white.
    • Vertical lines 19 white.
    • Horizontal lines 15 white.
    • Restars fixed 100% brightness white.
  • Video output: Video output (BNC) 1Vp-p (open end).
  • Power requirement: Battery AA-3 x 6 or 7~10V AC adaptor.
  • Dimensions & weight
    • 160 (W) x 83 (H) x 125 (D) mm.
    • Approx. 0.8kg.

  • The employment of IC achieves high stability and accuracy.
  • With color pattern for testing PAL system TV color circuit.
  • With four basic pattern as dots, square-crosshatch, vertical lines and horizontal lines for testing and adjustment of TV circuit.
  • With white restars pattern is used for testing purity and white balance.
  • Battery or AC adaptor operation.