Monday, April 30, 2012


TCP / IP CONVERTER TO UART converter module is a 2-way serial UART to Ethernet-based WIZ105SR. This module can be used for TTL to Ethernet converter, RS-232 to Ethernet or RS-485 to ethernet. This module is properly used for LAN-based Presence system with a computer as a database server and sensor monitoring via LAN.


  • WIZ105SR based modules (Serial to Ethernet Gateway).
  • W5100-based and GC89L591A0 MQ44I.
  • Supports TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, MAC, PPPoE.
  • Auto sensing 10/100 Base-T ethernet.
  • Auto MDI / MDIX.
  • MAG JACK is available for connection to a LAN network cable.
  • UART TTL serial interface 3.3 V.
  • Data transfer speeds up to 230 kbps.
  • WIZ105SR UART configuration can be selected on the software with the help of WIZ105SR Configuration Tool.
  • Baudrate: 1200 bps-230 kbps.
  • Data: 7 or 8 bits.
  • Parity: none, even, odd.
  • Flow Control: none, XON / XOFF, CTS / RTS.
  • RS-485 UART connection does not provide a connection flow control CTS / RTS.
  • There are three types of two-way conversion of the UART TTL to Ethernet, UART RS-232 to Ethernet and UART RS-485 to ethernet.
  • Equipped with a series of level converter 3.3 V to 5 V for TTL UART interface.
  • There is a blue 3 pin connector for RS-485 termination (COM, D +, D-) to facilitate the installation of cables for RS-485 interface.
  • There is a reset button to refresh the client-server connection.
  • Available factory reset button can be used to restore all settings to the initial conditions WIZ105SR module (default).
  • Available indicator pin header for connection to a client-server.
  • 5 VDC power supply with two pin blue connector.
  • Compatible with DT-Low Cost AVR series and support the system microcontroller / microprocessor another.
  • Equipped with the Configuration Tool WIZ105SR, datasheet, manual, test program and schematic.
  • Dimensions: 8.4 cm  x 6.4 cm  x 3.7 cm