Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Arduino M0 PRO

M0 Pro - 32 bit Cortex M0 with Debug Interface

The M0 Pro represents a simple, yet powerful, 32-bit extension of the Arduino UNO platform. The board is powered by Atmel’s SAMD21 MCU, featuring a 32-bit ARM Cortex® M0 core. With the addition of the M0 board, the Arduino family becomes larger with a new member providing increased performance. 

The power of its Atmel’s core gives this board an upgraded flexibility and boosts the scope of projects one can think of and make; moreover, it makes the M0 Pro the ideal educational tool for learning about 32-bit application development. 

Atmel’s Embedded Debugger (EDBG), integrated in the board, provides a full debug interface with no need for additional hardware, making debugging much easier. EDBG additionally supports a virtual COM port for device programming and traditional Arduino boot loader functionality uses.

- UART: 1
- Analog Input Pin: 6 pin (12-bit ADC channels).
- Analog Output Pin: 1 pin (10-bit DAC).
- DC current per I / O pin: 7 mA.
- Flash Memory: 256 KB
- SRAM: 32 KB
- Clock Speed: 48 MHz.