Thursday, November 17, 2011

18 Pin PIC® Evaluation Board

18 Pin PIC® Evaluation Board is a module-based single-chip microcontroller that supports features PIC16F84A ICSP ™ and have a communication line RS-232 serial UART. The module is equipped with a pad array for circuit applications, experiment or create a prototype product. Example applications are: LED display controller, motor driver controllers, robot motion control, digital sensor reader, etc..


  • Based PIC16F84A with 1K word (14-bit) program memory, 64 bytes of data EEPROM, 68 bytes of data RAM, 8-bit timer, 25 mA sink / source current per pin I / O.
  • Supports variants other 18 pin PIC ®, among others:

  • Has 13 channels of input / output.
  • Available approximately 708 non-pad array through hole with a width of 2.54 mm pitch (in accordance with the DIP packaging).
  • Available 4MHz ceramic resonator, equipped with a jumper to disconnect the circuit ceramic resonator.
  • Port available for programming the ICSP ™
  • Available UART serial RS232 communication lines with RJ11 connectors.
  • Requires power supply input voltage is 9-12 VDC and has a 5 VDC output voltage regulator that can be used to supply application circuit / external.
  • Equipped with PIC MPLAB IDE software development, as well as a program tester to test the port I / O and serial communications.
  • Dimensions: 10 cm (P) x 8 cm (L) x 2.2 cm (T)