Friday, December 16, 2011

Protek U2000A Frequency Counter

U2000A – Frequency, period, totalize, ratio measurements. Multi-channel inputs (U200A-3ch) with 8 digit LED display. Low pass filter. Various trigger mode and self test mode.

Power Requirement : 100/120/220/230V AC ± 10%,50/60Hz
Dimension&Weight 253(W)*280(D)*95(H)mm/Approx.2.4Kg

Frequency,Period,Totalize,Ratio Measurements
Low Pass Filter
Variable Trigger Level
8 Digit LED Display
4 Step Gate Time Control
1/10 Input Attenuator
Self Test
3 Channel Input(100MHz,2GHz)

Frequency Range
Channel A : 0.1Hz-10MHz:Low Mode / 10MHz-100MHz:High Mode
Channel B : 10MHz-2GHz

Channel A : 25mVrms(0.1Hz-100MHz)
Channel C(CH B at 9100) / 25mVrms(20MHz-1.6GHz)/50mVrms(10MHz-2.0GHz)

Input Characteristic
Impedance : 1MΩ 30pF(CH A,B),50Ω(CH C)
Max.Input Voltage : 250V(DC+AC rms,CH A),3Vrms(CH C)
Resolution : 0.1Hz/1Hz/10Hz/100Hz:Low Mode
1Hz/10Hz/100Hz/1KHz:High Mode
10Hz/100Hz/1KHz/10KHz:CH C

Time Base
Reference Oscillator : 10MHz,3.90625MHz(CH B,C)
Short Term Stability : ±3×10-7/Month
Temperature : ±5×10-6(0℃-40℃)
Gate Time : 0.01/0.1/1/10s(CH A) / 0.0256/0.256/2.56/25.6s(CH C)

Ratio A/B
Range : 10-100MHz(CH A),0.1Hz-10MHz(CH C)
Multiplier : 1/10/100/1000(4 Mode)
Period : 5Hz-2MHz,0.01/0.1/1/10s
Time Interval(T1A→B) : 5Hz-2MHz,1/10/100/1000(4 Mode)
Totalize(CH A) : DC-10MHz