Saturday, November 26, 2011

Navigation Sensor & Range Finder module

This module is a sub system for navigation is very practical when used in robotics applications. Equipped with 8 ports for sonar proximity sensor and eight ports for infrared distance sensor system can detect the distance of the 8 directions of the wind with two methods of ultrasonic and infrared. Ultrasonic method is used to detect accurately the distance to the object of a mirror that would interfere with the infrared method accuracy. While the infrared method is used to detect the distance to the object which the annoying squiggly accuracy ultrasonic method. The combination of these two methods will obtain a more accurate distance calculation.

By using Compass Devantech CMPS09 or CMPS10, the module can detect the 8 directions of the compass, the magnetic field strength, 3 axis acceleration and also can save the route of the robot direction, slope and duration. This enables the robot to track back toward home.

- 8 inputs Infrared Range Finder (GP2D12 or GP2Y0A21)
- 8 input Ultrasonic Range Finder (SRF-05 or Ping)
- Devantech CMPS03 Port Compatible Digital Compass
- Devantech CMPS09/CMPS10 Port Compatible Digital Compass
- Can detect the direction of the wind (Compass Devantech attached)
- Can detect 3 axis acceleration (Devantech Compass CMPS09 / CMPS10 attached)
- Can detect the magnetic field (Compass Devantech attached)
- Can record robot journey into memory (Devantech Compass attached)
- Dimensions 5.3 x 3.2 cm