Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GOLDELOX-SGC graphics controller

GOLDELOX-SGC is a graphics controller for LCD or OLED graphic graphics to display graphics, images, animations or written with the help of the microcontroller via a serial interface

- Power supply: 3.3 VDC 12mA
- Can be connected to the microcontroller 80-Series which has 8-bit data width
- There is a 10K byte flash memory for storing program code and 510 Bytes of RAM
- Completion of the program code to flash memory via the UART interface
- It has a UART interface, SPI (can for USD / uSDHC or SPI communication with other divice)
- Can display graphics, algorithms in making drawings, circles, text, etc.
- Capable of displaying color images, animations, logos, or video clip
- Packaging: 28-lead QFN