Thursday, December 04, 2008

TCP/IP Starter Packs KIT

TCP/IP starter Packs KIT suitable for development, interfacing between microcontroller/microprocessor and internetworking (ethernet / LAN ) without PC. Base on NM7010A from Wiznet, that can bond between microcontroller and internetworking area. Application implied in Web based controller, smart house controlled via Internet, serial to ethernet controller, etc.

Technical Specifications:
  • Base on NM7010A from Wiznet that can handle Internet comunication protocol (TCP, IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP) and ethernet protocol ( MAC, DLC ).
  • Use I2C interface for communicate with microcontroller.
  • Flexible to choose I2C address on 128 available selection.
  • Equipped with LED indicator network status ( collision/link, 10/100 act, full/half duplex).
  • Built in 3.3VDC regulated power supply, max input power 5VDC.
  • Compatible with microcontroller/microprocessor.

Content Pack:
1 board TCP/IP starter KIT
1 crossover cat 5 cable for LAN / RJ45 port
1 Quick Start manual
1 Copy CD of datasheet, Complete Manual, Application example, etc.