Monday, December 19, 2011

Ollo Inventor Expansion set

Ollo Educational Kit  (developed by Robotis Co, Ltd.) is the best solution for beginner , who have not experienced robot. Ollo Inventor Expansion set is an Upgrade set for Ollo Explorer Customers who want to learn the chapter of Ollo Inventor. With The Ollo Inventor Expansion set only , It is No possible to build  example robots of Ollo Inventor. Please Purchase The Ollo Explorer in Advance to get  all the required parts for Ollo Inventor Examples.
Ollo Inventor Expansion set provide the student  a 12- chapter workbook example of  robot which includes a curriculum such as  how to learn programming, use of sensor , wireless control, communication and write robot program, etc.
And in Inventor expansion set the student can learn the principles of robot building while building 12-type example robot in order