Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nao H21 Humanoid Robot

Aldebaran Robotics introduces the Aldebaran Robotics Nao H21 Humanoid Robot. It is the perfect platform for academic purposes in various topics, from robotics and computer science to autism and human-robot interaction. Highly versatile, Nao H21 can be used to teach through lively hands-on experiments and programming, engaging and attracting the best students on many levels. Complete with the Aldebaran Robotics Software Suite, Nao H21 will give you and your students a fully satisfying experience of working with humanoid robots.

Nao is the most used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. Aldebaran Robotics has chosen to make Nao's technology available to any higher education program. Fully interactive, fun and permanently evolving, Nao is a standard platform for teaching students of all levels.

Complete with a user-friendly programming environment, students and teachers can use at any programming level. It is really easy to start working on NAO, and the educational kits will get you teaching with NAO in no time. From simple visual programming to elaborate embedded modules, the versatility of Nao and his programming environment enables users to explore a wide variety of subjects at whatever level of programming complexity and experience.

For beginners

If your are working with beginning programmers, the software Choregraphe and its visual editing will guide your students through the basics of robotics and software engineering. NAO is very communicative and manufacturer strongly believes his attractive design will please both you and your students.

For intermediate students

With Choregraphe and NAO's SDK, whatever your students' level in programming and whatever the language you are teaching (C++, URBI Script, Python, etc.), you will be able to explore multiple areas of research in robotics and investigate NAO's multiple capacities: vision, audio treatment, control, planning, navigation. NAO is a tool that will help you and your students reach satisfying results in a quick time, thus helping the best students of your university to strongly appreciate computer sciences and applied mathematics on functioning machines.

For advanced students

Present in major universities and laboratories, NAO is already being used for advanced research in robotics, computer science, but also in psychology and against autism. It has already proven its capacity to accompany researchers throughout their work and help them to find tangible results.


NAO will be provided with a bluetooth portal, and will therefore be able to communicate with complementary hardware you might have designed. This can generate fun and instructive applications for your students.

• Degrees of freedom
- 21 Degree of Freedom humanoid robot
- Head: 2 DOF
- Arm: 4 DOF in each arm
- Pelvis: 1 DOF
- Leg: 5 DOF in each leg
- Hand: Non-prehensile
• Body material: ABS - PC
• Charger: AC 90-230 volts / DC 24 volts
• Battery capacity: ~90 min. autonomy
• 2 Loudspeakers
• 4 Microphones
• 2 CMOS Digital Cameras
• Connection type: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g), Ethernet Connection
• Motherboard
- X86 AMD GEODE 500MHz CPU: 256MB SDRAM / 2GB Flash Memory