Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - Serial & USB Compatible

The BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit, our most popular starter kit, features the What’s a microcontroller? (WAM) text and includes all of the BASIC Stamp hardware required to complete the activities and challenges. All you need to add is a 9 V battery or power supply to get up and running.

If you’re starting from scratch, this is also the most cost-effective approach. The BASIC
Stamp Discovery Kit includes:
• BASIC Stamp 2 module
• Board of Education Programming Board
• BASIC Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual
• 10 jumper wires
• Programming cable
• What’s a Microcontroller? Text
• What’s a Microcontroller? Parts Kit

Note: Power supply sold separately. We recommend our 9 V, 300 mA supply