Wednesday, November 16, 2011


ATMEGA128L bootloader MICRO SYSTEM is a single-chip microcontroller-based module that is equipped with a bootloader ATmega128L so no longer needed additional device programmer to perform In-System Programming. In-System Programming can be done through the UART communication channels with the help of AVR Bootloader bootloader and software. This module also provides a UART communication channels for communication with computers or other devices through USB, UART TTL, or RS-232 UART.

  • ATmega128L with microcontroller-based features:
  • Flash memory for user programs by 124 kbytes (4 kbytes 128 kbytes of flash memory used for the bootloader).
  • 8-channel ADC with 10 bit resolution.
  • Low power (2.7 V - 5.5 V).
  • Having up to 52 channels Input / Output.
  • Oscillator frequency of 7.3728 MHz.
  • Equipped with a bootloader to assist the process of In-System Programming via the UART.
  • The process of In-System Programming uses the AVR Bootloader help of software from Innovative Electronics.
  • The process of In-System Programming can be done through USB or serial RS-232 UART (via RJ-45).
  • Device does not require the programmer to enter the program into the microcontroller.
  • Available communication channels UART RS-232 via the USB port (via USB to RS-232 on board) or serial port.
  • Manual reset circuit available via tactile switches.
  • Available options 6-12 V input power supply (through a voltage regulator on-board) or 3.3-5V (without going through the regulator).
  • Output options are available on-board voltage regulator 3.3 V or 5 V.
  • Available output voltage terminal in accordance with the output options on-board voltage regulator.
  • Equipped with the Application Note for the use of software modules with AVR Bootloader.
  • Available USB drivers, software CodeVisionAVR evaluation version, manual, datasheet, and the schematic circuit.
  • Dimensions: 11 cm (l) x 7.3 cm (w) x 1.7 cm (h)