Tuesday, February 12, 2013

RICi-E1 Fast Ethernet over E1/T1 Intelligent Converters

RICi-E1 Fast Ethernet over E1/T1 Intelligent Converters 

• Wire-speed packet forwarding Connect Fast Ethernet
• 4 levels of QoS, based on four VLAN priority queues in accordance with 802.1p and LANs over E1 or T1 IP Precedence
• Inband and out-of-band management access via ASCII terminal, Web browser, circuits Telnet, or SNMP • Plug-and-play using DHCP client
• VLAN stacking and tagging, keeping Ethernet user traffic completely separate from management data, while maintaining user VLAN settings intact

RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 are intelligent converters connecting Fast Ethernet LANs over full or fractional E1 or T1 circuits. They enable service providers and ISPs to supply transparent Ethernet services, without interfering with user traffic.

RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 comply with RAD’s unique set of EtherAccess™ features. This feature set provides services and carrier backhaul applications over low and high- speed SDH/SONET and PDH circuits, from fractional and full E1/T1 or E3/T3 over STM-1/STM-4 to Gigabit Ethernet.

RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 are equipped with one E1/T1 port and one 10/100BaseTx port. Packets are forwarded from the Ethernet network to the TDM network at wire-speed, fully utilizing the expensive TDM circuit bandwidth.

The VLAN Priority bits (802.1p) and IP Precedence priority schemes enable users to define four different QoS levels, according to the application requirements.

RICi-E1, RICi-T1 
Fast Ethernet over E1/T1 Intelligent Converters

The Fast Ethernet bridge handles 1800-byte frames, supporting VLAN  applications and other protocols requiring large frame sizes. In filter mode, the  bridge learns MAC addresses and filters  local traffic, and in transparent mode it forwards any received packet.

VLAN stacking is used to tag direct user and management traffic to different VLANs, thus preserving the user LAN settings, fully separating user traffic from management data.

The DHCP client automatically obtains the IP address, the IP mask and the default gateway, minimizing installation time.

The units feature fault propagation. When a TDM link failure is detected, RICi-E1 and RICi-T1 closes the user port.


  • E1 INTERFACE  Number of Ports 1 
  • Compliance G.703 G.704 
  • Data Rate 2.048 Mbps 
  • Line Code HDB3, AMI
  • Framing  Unframed - Framed: G.732N
  • Max Frame Size 1800 bytes 
  • Line Impedance 120Ω, balanced -75Ω, unbalanced 
  • Providing Transparent LAN Services over Leased Lines
  • System Clock Internal or loopback 
  • Diagnostics Remote loopback 
  • Connector RJ-45