Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mr. General Robot Kit

Mr. General is a general purpose robot platform designed to allow students to easily build their first robot. The bread board provides a solder free method of connecting almost any processor to Mr. General’s sensors and servos. Using 2 servos modified for continuous rotation, speed and direction of both wheels can be controlled using only 2 digital outputs.

The 4 infrared sensors on the base can be used as analog or digital inputs for either edge detection or obstacle avoidance. Four indicator LEDs are wired in parallel with the IR LEDs and can be individually controlled.
The pan / tilt universal sensor bracket (designed by robot builders at “”) is driven by two miniature servos allowing additional sensors / devices to be aimed by the processor using only 2 digital outputs.The infrared compound eye can be mounted on the pan/tilt assembly allowing the robot to track moving objects or detect obstacles up to 200mm away.

Voltage rails can be isolated and connected to different voltages allowing the use of 3.3V and 5V devices together. Batteries can be recharged using a 9V DC plug pack when the power switch is in the off position.
With the IR LEDS and sensors, two or more Mr. General can talk to eack other, which will allow us to organize a robot football match. Especially with the speaker, it will be more funny in the match. Mr. Gemeral must be the first choice in any robot design contests.

Using the blue teeth or WIFI mold, Mr. Generals can communicate with other robots or devices. If users add a digital camera instead of the compound eye of Mr. General, he can transmit the information he recorded to the computer.

This kit contains the following:
1x CD containing:
Instruction manual
Demonstration video

1x Base PCB with:
4x IR LEDs
4x IR phototransistors
4x programmable indication LEDs
Power switch
Power indicator
Recharge socket
Recharge indicator
1x Compound eye PCB with:
4x IR LEDs
8x IR phototransistors
1x Bread board and jumper cable kit containing 100 male to male and 40 female-female jumper wires in assorted sizes and colours.
1x Pan / Tilt assembly consisting of two miniature servos and three aluminium brackets designed to mount a wide range of infrared and ultrasonic sensors.
2x Standard servos, factory modified for continuous rotation.
2x 40mm wheels with rubber tyres
1x Ball caster (20mm)
2x battery holders (2xAA)
1x packet of nuts, bolts, screws and spacers required to assemble Mr. General
1x CD (including chinese and English manual, demonstrated videos)