Monday, November 14, 2011

Manoi AT01 Humanoid Robot

Manoi AT01 Humanoid Robot


Control Board (Kondo Kagaku RCB-3):
• ICS: 150mm
• Maximum servo motors: 24
• Maximum motion memory: 80
• Scenario memory: 5
• Voltage: 9-12V
• Dimension: 45mm x 35mm
• Weight: 12g

The Robot
• Total Height: 340mm
• Dimension: 310mm x 204mm
• Weight: 1.4kg
• Arm length: 155mm

Quick Charger AC:
• AC Adapter input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
• AC Adapter output: 12V, 4A

• Discover high mobility and speed with 'Manoi ATO1'
• Excellent frame design and unique movements
• Designed for Athletics Cup
• Perform perfect motions
• Up to 260 degrees arm rotation

iXs Research Corporation introduces the Manoi AT01 Humanoid Robot. This robot has been conceived for the premise of creating an 'Athletic Cup' which is a speed walk competition between humanoid robots. Its superior suit is perfect for hobby robotics competitions. It incorporates the potential for growth and be active in a variety of sporting events. The Manoi AT01 humanoid robot is invented to be easily customizable. It features detachable faceplates making exterior modifications very common for it.