Saturday, November 26, 2011

Protek 9205 2MHz Sweep Function Generator

Protek 9205 2MHz Sweep Function Generator


  • 0.02Hz-2MHz(7 Ranges)
  • Sine,Triangle,Square,Pulse,Ramp,Slewed Sine Waveform
  • Sync. Out(TTL Square Waveform)
  • Sweep Function
  • VCG Input
  • DC Offset


Frequency Range: 0.02Hz-2MHz(7 Ranges)
Accuracy: ±5% of Full Scale to 200KHz, ±8% of Full Scale from 200KHz-2MHz
Amplitude: 10Vp-p in 50 Ohm Load
Attenuation: Fixed 20dB±1dB,20dB Continuity Variable
Impedance: 50 Ohm ±5%
Sine Wave:
Flatness: Better than ±3dB-2MHz at Max.Output AMP
Distortion: 2%(10Hz-100KHz)
Square Wave: Rise/Fall Time: 100ns or Less
Triangle Wave: Linearity: 99% or More-100KHz
Symmetry Variation: 1:1-4:1
VCF Input: 0V-10V DC
Sweep Function
Mode: Linear
Width: 1:1-100:1
Time: 20ms-2s
Power 100/120/220/230V AC±10%,50/60Hz
Dimension: 8.2(W) x 10.68(D) x 3.04(H) inches