Thursday, November 17, 2011

8 pin AVR Evaluation Board with ATtiny13

8 Pin AVR ATtiny13 is a proto board that supports the feature-based In-System Programming. Available pad for a series array of additions / applications. This module is suitable for the experiment, create a prototype product, or make a simple single-chip applications. For example the application of LED display controller, motor driver controllers, robot motion controllers, readers and digital sensors analog sensors.

  • ATtiny13 microcontroller with 1K bytes of Flash memory, 64 bytes EEPROM, 64 bytes of SRAM, and 4-channel ADC with 10-bit resolution.
  • Supports 8 pin AVR other variants, namely: ATtiny11, ATtiny12, ATtiny15L, AT90 (L) S2343, AT90 (L) S2323 and ATtiny22L.
  • Have up to 6 channels of input / output.
  • Input power supply (VIN) 9-12 VDC, output voltage of +5 V is available for circuit applications.
  • Available LED indicators and 5x2 header for programming devices in-system programmer Atmel standard.
  • External reset circuit with brown-out detector and manual reset button.
  • There is a jumper to select the source of reset.
  • Prototype area consists of 434 non-through-hole pad suitable for DIP components (pitch = 0.1 ").
  • There are 3 lines are connected to the pad that can be used for power supply lines (VIN, GND, +5 V) or other pathways.
  • Equipped with a testing program to test the port B.
  • Dimensions: 9.1 cm (L) x 6 cm (W) x 2.2 cm (H)