Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Line Follower mobile robot base on ATmega168

Line Follower Robot is a wheeled robot kit designed specifically for the application of line follower. This robot kit is suitable as a means of learning about line follower robot for the beginner to the learning algorithm for advanced programming.

  • ATmega168 microcontroller-based.
  • Equipped with an internal motor driver SN754410 dual H-Bridge.
  • Using High Speed ​​Metal Mini Motor Set which serves as the rear wheels.
  • There is a fruit-free wheel that serves as the front wheels.
  • Using a sensor module 4 Line Tracking Sensor SFH to detect lane / line.
  • Equipped with 8x2 character LCD that serves as a medium of information.
  • Provided communication line RS-232 UART.
  • There are 3 pieces that serve as input switch and reset.
  • There is a 5x2 ISP port that serves for charging into the microcontroller program code.
  • Has a 1 piece On-Off switch that will facilitate in deciding or connect the power supply to the controller circuit.
  • Requires power supply from 6 AA batteries (1.2 VDC or 1.5 VDC).
  • There is a sample program in C language that can be directly used for line follower applications.
  • Parameter setting / sensor logic can be easily set by using the GUI software that can run on PC (Windows OS).
  • Program in the microcontroller can be changed / modified as needed.
  • Dimensions: 15.2 cm (l) x 12.8 cm (w) x 7 cm (h)