Wednesday, December 06, 2017

MCP SA 5011T - spectrum analyzer

Technical dataSA5005/SA5006T/SA5010/SA5011T
Frequency range0.15~500MHz(SA5005/SA5006T)0.15~1050MHz(SA5010/SA5011T)
Center frequency display accuracy±100kHz
Marker accuracy(0.1%span+100kHz)
Resolution of frequency display100kHz(4.5digit LED)
Frequency scanwidth accuracy±10%
Frequency stabilitybetter than 150kHz/hour
IF bandwidth(-3dB)400kHz and 20kHz
Sweep rate43Hz
Amplitude range-100dBm to +13dBm
Screen display range80 dB(10dB/div.)
Reference level-27dBm to +13dBm(in 10dB steps)
Reference level accuracy±2dB
Average noise level-90dBm(20kHz bandwidth
Distortion<-55dbc 2nd="" 3rd="" and="" harmonic="" of="" td="">
Third order intermod-70dBc(two signal>3MHz apart)
Sensitivity<5db above="" average="" level="" noise="" td="">
Log scale fidelity±2dB(without attn.)500MHz
Input attenuator0 to 40dB(4×10dB steps)
Input attenuator accuracy±1dB/10dB
Max.input level+10dBm,±25V DC(0dB attn.)+20dBm(40dB attn.)
Frequency scanwidth100kHz/ 100MHz/div.,in 1-2-5 steps and 0Hz/div.(Zero Scan)
Tracking Generator(SA5006T/SA5011T)
Output Frequency0.15MHz to 1050Mhz
Output attenuator accuracy±1dB
Output attenuator0 to 40dB(4×10dB steps)
Frequency response±1.5dB
Output impedance50Ω(BNC)
Radio Frequency Interference(RFI)<20dbc td="">
Output level range-50dBm to +1dBm (in 10dB steps and Var.)
Output level range-50dBm to +1dBm (in 10dB steps and Var.)
OptionsSA-RTB-1 reflection test bridge