Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Garvan SS-168 Smoke Alarm is an ionization 9V DC smoke alarm. It is operated by a 9V battery (6LR61 or 6F22), battery life 1 year minimum. With the ionization technology, SS-168 will normally respond faster to fast flaming fires which spread rapidly and general considerable heat with little smoke.
The SS-168 has an 85 decibel horn, test button, alarm LED indicator.

SS-168 should be installed in every room (except the bathroom), and every other area of the home, making sure the people in the home will be able to hear and respond to the alarm sound. For minimum protection you should fit an alarm in the hallway between the living areas (incl. Kitchens)and sleeping areas. Place it as near to the living areas as possible and ensure the alarm is audible when the bedrooms are occupied.
Once the smoke alarm has been installed a small indicator light (LED), positioned under the test button, should flash approximately once a minute in normal operation. If smoke is detected the unit will emit a load pulsating alarm until the air is clear.

- DIY unit, easy and simple installation
- High sensitivity & reliability
- Low battery signal
- Alarm / Power Indicator
- Test button
- Loud 85dB alarm signal
- Ionization chamber: for fast flaming fires
- Battery Life minimum 1 year
- Supplied with fixing kit